Friday, August 5, 2011


Hey Everyone!

First of all I just want to say thank you to every single member that is a part of this club. From the first 80 members to the last thousand. This club has surprised me in so many ways, and it remains my biggest accomplishment on this site! I am just so proud of the competition and MelsModels family I have built with the help of all my loyal and dedicated models and members.

I mean this is the biggest SD modeling club and competition on all of stardoll! I simply cannot believe that, but understand it. The passion in this club and the experience itself is unlike anything else on this site. This is exactly one of the biggest reasons I love this club so much, and one of the biggest reasons it is so hard to say goodbye--for now.

As for the future of MelsModels, I need a break to be honest. As amazing as this club and competition is, it is extremely draining of my time and energy. I mean the cycles usually last about 7 months and I am constantly doing work associated with the competition and it does cause me a lot of stress because it really is so darn tough making decisions. I just need a few months off to really refocus on my personal life and think about how important stardoll is to me.

This means that I, myself, will be leaving stardoll for a bit too. I need a few months off, so I can clearly think about everything in my life and see if stardoll is as important as I make it out to be.

After this time away, who knows what will happen with MelsModels. Maybe I will have another cycle, maybe I will do smaller competitions, or maybe it will just turn into a club to archive the incredible history of its past. No matter what happens, I will NEVER be deleting it and will never be deleting my account. So do not worry!

Anyways I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone once again! This goes to the judges, guest judges, models, girls and boys who applied, the people who just watched the competitions unfold, and the new users who were hopefully going to compete in the next cycle. Your passion means much much much more than you know and I will take it with me as I move on in life.

Thank You So Much! This is NOT goodbye, just a 'see you later'!


PS- Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments! I should be on a few more weeks until I take the plunge of trying to break away from here.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


This Cycle has truly been a magnificent journey, and this is because of the incredibly special contestants that we have seen compete. Both our oldies and newbies brought something to the table and really made every single week's decision extremely challenging.

You both, Linus and Melinda, have made it through every task and are the last two standing for many reasons. All the judges and myself have always looked forward to seeing your sceneries and concepts, and there was always a special spark that we saw in you from week one. I especially saw this same light from auditions when you both filled out an application over six months ago!

Before I give my words directed to you both individually, I just wanted to say that this decision has probably been the hardest in MelsModels history. I don't think I have ever had two finalists who have been on the exact same page and so evenly matched, yet so blatantly different! This makes for such a tough call. I love you both so much and you will always be a huge part of the MelsModels family and MelsModels history.

Now I will address you one-on-one:

.naima- You have really shown us everything you could possibly give throughout the course of this competition. You have always been the best at listening and trying so desperately hard to evolve and grow based on our criticism. You have won the most tasks out of anyone this cycle, and when looking at your work, it becomes very clear why. You are such a raw and natural talent. You are able to create strikingly beautiful images that appear to be stills from real life. When you created your scenery for the color purple, I had a very strong feeling you would be here in the end. You imagine dynamic characters with miraculous settings and landscapes that come together with ambitious yet well-executed poses. Aside from your sceneries you have also just been a delight to get to know. My personal experience with you has been incredible and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to see that you truly are the whole package. You are an intelligent, sweet, and positive girl who is a pleasure being around. This personality of yours is key to becoming a successful top model. You have always been able to convey your talent through our assignments, and even though you have occassionally been in the bottom, you have always proven that you are worthy to be the last one standing.

.pease.- You too have really given this competition everything you have. I remember the first week you created one of the most interesting sceneries out of the simple task of portraying the word 'new'. Ever since that task I was so confident in your abilities and I would wait to see you perform week after week. As the tasks came and went your themes and concepts would exceedingly grow to be more complex and out-of-the-box. It would be so thrilling to see you 'do you' and just have fun exploring your creativity! Whenever I have spoken to you, I have seen such a poised boy who really knows what they are talking about, you are a true and genuine artist. When looking back at your portfolio, it is all cohesive. You have such a strong sense of self that you are able to put forth work that shows us you as a person, which is sometimes impossible to do. Let us also not forget how brave you were when you came out to be Linus and not Linnea. I was so proud of the way you handled yourself and it showed me you have the thick skin a top model needs to have. You too have seen the bottom in this competition, but your consistency and yet constant improvement, have shown us just how much you deserve to win this competition.


You are both some of the brightest stars that stardoll has ever seen. I am truly so grateful and so honored that my club was able to get just a glimpse of who you are, both as people and as innovators. I can honestly say that I consider you both my very dear friends and I will love you guys forever. You already ARE top models, one will just bear my title.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

FINALE TASK ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I cannot believe that we are already up to our last and final task! How exciting is it!? I also cannot believe that in this Old vs. New Cycle, it is two new models competing against each other! What a serious surprise.


For this finale task there will be Four Parts. Each part must be completed by the final due date in order for us to plan a finale gala (Don't worry I will give you A LOT of time), but you do not need to complete the tasks in order. You can do part 1 first and then part 3 if you want. You must title your scenery with your username and part of the task (Ex: .naima PART 1 or .pease. PART 3).

Each of you have done an amazing job this cycle, but your portfolios are NOT complete. For this part you will each be given a paragraph of descriptions that you are to convey in a scenery. The words and phrases are derived from emotions and looks we feel you have NOT yet shown us. Pay attention to what I say and how I describe it, but if you still need some help with this just contact myself via mail.

.naima: You have to be mean, dirty, out-of-control, filthy, foul, raunchy, beaten up, ran over, messy, sloppy! We want to see you completely out of your element. We feel like you are great at creating such structured and concise sceneries, which is obviously a great thing, but sometimes we feel like they can be somewhat controlled and not stiff, but stoic. We want to see you get bruised and dirty and just get on the floor! Haha! Just have fun with it and don't be afraid to get wild and shake your hair and such.

.pease.: You have to be fun, girly, happy, smiley, light, breezy, traditionally beautiful, classic, commercial! We have seen you be dark and edgy throughout the entire competition but we want to see you let your hair down (literally you might want to try to use longer hair?) and put a smile on your face (literally once again) and just be girly and fun and COMMERCIAL! You didn't really understand the task last week, but here is your moment for redemption. Show us the light side to you and just have fun with this, don't get crazy high fashion on us!

Since we are still in Rome, if you win you will be featured on Vogue Italia. For the second part, we want you create what you would want your cover of Italian Vogue to look like. DO YOUR RESEARCH! Google and look through some of the beautiful covers and don't be afraid to create a very strong and beautiful image with a stunning concept and story to back it up. Overall it has to make people go to the stands and buy the magazine.

