Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Finale Speech/Last Words!!!

Cycle Four started off with 20 beautiful girls who had radiant personalities and an incredible skill, but after about six months (yes it has literally been over six months!) the only two models remaining are BabetteCouture and shake-something.

What a journey it has been! At every cycle's ending I like to think back on the entire process and especially reflect on the final two. I am going to do my best to speak to each of you, although it is tough to express how proud I am in words.

shake-something- Right away when I think of you I think of your shining persona! You are so genuine and through the competition myself and the judges have fell in love with who you are. You have also really grown as a model right before our eyes. In the beginning you had alot of ideas and felt the need to really show all of them and almost make your sceneries too complicated. With time you were able to master ambitious poses and perfect styling and you also recieved confidence in yourself as a person and model and were able to really improve week after week. You also became a master of complicated concepts that often made us judges consider your work to be art rather than a scenery. You were always staying true to your interesting self, which soon became very clear. The reason you got to the end was because of this unique person that you are. You were able to see your mistakes and fix them and this positive attitude of yours really came across to the judges, and we always wanted to see more from you. We still do want to see more of you and we are all so confident that we will, its just sad that it won't be in MelsModels.

BabetteCouture- When I first think of you I think of your burning passion! You have such an extreme fire for both life and MelsModels and that really came across through these past months. The very first week you were close to being in the bottom, but since then you have always been in the top three which is a MelsModels first. When you saw that you weren't at the top, you gave this competition everything you had for the remaining tasks which shows so much dedication and determination which I admire. I think it is safe to say that throughout the competition you were always one of the strongest models, but at the same time you really grew tremendously. Each week your sceneries went to a whole new level and each week you listened to the critiques the judges and myself gave you so that your next scenery would be bigger and better. You continued to wowed us which became pretty tough as everyone got to be top models, but you always made new characters and proved to us that you have the versatility and the talent to go all the way. I will miss seeing your progress each week, but I know that we will all see future accomplishments of yours out of the MelsModels bubble.

To be honest this is one of my favorite MelsModels cycles ever, and it is mostly because of you both and the other models this year. You have really made these past six months an amazing and fun experience that I will cherish forever. Although I am upset and surprised that this cycle is already ending, I am happy that we now can celebrate a cycle of hard work and refined talent. Just because this cycle of MelsModels is over doesn't mean our work together will be. I love you both so much and I look forward to our relationships in the future!!

Congratulations on making it to the very very end!<333

Friday, September 10, 2010


Hey Everyone! Congratulations to both shake-something and BabetteCouture for becoming this cycle's final two! This is a huge deal and I hope you are just as proud as I am, because you both seriously beat out hundreds of people to get to this point and you each have grown tremendously over the course of the competition.

For the Final Task there will be four parts, but you will have alot of time and they aren't that difficult don't worry! You can do the parts in any order you want (you don't have to do part one, then part two and so on..) just be sure you label your sceneries beginning with your username and then the part (Ex: Bluegreen86-Part One)! Be sure you explain EVERYTHING in the comments, we really would rather a tremendous explanation than a tiny one! Also just a reminder.. FINALISTS READ EVERY WORD OF THIS POST!!!

Part One- You are to create a Covergirl commercial selling a lip product of your choice! This commercial is important because you want to show the judges your versatility as a model and prove to us that you can actually be easy, breezy, and beautiful! For this commercial you don't have to write a commercial in the comments, but you do have to create a name for the product. The product can be a lip gloss, lipstick, lip liner, anything you desire but you should try to make it relevant! As in the previous 'commercial challenges' make sure you pay attention to your styling, pose (Most likely apart of a beauty shot), and background. You want the viewer to buy the product!

Part Two- You are to create a High Fashion photograph, in which you are showing the judges that you can work as an editorial model who gets booked for spreads in high end magazines. While it is important to be commercial and sign huge contracts, it is also important that you can wear actual couture and not have it wear you. For this part you have alot of freedom, you can basically do whatever you want, but be sure you explain how its an editorial. Just a helpful hint, the concept is very important. While many editorials are simple, most of them are detailed and profound! So definitely be artistic! Once again think about styling, your not gonna look the same in this scenery than all your past ones, you are able to be dramatic for this part, just maintain your incredible taste!

