Saturday, July 16, 2011


This Cycle has truly been a magnificent journey, and this is because of the incredibly special contestants that we have seen compete. Both our oldies and newbies brought something to the table and really made every single week's decision extremely challenging.

You both, Linus and Melinda, have made it through every task and are the last two standing for many reasons. All the judges and myself have always looked forward to seeing your sceneries and concepts, and there was always a special spark that we saw in you from week one. I especially saw this same light from auditions when you both filled out an application over six months ago!

Before I give my words directed to you both individually, I just wanted to say that this decision has probably been the hardest in MelsModels history. I don't think I have ever had two finalists who have been on the exact same page and so evenly matched, yet so blatantly different! This makes for such a tough call. I love you both so much and you will always be a huge part of the MelsModels family and MelsModels history.

Now I will address you one-on-one:

.naima- You have really shown us everything you could possibly give throughout the course of this competition. You have always been the best at listening and trying so desperately hard to evolve and grow based on our criticism. You have won the most tasks out of anyone this cycle, and when looking at your work, it becomes very clear why. You are such a raw and natural talent. You are able to create strikingly beautiful images that appear to be stills from real life. When you created your scenery for the color purple, I had a very strong feeling you would be here in the end. You imagine dynamic characters with miraculous settings and landscapes that come together with ambitious yet well-executed poses. Aside from your sceneries you have also just been a delight to get to know. My personal experience with you has been incredible and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to see that you truly are the whole package. You are an intelligent, sweet, and positive girl who is a pleasure being around. This personality of yours is key to becoming a successful top model. You have always been able to convey your talent through our assignments, and even though you have occassionally been in the bottom, you have always proven that you are worthy to be the last one standing.

.pease.- You too have really given this competition everything you have. I remember the first week you created one of the most interesting sceneries out of the simple task of portraying the word 'new'. Ever since that task I was so confident in your abilities and I would wait to see you perform week after week. As the tasks came and went your themes and concepts would exceedingly grow to be more complex and out-of-the-box. It would be so thrilling to see you 'do you' and just have fun exploring your creativity! Whenever I have spoken to you, I have seen such a poised boy who really knows what they are talking about, you are a true and genuine artist. When looking back at your portfolio, it is all cohesive. You have such a strong sense of self that you are able to put forth work that shows us you as a person, which is sometimes impossible to do. Let us also not forget how brave you were when you came out to be Linus and not Linnea. I was so proud of the way you handled yourself and it showed me you have the thick skin a top model needs to have. You too have seen the bottom in this competition, but your consistency and yet constant improvement, have shown us just how much you deserve to win this competition.


You are both some of the brightest stars that stardoll has ever seen. I am truly so grateful and so honored that my club was able to get just a glimpse of who you are, both as people and as innovators. I can honestly say that I consider you both my very dear friends and I will love you guys forever. You already ARE top models, one will just bear my title.