Simply show us who you are as a person! There is very little instructions with this task and a lot of freedom. Show us a side of your personality you want us to see, show us what kind of person you truly are, show us anything that you think describes you as a person, but of course depicted into a scenery! You should not be a character here, you must be yourself. The concept here is important obviously, but still have fun with this!

For the fourth part we want both you guys to create a topic in the club titled ".naima PART 4 or .pease. PART 4" explaining to us why you think you should win this competition. You can make this as short or as long as you want, but this is the last impression you will have on us before our decision, so think carefully about everything you want to say and address in your final speech. Of course we don't want you to bash your competitor, and we don't expect you to either, but don't be afraid to go into details when you state why you should win.

SERIOUSLY, if you have any questions AT ALL contact me and I will answer them! I love you both so so so much and I wish you all the best of luck.

***The Due Date for this task will be WEDNESDAY JULY 13th!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Task 10 Elimination Ceremony! Final Two Revealed!

Hello to all our MelsModels Members. This week has honestly been the toughest yet and this decision could not be more difficult to get through. All three of my finalists are in a very special place in my heart and I absolutely have grown to love each and every one of you. It is so hard to make a decision when it closely affects people you are emotionally invested in.

Let us just get right to it. The callout order is as follows...

1. .naima- Congratulations! You are the winner of this task!! Your scenery will be featured on the homepage of the club, but most importantly you are a finalist!!! Your spot in the final two is earned and deserved and we are so very happy with all that you have accomplished. Keep it up in the finale!

OTHER TWO (Definitely not considered the bottom..):

tigre89- You should be a finalist because of your impeccable sense of knowing how to tell a story. You have created some of the strongest sceneries in this competition and have grown so much. I remember when you competed in Cycle 3 of MelsModels you came in a girl and left a woman. I mean you really stepped up your game and grew beyond belief! This cycle is the same exact thing. You came in a little rusty and once you found your place in this competition you busted out some of the most memorable and interesting concepts and overall sceneries this cycle. You are the last 'oldie' and I would not have had it any other way! You have worked your butt off to get this far.

.pease.- You should be a finalist because you always seem to exceed our expectations with pure innovation in every one of your sceneries. Your poses, themes, and just overall ideas for placing and details come across as brilliance in your sceneries. You have by far been the most consistent of all the girls this year by being in the top nearly every week. You have had a few mishaps in which you fell to the very back fo the pack, and that is what scares us the most. If you aren't in the top three of the task you are a hair away from being eliminated. Your rarely in the middle, and although that is what attracts us to you, it also turns us off. You have really proved yourself time and time again and you deserve to have reached this point in the competition.

I honestly cannot even believe that I am typing this right now. Out of the thousands of members I have come into contact here in my club, and all the girls and boys who have competed, YOU are one of my all-time favorite that this club has ever seen. You have lit up both cycles that you were a part of and when you showed interest in coming back, I could not have been more thrilled. Literally, you could say I made this entire idea of a cycle because of my passion for you returning. You have created some of the most revolutionary poses, concepts, stories, characters, and of course sceneries that STARDOLL (and of course this club) has ever seen. Your a delight to talk to in messages and have one of the most beautiful and inspiring personalities I have ever seen and do not even get me started on your raw talent. You will truly be missed and although you came in third both cycles, you will always been seen as one of MelsModels' best competitors. You are the epitome of a winner and I hope you know that.

***I have always put the Winner and Runner-up's usernames on the presentation of MelsModels, but this cycle I will also be putting your name as the 2nd runner-up. You simply deserve that honorable mention and I hope you appreciate it as much as I appreciated your role in this cycle.

Seriously you have NO, absolutely no, idea how close this was. You are so talented and we love everything you do, but sometimes you just miss the mark. We love your risks and we never want you to play it safe, but just make sure the risks are appropriate! Just be yourself and continue to grow. In the finale, just prove why you deserve to be here and why you should win. We know you have a lot more to give, so give it!!

It is new vs. new! Who will win?
You are both extremely talented. Take the weekend to breathe and I will post the four part (three sceneries and one small writing task) early next week! Probably around Tuesday or Wednesday! Congratulations again and good luck to you both! I love you guys!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Task 10 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Hey Everyone!

This is the last task before the huge finale of Cycle 5: Old vs. New! Will the finale have one old and one new member? or possibly both new models? It is all going to be decided with this task!

This task is very simple and to the point, but we want to see what you girls will do with it. It is going to be a Covergirl Commercial for ELECTRIC EYE SHADOW. These shadows range from all electric colors and have the perfect shade for every skin tone! You are to make a beauty shot in which you are modeling this product and showing us your true beauty. This shot should NOT show your full body but instead should only show (at most) your bust and up. We want to see a different side of you, so do not be afraid to go 'commercial' on us!

We want to see interesting and exciting colors being used as makeup and in the overall ad, so just experiment and explore with this task!

*** IN ADDITION to your scenery you must create the name of the shadow's shade and write a brief commercial for it in your comments. The commercial should only take up one to two boxes in the comments and should be the FIRST thing you post in comments. Then follow it with your link and description!!!


If you have any questions be sure to contact me! I love you all!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Task 9 Elimination Ceremony

This has been such a close call. This entire week gave the club incredible sceneries and a battle for the ages. I am so proud of all four of you for making it this far and proving how much you deserve to be here. There have been some pretty devastating decisions, but every week it seems to get more difficult.

The callout order is as follows....

1. .naima - Congratulations! You are the winner of this task and your scenery will be featured on the homepage of the club. You really made it clear that you listened to our advice this week. You were able to make a 'WOW' scenery and piece of art without solely relying on your pose work. I am so proud that you really stepped it up. Your scenery was emotionally beautiful.

BOTTOM THREE (Despite all of you being so close to the top!):
1. .pease.- Your scenery had a wonderful concept, interesting idea for the layout, and the styling and filling of space was overall really well done. You always are able to capture realism and make you sceneries look like stills from movies or an ad in a magazine, but some of the judges are worried that you are unable to break your own mold. When looking at your work as a whole this cycle we find it almost one-note, there isn't really a single week where you went in an opposite direction and transformed completely. If you stay around we want to see some sort of new spark within you.

2. sweet.hearts- Week after week I have given you the same critique (Even last week I basically screamed to you in your comments at elimination): That I want you to add more details and put more into your sceneries! Yet this week you used another black background. I know that you are a non-superstar and are limited when it comes to creating the best backgrounds, but there are many others who are non-superstar who are able to add that depth into their work (Like Blair and Jerrix during MelsModels). We feel like you not listening to our advice and this is somewhat frustrating since we see something so interesting and refreshing in you that we don't see in some of the other girls. You also, as Kasia put it, kind of sabotaged yourself with your pose this week. When all you have is a black background and two props to support your scenery, your pose is the main focus, and yours was just very unrealistic and distracting.