Part Three- For this part you are to make a scenery that depicts who you are as a person. For this you can run in any direction you desire. You can express your personality, your hobbies, anything at all that is interesting and teaches the viewer about who you are instantly! We love to get to know our MelsModels girls, and although we feel that we already know you guys, we want to know more. Once again there are few rules, so really have fun with this freedom and give us something unique!

Part Four- For this part you simply have to post a topic in MelsModels telling myself, the judges, and every member of the club, why you should win this cycle. You can tell us why your a Top Model, why your a Rolemodel, and why you are deserving of the crown! You can make this part as long as you want, so don't be afraid to continue your post in the comment section and just type away girls! (Personally I would do this last, because after your final sceneries are completed it will be nice to really reflect on the entire experience and use that to your advantage!)

The Deadline for this task is.. Saturday September 25th! You guys have over two weeks to think about, work on, and create these four parts! Really give this everything you got, because this is it!

After the 25th, the judges and myself will probably take a week to deliberate and really think about the decision. Then hopefully on the following weekend there will be a huge MelsModels Gala where we will reflect on the cycle, party it up, and of course announce the winner of Cycle Four! More details about that will be posted later on.

Seriously, I love you both so much! If you have anything at all you need to ask me, any questions, comments, or concerns, just mail me! Good Luck Ladies!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Task 8!!

Hey Everyone! This next task will be the last before the finale, so I am super excited. Finalists, you really have to give this your all so that you make it to the finals. It is such a tight race between all three of you, so this week really means alot! No pressure, haha!

Anyways, this task is going to be the exact same task that I gave last cycle for my final three. Each of you will be assigned water, earth, or fire. You will then have to create a scenery conveying your element. Water, Fire, Earth, (and Air, but air is difficult for making a scenery) are often described in many religions for being apart of everything but it is especially found in Animism. That is why this task also fits great with this cycle, because Animism is one of the most popular religions in Africa, and of course Cape Town.

For this scenery you can become your element (which I often prefer) or be in a situation that shows your element. Think about the characterisitics of your element when your making your pose, adding details, creating your concept, and styling your medoll (makeup and wardrobe).

This week I will be assigning the elements based on what I want to see the three of you create. I will also be thinking about what I think would be easiest for you to create, and then not assigning that element. I want you to show your versatility and ability to transform each week. The assignments are..

shake-something- Earth
BabetteCouture- Water
lgap- Fire

Good Luck Ladies! If you have any questions about anything at all feel free to come and ask. The deadline for this challenge is WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER FIRST!!

love you all!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Task Seven Elimination Ceremony!

Hey Everyone! This week for MelsModels was incredible, and while everyone impressed us, the pressure raised as the judges and myself had to eliminate 1/4 of the competition! This decision was crazy because literally every single finalist could have won this challenge, so in order to make a fair decision we really had to analyze and look at the sceneries many times. It was fun to see everyone go commercial, but I am a bit disappointed because I feel like everyone had negatives associated with their scenery; noone really hit it out of the ballpark. But with that being said, everyone created something stunning. Since there are only four girls, there will be a winner and a bottom three (noone in the middle).

The winner for this challenge is..

shake-something !! Congratulations, your scenery will be featured on the homepage of the club and Stardoll's Most Wanted blog owned by Emorox4eva. Your commercial was innovative, gorgeously detailed, and it would really stop a girl dead in her tracks and make her want your eyeshadow. While your commercial was lackluster, the name of your product wasn't the best, and the mask you created was borderline tacky, you prevailed with the simple styling, breathtaking makeup, and a severe passion! Keep this up to get to the finale!