3. tigre89- You really did an amazing job this week and I personally loved how your scenery fed all the senses and made the onlooker feel something. The one thing that we worry about you is that sometimes your sceneries and styling isn't as innovative or creative as we want it to be. While you have a perfect eye for filling space and making breath-taking sceneries, often there isn't an edge to your styling that we see appear in some of our other models' work. You tend to use the same items from week to week and that adds to this lack of power within your landscapes and situations. We know you have it in you and we just want you to be aware of this for the future if you are still here.

What a wonderful journey you have had here in MelsModels. We are all especially proud of you and everyone on the judging panel was SO reluctant to let you go. You have given us some of the best work and most intriguing concepts that this club has ever seen and you are definitely one of the fiercest non superstars I have ever met! I remember seeing your face in the auditions and making a huge star next to your name on my pad of paper that I was using to keep track of my favorites. It was because I saw such a huge gift in you and I am so happy that you proved me right and made it all the way to the final four! The thing that got you in the end was the fact that we felt you weren't listening to our advice, and therefore not growing as fast as you could have been. You are such a beautiful person and I hope you stay active in this club and active as a friend for a very long time! I love you!

tigre89 and .pease.
You both are so wonderful and such creative minds. We feel that the final three all has a lot of similarities and you two need to be SURE you stick out this upcoming week and show us just how innovative and deserving you are! We want to see you go crazy this next week by simply stepping outside of who you have been so far in this competition for a single photoshoot.

***Congratulations to my dear Top Three! I cannot believe we are already down to the wire. The next task will be posted this Monday or Tuesday! Stay tuned everyone!!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Task 9 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Hey Everyone! The past week in MelsModels was by far the most toughest decision I have encountered in a very long time, within the club. I still am having some second thoughts, so everyone really has to know that your spot in this competition can be gone because of one mistake! You all have to be on your A-game all the time for the rest of this competition!!!

Since we are in Rome, one of the most historic places on the entire earth. I thought our next task should have to do with some ancient history. The Third Servile War took place in 73 to 71 BC and was the last of a series of unrelated and unsuccessful slave rebellions against the Roman Republic.The Third Servile War was the only one to directly threaten the Roman heartland of Italy and was doubly alarming to the Roman people due to the repeated successes of the rapidly growing band of rebel slaves, led mostly by Spartacus.The rebellion was finally crushed through the concentrated military effort of a single commander, Marcus Licinius Crassus, although the rebellion continued to have indirect effects on Roman politics for years to come. After such a devastating loss for the rebels, almost all the caught slaves and leaders were crucified alongside eachother for miles on end. At the time crucifixion was the punishment associated with the worst crimes so it was a huge statement made by the Roman Republic.

Your ninth task is to be inspired by this moment in history and become a slave revolt. The slaves were fighting for their lives and there are so many emotions and sides to this story that can be conveyed (helplessness, vulnerability, courage, the dark and upsetting side of the crucifixions..etc.), but we don't want to influence your thoughts too much. We want to see your take on this task and how you would convey this assignment. It is down to the final four so concepts really matter at this point.


If you scenery turns out to be a full-body pose make sure that while your pose is strong there is MORE to your scenery than a pose.

Add details to your scenery, but not just for the sake of adding them. Fill your space appropriately.

Style your medoll according to the theme. It can be grimy, grungy, and broken down, but make sure your medoll is wearing the garments and they are not wearing her.

***IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, CONTACT ME VIA MAIL! I will be happy to help in any way and give you more inspiration.

***For more inspiration about this war, wikipedia is actually very useful. You can see the wikipedia page at:


Friday, May 27, 2011

Task 8 Elimination Ceremony ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Hey Everyone! What a wonderful week in the world of MelsModels. Not only was our guest judge, Style_Magazine, just a delight to work with, but all the sceneries were very impressive. It is getting down to the wire and it is simply turning into splitting hairs at this point. It is so hard to decide on who to send home, and I hope you all (whether your going to be eliminated now, in the future, or go on to win) understand.

To get everything underway... here is the callout order...

1. .pease. - Congratulations! You are the winner of this task and your scenery will be featured on the MelsModels's presentation! You did such an incredible job, everything from the concept to styling to pose worked cohesively and brilliantly. Your polaroid was also one of my favorite entries of work this cycle. You hit the nail on the head by being fresh, interesting, yet memorable. I would hire you for anything with that photo of you! Amazing job, your win has finally arrived!

(Now a ''Bottom" Four, simply because it was hard to seperate one other person to come in second and be safe when we all thought the rest of you were somewhat on the same exact level this week)


tigre89- You really captured the essence of what this task was all about, you became a character and really expressed an italian actress of the 60s still while showing us who you are. Your pose was empowering and strong, the styling was great, and the background was complex but didn't steal the show. You just need to work on your 'WOW' factor and avoid being predictable. That was your biggest criticism this week, we want to see you bring new and interesting ideas rather than somewhat conforming to overused ones. As for your polaroid you did a great job transforming into a potential muse for someone and we loved how you showed your own spin on a natural beauty.

liajm- You did a great job with a realistic pose and I loved how you incorperated a direct link of inspiration into your concept, but you kind of covered up the hard work and energy put into your pose by overwhelming your medoll in an oversized ruffle dress and very long pearls. The styling was the main focus and it also didn't really seem appropriate since it gave a Parisian vibe, and it just wasn't flattering. I admire how you did a complex pose but this task was truly all about becoming an italian actress and your biggest criticism was that we couldn't tell what you were. As for your polaroid there was a tad bit too much makeup and you kind of came across as a pretty girl rather than canvas, but we loved your personality shining through the smile.

.naima- You had a very fun and interesting idea that maybe was too big and too involved to convey in a single shot. Your pose was unrealistic because of the torso being too far back and overall your use of space wasn't the best in the background, the props looked like you threw them in last minute. You often make your poses the focus of a scenery, which is great, but sceneries need to be a balance. And when your pose is the main focus and it isn't the strongest of the bunch its hard not to end up at the very bottom of the pack. Also, even though you played on your makeup and became a character it was somewhat hard to tell if you were an italian actress since the styling wasn't that telling of the time period and the dancing factor was somewhat polarizing. As for your polaroid, I loved it! You were inviting, fresh, and fun and I would hire you for sure!

sweet.hearts- I loved the ambition you had in attempting to do such a strong and striking silhouette pose, but the proportions of it all were somewhat unrealistic at the bag of your medoll and the hand. I also personally wasn't the biggest fan of the fur rug because I felt like it was used solely because fur is associated with italy, I didn't really see a deeper concept there. The simplicity of the scenery and the way your styling and medoll stood out was noticed though. You always create work that is memorable and somewhat exciting, which is great because it makes us what to see more from you. Your biggest criticism was just a lack of detail (which we keep pointing out to you hoping you take note..) and the pose not being as realistic as the others. As for your polaroid I loved how you came across as a mix of commercial and high fashion. You could really do both with that face and it was great you showed off that natural edge to you.

This decision is so difficult, I cannot even explain it. The judges were split with what to do and I was in the middle once again. It was an exhausting and constant back-and-forth decision! You must know that some of your sceneries have been our all-time favorites in MelsModels history and you are one of the dearest and most talented girls this competition has ever seen. Just know that we are HONORED to have you compete in this club and I hope you continue on being the positive girl you have always been and stay active. I love you, seriously! I hope you understand.

tigre89- you are safe this week, but that is why you were close to being eliminated. Try to have a thrill factor (without being crazy..haha) next week!
.naima- very close to being you this week, poses are not everything in this club. You have to find a balance between your concepts, pose, and overall appeal of work.
sweet.hearts- very close to being you this week, you have to listen to our advice! We keep saying you need to focus on details so your sceneries expand and come to life! Right now they seem a bit too 2D compared to the rest of the girls!

This has been possibly the hardest decision we have made in any of the most recent cycles! It is the sign of amazing work. Keep this up everyone!

***Congratulations to the Final Four!!!! Love you all!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Task 8 and Biggest Guest Judge Ever!

Hello Everyone! I am very excited to announce the guest judge for this task of MelsModels. She is one of the most famous, talented, and acclaimed users on all of Stardoll. This should make you all work extra hard to impress her.

Our guest judge for this week is the iconic Style_Magazine ! ! !

She created the very first stardoll magazine, known as Style Magazine, and ultimately began the stardoll model movement. It is because of her that there is room for this club in the Stardoll World. She has a perfect eye when it comes to taste, and you should be very honored that she will be seeing and commenting on your work this week.

Now for your task. There will be one quick 'challenge' and the normal scenery task which was created by Style! Make sure you read EVERY WORD of this post to understand everything clearly.

For the scenery task, Style_Magazine created makeup looks for each of you five girls. She is the client this week and you will making a scenery revolving around her makeup for you and her inspiration. Her inspiration was italian actresses in the fifties and sixties. She really wants a haute couture vibe and you must recreate her makeup and accessorizing in your scenery look. We will be taking how well you recreate her look into consideration when judging this week.

Style is the client and this task is meant to show how well you can listen to a client, yet add your own flair and stand out.

The makeup stylings are as follows:





sweet.hearts- (Yours is a bit different since you are a non superstar. She showed the hair and earrings she would like you to use, as well as the makeup options available to you on HER medoll. Try to follow this as closely as you can!)

***If you have any questions about this part of the task, feel free to mail me and I will pass questions on to Style!

NOW for the second part of the task, it will be quite simple.

Using the photo function at your page, you are to take a photo of your medoll that should convey a polaroid taken at a 'Go See'. In order to do this, there should be minimal makeup and very simple styling wardrobe wise. You want to stand out without being able to pose, and we want to see how you compare to the rest on a first impression basis.

When you are finished, save the photo and copy and paste the link and put it into the comments of your scenery AFTER your description. This will make it a lot easier to judge and give you feedback on the 'polaroid'!

The winner this week will be decided based on how well everyone does on each of the two tasks combined.

Good Luck Models! There is a lot said in this post, but if you need any help let me know! We are all very excited about this entire week!

The Deadline For This Task Will Be Monday May 23rd ! ! !

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Task 7 Elimination Ceremony ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Hey Everyone! This week everyone really did an amazing job, and I am so excited that Cycle 5: Old vs. New came to Rome! Isn't it lovely here?

This decision was once again extremely hard, but I will go on with the verdict. I have decided to give everyone a little paragraph this week, since there are so few left, the extra push and advice may be helpful!

The call out order is as follows...

1. liajm - Congratulations!!! You are this task's winner and your scenery will be featured on the homepage of the club. After a few weeks at the very bottom, you stepped up your game once again and really blew us away. Although this decision was very tough and close amongst the judges, I personally adored your scenery. The emotions conveyed with your medoll and portrayal of one of the hardest, if not the hardest, assignments, was devine! We are happy that that 'old' liajm is back!

2. .pease. - (This ranking does not really mean that much because the top three girls were all in the running to win! Do not beat yourself up for coming in second, you are by far the most consistent of the models remaining and I hope you see a win is for sure in your future! Keep up the work and continue to grow each week!)

3. .naima - (This ranking does not really mean that much because the top three girls were all in the running to win! You did an incredible job, I loved seeing a commercial and fun side to you in contrast to some of your darker sceneries in the past. Keep up this amazing work ethic!)

1. tigre89 - Your work is always so incredible, so this week when it was a little worse than we all expected it kind of set us back. We are in love with your themes and execution, but since its so deep in the competition, you really have to be in the top every week to get by. An off week is okay, but not so far into the competition! We know you are capable of doing better.

2. gabby1822- You are either winning, or close to winning, a challenge or in the bottom, you have rarely been in the middle of the pack. And although we have had this discussion before, consistency is very important at this stage of the game. We all know your extremely talented but in order to win you have to be showing us growth each week and not set-backs.

3. sweet.hearts- Your concepts and ideas are always some of the most interesting and exciting in the group, but sometimes your concepts are so detailed that your expression of them fails. You almost set yourself up for failure by taking on too much. It is obvious how much potential you have to be in the top of the call out order, but its at the point where potential doesn't matter, it has to be about actual talent now.

So tough! You are a dear contestant and friend of mine, and this was hard for all the judges. You have so much raw talent and brilliant ideas within you, and I am so happy you got to show everything you have. This is definitely ending on a positive note since you did so well this week, its just your time. I hope you understand and continue to be active as a friend and member of MelsModels. We will all miss you!

tigre89 and sweet.hearts
Such a tough decision! You both have the ability to win this competition, just don't let yourselves be in this position again! Keep going strong and learn from this so you can do better next week! I love you both!

Congratulations to the Final Five!! Wow! I cannot believe it, Cycle Five's Final Five! Woohoo!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

WELCOME TO ROME!!! Task 7 ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Hey Everyone!

Congratulations to the final six, what an incredible journey so far! But now, we are on our way to...


Rome is such a magical place both historically and fashionably. I am so happy that this is where this cycle is headed and it is perfect for such a classic group of contestants!