1. BabetteCouture- Your ad and overall concept was very edgy. You showed us once again just how to use horsehair, and you really conquered the 'bed-head and sexy' look that made everyone want your eyeshadow. Your commercial and catch phrases were some of the best of the bunch, but the reason you didn't win was because your scenery wasn't very covergirl. You were kind of modeling your own makeup line, because I feel as if it was too sensual for covergirl. I would have preffered a fresher and cleaner ad, but you still left us very impressed and wanting more. Also a sidenote, I know how passionate you are to win this competition, but I feel as though you aren't showing it as much as you used to. While your sceneries continue to be incredibly amazing, I want to feel how much you want this again because the sceneries in MelsModels are only half of it.

2. Cianboland- Your commercial wasn't the best, it was nice but I felt as though it was one of the worst of the bunch. Your ad however was very unique and you also make a very clean and appropriate pose. Us judges just had a problem with your styling. The bracelets, hair, andmakeup didn't work. You had alot going on and were wearing too much makeup that caused it not to look like a mascara ad. I think you know this because you then added those mascara bottles, which were super cute, but I actually didn't even notice them with everything going on. You are so talented but you have a problem with consistency. One week your so close to winning and the next your close to going home. While I know you have what it takes,sometimes you just don't pull it all together.

3. lgap- By far you had the best commercial, the way you worded everything was informational, perfect for a commercial, and very covergirl. You were the only one to say 'easy, breezy, beautiful, Covergirl!' and I feel as though that made everything come together. Your concept was smart and I could easily see it being a real ad, but it wasn't very commercial it was very editorial. I say this because the pose and the dramatic vibe to the scenery didn't make it look like you were selling eyeshadow, it made it look like you were selling a fragrance, your ring, or even yourself as a model. Your scenery was very amazing at bringing the attention into your makeup though, right away I noticed the piercing purple eyes with the pink eye shadow and I loved the styling with the hair, ring, and freckles. And although I would have liked to see you create an outfit, you really have great taste and I think it worked without one. Just be careful when your trying to convey a certain vibe to your scenery, because sometimes unintentionally you could be portraying something else, which happened this wee. Once again you have so much potential and your always so close to hitting a homerun, and that is what frustrates us judges the most because we see just how close you are each week.

Eliminated: Cianboland
This was SUCH a tough decision. You are one of the most passoniate, eager, and bubbly contestants we have ever had in MelsModels, and each week I would be excited to see your work because you always had extravagant and interesting ideas and concepts. Your poses, styling, and taste are usually on mark but because of your problems with consistency the judges and myself are worried you wouldn't work it out in the final rounds. I feel as though as each week went on the pressure increased and maybe the pressure of wanting it so bad got to your head, because in the beginning your talent came across as effortless and natural. With that being said you really have grown alot and I am so honored and happy that you were apart of this cycle, especially since you auditioned the day before I announced callbacks.

To the Final Three! Congratulations, this is a HUGE deal and I am so proud of each and every one of you. Take a few days to rest those talented and fierce brains of yours, because around Tuesday I will be posting the second-to-last task and you will have to give it everything you have to make it to the finale!

Love you all!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Task Seven!!!

Hey Everyone! Last week was very crazy for MelsModels, so lets hope this week we get back to a steady and smooth routine.

Since each and every one of the remaining girls has consistently shown their high fashion edge in most of their sceneries, I figured it was finally time to go commercial! For this task we are going to be doing a Covergirl Commercial.

Each girl is to make up their own product name, an ad for their product, and a 30 second commercial for their product in the comments of their scenery. Every product has to be for some sort of eye product. It could be a mascara, an eye shadow, an eye pencil, anything you personally want to advertise. You must then create a name for the product (Ex: Angelic Apple Eye Shadow), and in the comments of your scenery you MUST be clear on the name. Then you must do a 30 second commercial, which basically means type out the lines you would say in the commercial but they HAVE to fit in one box in your scenery comments. That means it has to be less than 250 characters or something, so try to make it work to the best of your ability (If you are one or two words onto a new box, I understand, but do not make a whole sentence continued on a new box). This commercial should be before your explanation on your ad.

Finally for your ad, be sure you are staying commercial while being creative, fashionable, and modelisque. You have to model your product, so if your advertising an eyeshadow make sure your wearing one, and make sure it is one of the first things us judges notice (HINT you probably want to do somewhat of a beauty shot for this task!!!HINT). Your goal is to make the viewer buy the product, all while being fierce.

While this challenge is very simple, it is also very tough, and since one girl is leaving us this week make sure you leave a good impression!

If you have ANY questions at all please contact me via messege.

The deadline for this challenge is TUESDAY AUGUST 17th!

Good Luck!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Task Six Elimination Ceremony

Hey Everyone! Yes, its finally time for the sixth task elimination ceremony! This week was very chaotic and many girls needed extensions due to the busy time of year, which is very understandable. I just want to thank every contestant, every spectator, and every judge who was patient throughout this crazy time. It really means the world to me.

Now, this week's results are going to be done a bit different. While there will be a callout order and a winner, there will not be a bottom three due to circumstances which I am about to explain. Aharper1243 has left the competition. Her personal life has recently been struck by family emergencies which need her attention and support. She is such a strong, compassionate, beautiful, and talented young lady and I am (as well as the other judges) truly inspired and honored by her work for MelsModels.

Now I initally planned to only eliminate one girl this week, however there has been many conflicts leading to this next elimination. I am sorry to say that Clubklo will also be leaving the competition this week. Not only did she need alot of time to create this scenery, but she hasn't been on stardoll for about a week and I am very worried about her ability to finish the cycle out thoroughly, and when she finally did create her scenery she didn't do the correct assignment which shows how little attention she has to give to MelsModels at this busy time in her life. Once again we are dealing with such an amazing person who has so much talent and potential. I have truly enjoyed watching her grow from week to week.

Both Aharper1243 and Clubklo will be apart of the Fifth Cycle of MelsModels if their schedules allow it, because not only have they spent the entire duration of MelsModels at the top of the callout order but they are leaving because of their personal lives, and I believe they deserve another chance to compete with everything they have to give, and not half! So look out for them in the fall!

Now...with two extremely talented girls out of the competition this week, we are down to the final four! Woo! I am so proud and excited about the girls left in the competition. I also want each and every one of you two know that I am not simply settling for you four. You are probably the most talented final four from any of the previous cycles, and it is going to be a very tight race for the title.

Without further babbling is the callout order:

1. BabetteCouture- Congratulations! You are the winner of this task and your scenery will be featured on and on the homepage of MelsModels. You had one of the toughest assignments and you still knocked it out of the ball-park with a fashionable and beautiful portrayal of a hunter. Your poses are so different yet insanely incredible each week and every detail to this scenery was added with such a high quality of taste. Great work!

2.lgap- Your pose was outside of the box, and so innovative! One of the best poses and yet hard-to-do poses I have ever seen. The reason you did not snag the win was because you didn't quite convey a leopard as well as some of the others conveyed their assignments. Keep this level of work up though! You did an amazing job!

3. Cianboland- An elephant is pretty difficult to portray but you did a great job for the circumstances with stardoll limiting the items. The pose and styling to your medoll were very appropriate and visually pleasing. Just be careful next week with your level of taste and make sure that every item you add is necessary and plays a role (hence the fruit).

4. shake-something- Your portrayal of a lion almost got you eliminated. If you had not won the challenge last week, and two girls didn't drop out I am pretty confident you would be leaving us tonight. The fact that you took a long time to create your scenery wasn't a problem, but I was expecting an incredible scenery after all that waiting. I was let down. Although stardoll limited your items I think you could have budgeted a bit better, so next week you really have to prove to us judges your passion and talent! I know you can do alot better and these weeks have been crazy for you, so just take a deep breath and begin next week with a clean slate!

Congratulations to the final four! The next task will be posted on Monday or Tuesday, and from there on out there will be strict yet fair deadlines until we crown our Cycle Four Winner!

Love you all!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Banner and Logo!!!