For your first task overseas we will be visiting some history and mythology of the ancient romans. As someone who has had the time to study and read ancient roman gods and goddesses, I have often been inspired in fashion by such personas. For this task you will each be assigned one of the most popular and significant roman goddesses (Very different than greek goddesses) and you will have to convey their story and what they represent and symbolize in roman history.

You do have the option of modernizing your goddess, but it may be fun to create something that really does stick to and honor their past.

**** Next to the goddess' name I have said what they are BEST known for, each goddess has about 10 things they are known for (EXAMPLE: If it says goddess of pencils, they may also be the goddess of pens, desks, chairs, glasses, etc..). Everyone should really do some research and read up on their assignment before they create a scenery! Detailed concepts and information will help you make the best scenery possible.

The assignments are as follows:

.naima- Venus (Goddess of Love)

tigre89- Minerva (Goddess of Wisdom)

.pease.- Ceres (Goddess of Agriculture)

sweet.hearts- Vesta (Goddess of Hearth and Fire)

gabby1822-Diana (Goddess of The Hunt)

liajm- Juno (Goddess of Marriage and Fertility)

*** If you guys don't know what something means, contact me! Or google it and look it up.

THE DEADLINE for this task will be Sunday May 7th!!! Good Luck Ladies!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Task 6 Elimination Ceremony ! ! ! ! ! !

Hey Everyone! This week I want to get right into the decision. It was super difficult and possibly one of the hardest I have ever had to make in MelsModels. I say 'I' because the judges and myself were completely split on every aspect of this task. I am just having to go with my gut at the end of the day and I have gone back and forth on the winner, but especially on who to send home.

The callout order is as follows...

1. .naima- Congratulations!!!! You are the winner of this task and your scenery will be featured on the homepage of the club. Not only was your background and pose well executed and appropriate, but most importantly your concept was smart and perfect for the color purple! You showed great creativity!

2. tigre89

3. .pease.

4. sweet.hearts

1. liajm- You have been towards the bottom of the pack for a few weeks and last week I tried to give you a very fair warning to step up your game and show what you have in the first couple of weeks. Nothing about your scenery really gave the judges insight to your color. Even with all your props I couldn't see you conveying orange anywhere. Although your concept was really well put and interestingly created, I feel like you were unable to express those ideas clearly because your pose's lack of realism was distracting and the overall scenery lacked an exciting quality.

2. gabby1822- You won last week so everyone was expecting a lot out of you! Sadly you disappointed us a bit by taking a step back. Your concept was cute and fun, but the way you portrayed it lacked any sesne of refinement and your medoll looked lifeless and possessed rather than high off love! I admire your decision to do something so commercial, but in the end the layout of the scenery really overshadowed that risk and your nice theme.

3. xoxo_zoey- Red can be said to be the easiest assignment this week, because there is such a wide range of things you could have done. I loved your theme and dark take on the color, but you really failed to show all your amazing ideas! Your pose was neat and realistic, but you didn't look dead. Your styling was also poor because the hair covered your eyes and that made it hard to tell if it was even you. I also think you could have added much more to the background and shown more of your passion through some of your choices because sometimes a simple scenery, when it doesn't fully work, can make it look like you don't care as much as you truly do.

This is so extremely difficult and emotionally draining! You have created some of the very best sceneries I have ever seen in this club, yet your work has been so inconsistent the past few tasks! You have either been right up there about to win or right there about to be eliminated and the last few spots need to be placed with people who are more consistent! I know how bad you want this and how much you do in fact deserve it, but I hope you respect my decision and continue being active in the club! You truly are a talented and wonderful person. I love you.

gabby1822 and liajm
LIAJM- this literally was closer than you know and this is the last chance that your getting! I am sorry to sound harsh but you were basically going to be eliminated until I changed my mind at the last minute. I know you have the potential to win, and that is why your staying, but you need to show us you can be consistent. You must blow us away every week because your potential isn't good enough anymore.
GABBY1822- You also need to work on your consistency! If you mess up next week your most likely going to go home, because it is splitting hairs at this point and everyone is doing incredibly well.

***Congratulations to the Top Six!! I will be announcing the next task and future trip abroad soon! Stay Tuned!


Who will win!?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Task 6 ! ! ! ! ! !

Hey Everyone! For my Top Seven Models, it is about to get very colorful. Literally! For the sixth task you will each be assigned a color and will have to somehow convey the essence and vibe of that color. You may do a beauty shot, a full body shot, or something in between, but we really want you to think outside the box. If your color is yellow and you dress your medoll in a yellow dress and call it a day, you will for sure be up for elimination. This is a simple task, so the main feature is your creativity! Let it shine and just have fun! The assignments are... gabby1822 - Pink sweet.hearts- Blue tigre89- Yellow xoxo_zoey- Red .naima- Purple liajm- Orange .pease.- Green The Deadline for this task is Friday April 22nd ! ! ! DO NOT RELY ON EXTENSIONS. I will not be giving them out freely anymore, only for valid excuses. Good Luck Models!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Task 5 Elimination Ceremony!

Hey Everyone! Sorry for the delay in the results, but many of you needed an extension, and I was very busy this week as well. This week was extremely tough to judge. One of the toughest in MelsModels history. Choosing a winner was interesting since everyone had different favorites, and choosing someone to leave us was even harder because of the immense talent within this group. To be respectful, I won't drag it out any longer. The callout order is as follows... 1. Gabby1822- Congratulations!!! You are this week's task winner and your scenery will be featured on the club's home page! You did an amazing job this week, really, and the story behind it (how you were crammed for time and going through some difficult personal issues) really is inspiring! 2. sweet.hearts 3. tigre89 4. xoxo_zoey 5. .naima BOTTOM THREE: 1. liajm - We all know how great your sceneries can come out, but this week you basically fell flat. Your pose was way off with proportions and really took away from your overall scenery. The background was nice, but it couldn't make up for the rest because it just wasn't memorable and didn't have a 'Wow Factor' that we are looking for in this stage of the competition. Also, some of the judges felt like your styling to your medoll with her features was very 'quiet', she just looked pretty and she didn't come across as a model. 2. .pease.- You have consistently been in the top, and this week you really blew us away by putting forth work that was definitely not cohesive with your past work. I understand that sometimes the simplest or 'easiest' assignments (like Cinderella) are often the hardest, but your scenery was really 'one-note' and was just forgettable. The judges also strongly felt you didn't push yourself at all and there was a lack of creativity, especially when we look back at other sceneries this week and your older work. It only takes one bad scenery to get sent home, and we feel like you may have forgotten that! 3. MissCeaaria- While your scenery had some of the most intriguing and interesting forms of creativity, that was also your downfall. You had great ideas but I think they may have been overwhelming for you since the whole scenery lacked a sense of cohesiveness. The proportions were off which made your medoll's body look unrealistic, and even though everyone absolutely adored the pinkys, we feel like the styling actually distracted us from that genius invention. You have been inconsistent with your sceneries from week to week because one week you come in second and the next your almost eliminated. This worries us, since we don't have that much time until the finals! ELIMINATED: MissCeaaria This was honestly so extremely difficult. It is also so emotional because I really see a part of myself in you and it kills me that it is your time. You have grown so much and have had some of the best and most creative themes and ideas in MelsModels history, but your inconsistency hinders your abilities. You are growing tremendously, but with those triumphs comes a few setbacks and there is only a certain amount of weeks that we have until we must crown a winner. I hope you stay in contact with me and active in the club! You will surely be missed! SAVED: liajm and .pease. You both cannot understand how close this was. You each got votes to be eliminated and almost didn't get a second chance. I am unsure if you guys got cocky with your place in the competition and felt like you didn't have to put as much effort into it anymore, but you really have to step it up and try your hardest every week! You cannot rely on your past work to bring you through the rest of the competition! Show we made the right choice, please, because this was extremely difficult. ***CONGRATULATIONS to the final seven!!! The next task will be posted soon! Stay Tuned!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Task 5 ! ! ! ! !