Hey Everyone! Just a quick post about some changes to the MelsModels blog.

As you can see there is a new banner for the blog and a new logo for MelsModels. The fabulous new banner was made by Dog_boy96 and the incredible logo was made by lgap, who is currently a contestant of the fourth cycle!

So I just wanted to verify those changes and give a shout out to the very talented graphic artists who have made this blog a whole lot fiercer!


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Task 5 Elimination Ceremony!

Hey Everyone! This was seriously one of my favorite weeks in MelsModels history. I could have chosen every scenery to have been the winner, and because of this it was SOO tough to chose a winner and even more difficult to chose which girl to eliminate.

This week was also struck by a competitor not being able to complete the task and not contacting me about it in advance. MelodyMCC has been eliminated, but I wish her all the best and I loved the time that she had spent in MelsModels! You will be missed girl!

Despite the sudden elimination this week, one more girl will still be leaving us tonight. Now for the callout order..

1. shake-something- Congratulations! You won this task and your scenery will be published on the club's homepage and at HotbuysBazaar. We loved how your concept was outside-of-the-box, your pose and scenery were each equally breathtaking, and overall you just did such an amazing job and we are all proud to see you grow so much each week. Your scenery is like an artistic masterpiece!

2. BabetteCouture

3. Aharper1243

4. clubklo

1. Lgap- Your scenery was great, the concept, the execution, the styling to your medoll, the pose, the makeup, and the background were all beautifully done. We just felt that compared to some of the other sceneries this week, yours wasn't as memorable and it didn't have the same amount of passion infused into it. We also want you to be careful when making your sceneries, you have to try to make them a tad bit more neat because sometimes that tiny detail can make you end up in the bottom. We are aware of the immense amount of creativity you possess, so I also think your in the bottom due to high expectations.

2. SakuraDream- Your concept and the way you made the fire were both very well done. We just felt that the styling to your medoll, your medoll's makeup and hair, and your pose were not as strong. When looking at your medoll it looks like a teen vogue photoshoot and then as your eyes see the beautiful fire you created it causes a bit of confusion because the two weren't very cohesive. While I admire the addition of the snakes, they just didn't exactly fit either. We know how much talent and potential you have though and every week I love to see what you make.

3. Cianboland- You had a nice concept and your scenery was very detailed and tough to create and you definitely pulled it off! The one thing that got you in the bottom was the fact that there wasn't any motion. It simply looked like your medoll was sitting on a horse and since this was an action shot challenge it took alot away from the scenery. The styling to your medoll also wasn't very fitting with the theme or scenery (despite your don't judge a book by its cover notion). We know your capable of doing better and thats why this week was a tad disappointing.

ELIMINATED: SakuraDream- This was seriously SO tough, you have no idea. It was definitely one of the most difficult decision I have had to make in MelsModels. Your scenery was amazing, and all your work and who you are as a person is amazing. It just came down to which sceneries were better this week and the reason you are eliminated is just because everyone else's sceneries were SLIGHTLY better than yours. I know this is tough, but I hope you understand and stay active in MelsModels. You made it all the way to the top 7! That is huge! I love you and I would love it if you auditioned again in the future or in SNTM.xx

SAVED: Lgap and Cianboland- You both got lucky this week that MelodyMCC didn't complete her scenery. I was going to eliminate two girls this week along with MelodyMCC but I decided not to (and my fellow judges thought it would be a good idea to keep you both). You each have to step it up a level next week so that you don't land in the bottom again. Both of you can win this competition you just have to give it all you have! Love you both! Congrats on making the top 6!

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FINAL SIX! Woo! This is a huge stepping stone in the competition. The next task and the final destination of the cycle will be posted soon! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Task Five!

Hey Everyone! Sorry for the huge delay in posting this task, I have had little time to get on the computer. Anyways since my life, and more generally the world, has been full of action lately (like the world cup, seasons changing, schools ending, etc) I thought this week would be perfect for an action shot!