Hey Everyone!

Congratulations again to the Top Eight!! There are only two oldies out of you eight, which is crazy since this cycle is filled with some of the best competitors ever! It will be interesting to see how this cycle turns out!

For now, here is your Fifth Task...

A common theme in high fashion editorials is connecting the scene or image to a widely known story. Mostly these stories are fairy tales. For this task you will each be assigned a fairy tale, and you will have to convey the story. To do this, you can become one of the main characters, you can show a scene, or just try to express the overall theme of the tale in your scenery. You cannot change your skin tone, but have fun changing your styling to possibly relate to your assignment. Think about appropriate setting, time period, wardrobe, and poses as well for what you are trying to achieve.

The assignments are as follows (names are in last task's callout order):

tigre89- Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

.pease.- Cinderella

.naima- The Emperor's New Clothes

gabby1822- Sleeping Beauty

liajm- Little Red Riding Hood

sweet.hearts- The Ugly Duckling

xoxo_zoey- Peter Pan

MissCeaaria- Beauty and the Beast

This task will be due on Saturday April 2nd ! Good Luck Everyone!

*** If you aren't familiar with your assigned fairy tale, you should try googling them or you can come to me with any concerns or questions!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Task 4 Elimination Ceremony ! ! ! !

Hello! This has been a really outstanding week for MelsModels. I am so proud of you all for really exceeding my expectations. Everyone did a flawless job and it was extremely difficult to decide on an elimination.

First I would like to say that Brumilicious, who had to make up task 3 and then do task 4, would have in fact proceeded to task 4 because her task 3 scenery was impressive. With that being said, let us begin the Elimination Ceremony!

Now the callout order...

1. Tigre89- Congratulations!!! You are once again the winner!! Your task was amazing and your scenery will be featured on the club's presentation. Keep these wins coming!

2. .pease. - (Just have to say one thing: You have been so close every week! Don't be hard on yourself, we know how hard your working and your win will come VERY soon, I know it will.)

3. .naima

4. gabby1822

5. liajm

6. sweet.hearts


1. xoxo_zoey - Your scenery lacked the creativity and excitement that you have shown us in the past. Your concept was nice, but done before, and your pose was nice, but not as 'wowing' as your previous work. We know you have that top model quality in you, but you just didn't show it to us this week.

2. MissCeaaria- Your scenery and concept were really interesting and all of the judges, including myself, enjoyed your product name and the way you styled the bottle and your arms with the lace. You just need to work on your medoll's actual styling (like hair and accessories) and your poses' neatness.

3. Avril14140- You are great at styling and creating a realistic pose, but something about your scenery this week just really didn't work. We admire risk-taking, but the way you made your medoll upside down was just really distracting. There wasn't any connection between your concept and scenery, medoll and the perfume, or the viewer to your medoll and the product.

4. Brumilicious- You really impressed us in the past and your task 3 scenery was really great this week, but for your fourth task you really let us down. The scenery wasn't memorable and didn't have the 'Wow' factor you have shown us before. Although you have proved to be a master at styling, sometimes your poses aren't so neat and can actually distract from the beautiful details of your work.


Avril14140 and Brumilicious

This is such a tough decision and I am so sad to see you guys go, I just think it is your time. You have done really well in this competition and have shown us some beautiful work, but I think that both of you struggled with this past assignment. The connection and overall feeling just was off, and even though it is one bad week that is all it takes at this part of the competition.
Avril: You are a strong and passionate person and I am honored to have you compete in my club twice! I hope you remain active in the club.
Brum: I know you can do better and I would love it if you reauditioned, because I just felt like you were holding back and rushed on the tasks. When timing is in your favor, you can rock this competition!
I love you both!


xoxo_zoey and MissCeaaria

This was very close, but I know you both have lived in the top the past few weeks. Show us this wasn't a mistake and really step up your game next week. You have the talent, just really work on your expression of it!

Congratulations to my Top Eight!!!!


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cycle 5 Task 4 ! ! ! !

Hello Everyone!

First of all, Brumilicious is back in the competition. She had serious computer issues that prevented her from making her Task 3 Scenery, but because I understand where she is coming from she is going to have a second chance. She will have to make her Task 3 Scenery (portraying October) and her Task 4 Scenery by this week's deadline. If she doesn't she will be eliminated. If she does, then myself and the judges will be looking at her Task 3 scenery and judging it based on all the other Task 3 sceneries, if it would have been good enough for her to stay we will then look at her Task 4 scenery. We will compare this one with all the other Task 4 sceneries and obviously eliminate her if her scenery isn't as good as everyone else's. So good luck to Brumilicous this week!

Now for the Top Ten, including Brumilcious. You guys will be creating a scenery that really has a lot of room for creative freedom. You will have to make a scenery that depicts an ad for a fragrance. This ad has to be a very strong image. You may conisder a beauty shot or a full body, but either way it was to be strong and it must demand attention. It has to scream supermodel and it has to be powerful enough to stop girls and women in their tracks and make them take a second look and eventually want to buy the scent your modeling. In these types of situations, you really want the viewer to want to be your medoll. This is key!

In addition to creating the scenery you must make up the title of your perfume and be sure to include that in your comments. If you do not understand this part, here is an example: my product's name may be "Blue Goddess" or something. The name doesn't have to be "Vanilla and Lavender" haha it can be ambiguous!