For this task you are to make a scenery depicting an action shot. The concept, setting, reason for action, and what your medoll is actually doing is ALL up to you! I am so excited about this task because it really is a chance to let your creative juices flow and show myself and the judges your creative side. Although your ability to think outside of the box is important, it also has to be realistic. Make sure that if your making a pose it is proportioned well, neat, and actually possible to do in real life. A pose only adds to a scenery when it is done right. Be sure to style your medolls according to your theme, and just have fun!

I will say it again so everyone knows im clear, the action can be anything you want. If you are concerned about an idea or if you have any questions please feel free to contact me and ask me questions!

The Deadline for this task is Tuesday June 29th! Good Luck Everyone and seriously Congratulations on making it this far. This is a HUGE accomplishment!

Love you all!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Task Four Elimination Ceremony!

Hey Everyone! These past couple of weeks have been so stressful for me, so I am so sorry for the delay of the results, but I am glad I got to do them today. Everyone really stepped up their game this week and chosing the winner was almost as difficult as chosing who should be in the bottom three and who should go! Everyone has such a sharp eye and such a great talent, I am truly honored to have you all compete in my club. This week I thought I would comment for everyone instead of just commenting the bottom three, it is the least I can do for delaying the results! Anyways, here is the callout order..

1. Aharper1243- Congratulations you are the winner of this task and your scenery will be displayed on the homepage of the club and at, your scenery conveyed a strong sense of what summer is all about. Your concept was perfect, your medoll shined through like a top model, and the bathingsuit and setting you created were well balanced and stunning.

2. BabetteCouture- So close! Your scenery was beautiful and every detail added such depth to the overall scenery. Your medoll's pose was so neat and just incredible (one of the best I have ever seen) and you were so close to winning three in a row. Keep up the amazing work girl!

3. clubklo- Your pose and concept were brilliant, and different compared to everyone else's, which I admire and appreciate! You are always in the top and always so so so close to winning, I hope you do not get frustrated and keep this fire going because I know a win is destined for you soon!!

4. Lgap- Your bathingsuit, pose, and magic with the horsehair were magnificent! It was so realistic and I could see it as an editorial in Italian Vogue! You just need to work on tuning your backgrounds because your medoll is always so insanely amazing that the settings fall short in comparison. Just like clubklo you have consistently been at the top, so please keep this up and be patient because I am sure you will win one soon!

5. shake-something- I loved your theme and I think the bathingsuit you made was stunning and so flattering. Your scenery was definitely one of the best at making the viewer want to buy the garment because I know that anyone who sees it would want it for themselves! Continue with this quality of work!

6. Cianboland- Your scenery was good at bringing the attention to the garment, but your pose and styling was a bit overdone. Try to accessorize and pose more appropriately next time and always make sure that it is as realistic as possible. You need to take this and make it fuel your fire to keep going because this was a close one for you hun!

7. SakuraDream- Your pose was very exotic yet appealing and intriguing. The fact that you have not changed your medoll's hair or facial expression deeply bothers me though, because I keep telling you too. With that being said your background and concept were great, but some parts of your bathingsuit were unflattering and the bottom part almost looked like body hair. We know your capable of much more though.

1. choco_tiger --- Your scenery was late and even though that isn't a problem, it is a problem that you did not contact me about it or reply to my mails that I sent you regarding the deadline. I have loved seeing your work and seeing you improve each week and your sceneries are some of the ones I looked forward to the most. I know you are capable of growing into a beautiful model butterfly, but I get a bit frustrated since I feel like you don't see that. And as a result of that your work suffers. Your scenery's concept was a bit confusing to me, and although the pose was nicely done the bathingsuit wasn't the main focus since the whole thing seemed chaotic. You have landed in the bottom for a while now, and im not sure if you will be able to get out of this rut in time.

2. Avril14140 --- Your background of the sand and the beach looked very realistic, but with that being said I was disappointed this week. In the past you have had some troubles with proportions and you had those same mishaps this week. The legs of the pose didn't look realistic and even if they did they would not have made a flattering pose for selling a bathingsuit. The beach towel, bag, and sun tan lotion amongst other accessories were also too big and awkwardly sized for them to actually be behind you. I know you have so much talent but I feel as if, like choco_tiger, you may be in a rut at the moment.