Just have fun with this and try to show off a different side of yourself!

Good luck you guys! The deadline for this task is Monday March 14th!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cycle 5 Task 3 Elimination ! ! !

Hey Everyone and Welcome to Cycle 5: Old vs. New's Third Elimination Ceremony!!!
Once again this week the contestants blew the judges and myself completely away. It is going to be a different type of Elimination Ceremony once again though. Two models did not complete their task in time and did not contact me to ask for more time or contact me back when I asked them if they needed an extension. I realize that real life comes first, but MelsModels must move on. So sadly, Brumilicious and Iluvmumble333 will be sent home.Each of you had so much drive and potential, but they were put on hold for real life. This is understandable, but it just isn't fair to keep you guys stringing along if you cannot give the competition everything you have when some people can give that much!
Moving along to the callout order and additional elimination... It is getting down to the wire so there is really no room to hide anymore. Either your in the top or bottom, so you really have to step up your game to be within the top few.
Here is the callout order for this week..
1. Tigre89 - Congratulations!! You are the winner of this task and your scenery will be placed on the club's presentation! You did such an amazing job and you really stepped it up this week. Keep this up!
2. liajm
3. MissCeaaria
4. .pease.
5. .naima
6. Gabby1822
7. Avril14140
1. xoxo_zoey- Your scenery really lacked the refined element you always show. You have never been near the bottom and your always so perfect at creating a realistic body pose, but this week it just fell flat. The dress of roses wasn't flattering or real at all. Your background choices and concept also didn't really work. We know you can do better.
2. sweet.hearts- You are another one who has never been near the bottom. Your theme and styling were great, and I liked the look of the entire scenery, but the transformation of your medoll from last week was very distracting and unreal. I also didn't like the pose because it didn't actually look like a possible pose someone could perform. We know this is out of character for you.
3. Pauo-Watson- Your scenery was very cute and well made but we just felt like it was very safe and didn't have a huge 'Wow Factor'. This is something you have struggled with in the past since you have ended up in the bottom. We know you have potential, but you are having trouble growing as quickly as some of the other girls.
This is very tough, I love your conceptual ideas and I think you are one of the most positive and enthusiastic contestants we have ever had. I just don't think this is an environment in which you can strive under. All the other girls are growing tremendously each week and while I see huge progress in you every task, I just feel as though you haven't been able to breakout of your shell yet, and we are running out of time. I know that with some serious practice you could have won, but as I said this isn't the right time for you. I am sorry, I hope you stay active and audition again if you have the time.
xoxo_zoey and sweet.hearts
We know that everyone has a bad week, but it is getting to the point where you can go home for one slip-up. If Brumilicious and Iluvmumble333 had completed their sceneries it is very likely one of you would have went home. Really show us we were right to keep you guys around! Make us proud!
***Congratulations to the Final Nine! Wooo!!
The Next task will be posted within the next few days! Love you all!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cycle 5 Task 3 ! ! !

Hey Everyone!! So for this third week of Cycle 5: Old vs. New, I thought that I would work around how many contestants are left. There are 12, and when I think of the number 12 I think of the 12 months of the year....

So, for this task each model will have to portray an assigned month in the scenery. Now of course the judges and myself love it when the models 'become' the month, but you are also allowed to be within the month. For this scenery think about the weather, holidays, what the month is famous for, and style associated with the season, when you are creating your theme, pose, and styling your medoll. There is a lot of freedom with this task once again, but definitely try to show your creativity and versatility this week. You can be commercial or high fashion, it is up to you!

***Be sure take a screenprint BEFORE saving your scenery due to some major glitches recently, and you should also be sure to comment your scenery with a description and explanation right after saving your scenery! Contact me via mail, gb, club comments, or comments of this post if you have any questions, concerns, or time management issues!

Asssignments are as follows:

.naima - January

.pease. - April

liajm - November

Gabby1822 - December

MissCeaaria - May

sweet.hearts - February

xoxo_zoey - June

Avril14140 - July

Tigre89 - September

Brumilicious - October

Iluvmumble333 - August

Pauo-Watson - March

Good luck models!! The deadline for this task is Friday February 24th ! ! !

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hey Everyone! This was such a jaw-dropping week for the MelsModels world. I am so proud of everyone for really conquering this task. There were some problems with some of the contestants, and this will alter how the elimination ceremony is done tonight.

The three models being eliminated this week are clubklo, worldstopmodel, and starsyd3333. Clubklo has a lot going on in her personal life and had to drop out, starsyd3333 never completed the task, and worldstopmodel had somewhat of a breakdown and deleted her scenery and I assume that she does not want to participate any longer. All three were contenders to win this, so everyone lucked out that such a group is leaving this week.

In response to this, there will be no additional elimination. However I will be conducting a callout order so everyone knows where they stand. If you are in the few last spots, that means you had a huge chance at being sent home if everyone had completed their task.

Without further is the callout order for task 2...

1. .naima - Congratulations! You are the winner of this task and your scenery will be featured on the presentation of the MelsModels club! Your medoll's pose, the creative way you covered up the rest of your medoll, the stunning ring, and the clever theme all make you this week's winner! Keep it up!

2. .pease.

3. liajm

4. Gabby1822

5. sweet.hearts

6. MissCeaaria

7. xoxo_zoey

8. Avril14140

9. Tigre89

10. Brumilicious

11. Iluvmumble333

12. Pauo-Watson

Congratulations Models on making it into the Top Twelve!!!! Yay! I am so proud of you all. The next task will be posted on Thursday!

P.S- As it stands now, there are 8 newbies and 4 oldies! Wow!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Hey Everyone! Welcome back and sorry for the delay. I have just been so busy with school work!

Anyways, I was so impressed last week, so I wanted to do something bigger and better for this task. Each model will have to model an assigned item (BELOW). Here is the catch though, you will only be allowed to wear or sport THAT item. You cannot wear anything else than what you are modeling (this includes earrings and jewelry if you have a clothing item!). Although it may sound easy to show off your assignment, you have to make sure you make the viewer want to buy your item! Keep in mind that if your item is something, like a ring or hat, that goes on the top half of your body, you don't necessarily need to show your legs and bottom part of your body. It should just look like an ad, so it can be somewhat of a beauty shot. Just don't cop out and take the easy route, but don't put yourself under so much stress and do something extremely complicated if you can't handle it. There is a lot of freedom with this task, so once again you have to show us what you have. Think outside the box! You can go commercial or high fashion on us, but just do your best.

***ALSO make sure that you take a screenprint and tinypic it and put it in the comments of your scenery with your explanation. YOU MUST TAKE A SCREENPRINT BEFORE SAVING because there has been A LOT of glitches on stardoll pose sceneries lately, and we have to make sure we see how it SHOULD look.

liajm: necklace
.pease.: skirt
MissCeaaria: bra
xoxo_zoey: purse
sweet.hearts: shorts
Brumilicious: hat
.naima: ring
Iluvmumble333: boots
Gabby1822: sunglasses
Avril14140: vest
Tigre89: stilettos
Pauo-Watson: scarf
Starsyd3333: bracelet
worldstopmodel: pants
clubklo: socks

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via mail, gb, comments of this post, or in the MelsModels club

The deadline for this task is Thursday February 10th ! Good Luck Models!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Hey Everyone! What a wonderful first week for Cycle 5: Old vs. New!! I am so proud of each and every model and literally, and I am not even kidding, any of you could have gone on to win this competition. It was so tough to narrow it down and make such a huge cut right off the bat!

First of all I just want to say that I will not be posting Weekly MelsModels on SMW. I know this is disappointing, but I can't because of my busy schedule. Randomly, though, I will use a post on SMW as a prize for the winner of a task! Maybe every third task or so! So stay tuned for that!

I also wanted to say that clubklo did not complete the task this week, but she is not being eliminated due to a reasonable excuse. Instead she will have to create a scenery for task 1 and task 2 when she returns to stardoll, and then she may be allowed to move on or possibly be eliminated at that time.

.....Now, the callout order:

1. liajm- Congratulations!! You are the winner this week and your scenery will be featured on the homepage of the club! Your scenery wowed all the judges and you really showed all the contestants, old and new, that you are a huge threat. You showed a commercial yet very fashionable version of the word "new" and you put a smile on all of our faces! Keep it up!

2. .pease.
3. MissCeaaria
4. xoxo_zoey
5. Sweet.hearts
6. Brumilicious
7. .naima
8. Iluvmumble333
9. Gabby1822
10. Avril14140
11. Tigre89
12. Pauo-Watson

1. xxlovexx- You had a great concept and strong voice this week, but your scenery ultimately didn't show the ideas you had as nicely as you could have. We also thought your scenery contradicted your theme and was going in a different direction than you intended it to.

2. musta47- You had so many interesting and intriguing ideas, but that was your downfall! You couldn't edit and tried adding in everything you thought of, which ultimately made your scenery confusing and your medoll drown in her surroundings.

3. blueberry-dream- Your concept was very interesting and we thought that your styling was nice, but it was very forgettable and your scenery didn't convey the word "new" without reading the concept. We know your personal taste is much stronger, so we also weren't sure if you were putting everything you had into the task.

4. Starsyd3333- Your scenery came across a bit 'cartoonish' and wasn't very realistic. Your medoll didn't come off as a model, but she looked like a character. We were just expecting a more refined scenery, but we admire the risk.

5. misz_paparazzi- Your concept was very cute and your scenery was memorable, but it didn't really work compared to the other sceneries. The overall feel and work to the scenery wasn't the neatest, but it still had a strong voice which we enjoyed.

6. I-Love-Pigs- Your scenery was one of the sceneries that was the most forgettable. The concept wasn't very clear in your scenery, and the styling made your medoll look like a character and not so much a model. She almost got lost in the props. We do know your capable of more and think it was just a bad week.

7. worldstopmodel- Your scenery was missing an explanation and that might have saved you from the bottom. We know you were having problems with commenting, but we really enjoyed the ambitious pose you chose to do, we just didn't understand the point to the scenery since you didn't really explain.

xxlovexx, musta47, blueberry-dream, misz_paparazzi, I-Love-Pigs

This was one of the hardest eliminations EVER! You guys are all so beautiful in so many ways and please do not think that this is the SLIGHTEST indication that you aren't as good as the rest. It is just a matter of experience. If you all practice and keep with this, you can come back and win! I am not kidding. Each and every one of you could have won this, it was just a matter of experience and timing. Please do not give up on yourselfs as individuals, me, the judges, or the club! Stay active and keep in touch! You all will be missed!

starsyd3333- Your passion saved you. Everyone could see that you have what it takes to the top and that you desperately want this, but we need to see a model. It is okay to have a personality like a cute cartoon, but you have to be able to transform in your sceneries.

worldstopmodel- This was very very VERY close, the judges and myself know that you can do more but you really have to step it up. We need more dedication because in your callback you were one of the best at sticking out from the pack, but now it seems like your lost your drive! You need to concentrate on showing us you care with confidence and a powerful concept and explanation next week.

***Congratulations to the Final Fifteen!! The next task will be posted on Friday, January 28th!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Hey Everyone! First of all I just have to say that literally every single audition and callback from everyone was insanely impressive and this was probably one of the hardest initial decisions that the judges and myself have ever had to make in MelsModels history. It is always so tough, and it is crazy that I am someone who is eliminating others, I don't even feel worthy. Just know that there is a place for all of you, even if you don't make it into this competition. This isn't the end and I would be blessed if you all stayed active and continued to audition and be a part of MelsModels.

The judges this cycle are going to be Myself (Bluegreen86), Kris (Siamesecatlover), Blair (Itgonnarain), and Kasia (Undamyumbrellla)! This is going to be an exciting cycle, and I plan to include many guest judges throughout the tasks.

Without further are the 20 finalists of MelsModels Cycle 5~ Old vs. New (In no particular order):



CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! ! ! You are the twenty finalists who will be competing to be Melanie's Next Top Model! I am so excited about this extremely talented group filled with potential. Some of the judges' old favorites are back with a lot on the line. They want it bad, so all the new girls have to step up their game in order to stick around!

***For your first task I want each and every one of you to create a club scenery depicting an assigned word. If you are an old MelsModels contestant (in green above) then I want you to convey the word "Old", and if you are a fresh face (in yellow above) I would like you to portray the word "New". There are only six old contestants, which means that all the new girls have to really step it up to stick out. This is perfect because the old contestants already have an established reputation, so we want to see how you compare to the rest of the pack before you 'mix'! I am very excited about this task, and I hope you all enjoy it!

When creating your scenery, be sure you think about what the word "old" or "new" really means to you, don't just show a new car or an old house try to make your medoll become the word and really have fun with it! Think carefully about your pose, styling, and concept!

** This task is important because five girls will be eliminated to narrow the group down to 15. Good Luck Models!!!!!

* Your deadline for this task is Sunday, January 23rd !!! (NOT 16th! SORRY FOR CONFUSION!!)
If you have any questions or need help, contact me (bluegreen86) via mail, gb, or in the club!