3. MelodyMCC --- Your scenery was good, but it didn't have the wow factor that the other sceneries had. Your bathingsuit looked as if you gave up during the process of making it, and your scenery wasn't as rememorable as I would have hoped. I do love the background and setting you created though, and I could easily see that in an ad for a swimsuit. I think you have alot of potential and I think you can do better. You have to pay attention more on the overall look of the scenery and you also have to work on tuning your poses and make them look real. While a certain pose may look good it may not be the most ideal pose for a scenery, especially if the arms or hands aren't doing anything and aren't looking graceful.

choco_tiger and Avril14140
You guys are both two of my favorite contestants I have ever had. You have so much passion and have such a skill for scenery-making. I am so upset that this decision has to be made, but I hope you understand. With practice and determination and an audition next cycle I am sure either of you could make it all the way to the end! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for participating in this competition, and I hope you guys stay in my stardoll life and active in MelsModels! Love you both!

The next task will be posted on Saturday! Get Ready Top 8!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Task Four!

Hey Everyone and Congratulations to the Top Ten of Cycle Four!! For this task MelsModels is going commercial, and everyone is going to have fun in the sun.

For this task you each must make a scenery modeling a bathing suit. Summer is so close, and here in the United States it is getting extremely hot, so I find this a perfect time to welcome summer with open arms. You need to make it playful, summery, commercial, fun, and of course appropriate. This scenery is not to be sensual, it is supposed to be appealing to women so think of Elle magazine or a women's magazine that is commercial rather than Maxim or Sports Illustrated that men look at for pleasure.

Also in this task you are not allowed to use the color black, or even shades of grey. This is because I really want the scenery to be colorful and fun, and lately everyone has beeing using ALOT of black, and it has kind of been overwhelming. Try to adventure out and have fun with different bold shades!

You can use a bathingsuit from the starplaza, or you can be creative and make one from minishop items. I love innovation though so keep that in mind ;)

Anyways, the deadline is Thursday June 10th, good luck!!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Task Three Elimination Ceremony ! ! !

Hey Everyone! What an extraordinary week in MelsModels, but what an insanely difficult week for decision making. Every entry literally blew me away, and I am so impressed with the level of talent in this year's contestants! This is the best cycle of MelsModels all around but especially talent wise, and everyone keeps making some of the nicest sceneries I have ever seen.

Usually everyone completes their task, but when someone does not they face elimination. Stefaroni did not complete the task and did not mail me explaining why, and has not even replied to my messeges or gb comments. While something serious may be the excuse behind this behavior, I have no choice but to eliminate her from the competition. She had such a high-quality talent and I had high hopes for her, and if you are reading this please audition again next cycle if you have the time to fully commit. You will surely be missed!

***Also, many girls had problems with their sceneries this week and many had claimed theirs were deleted randomly and so they made another. You are ALWAYS to contact me before you re-make a scenery, and you always need my permission to do so. Sometimes stardoll has glitches and weird things happen, but you always need to speak to me in these situations otherwise there sadly will be consequences!

Even with Stefaroni's elimination, two more girls will be leaving tonight. Now for the results. Here is the callback order:

1. BabetteCouture - Congratulations!!! You are the winner of this task, and you are the first to win two challenges this cycle, and you are one of the only girls in MelsModels history to have two wins back-to-back! Your scenery will be displayed on the homepage of the club, and you will also have it published at HotbuysBazaar! Great job girl, keep this up!
2. Lgap - Congratulations, your scenery was the best out of the "bag group", you did an amazing job and we all loved your scenery!
3. shake-something - Congratulations, your scenery was the best out of the "bracelet group" and everyone loved the great job you did!
4. Aharper1243
5. clubklo
6. Cianboland
7. SakuraDream
8. Avril14140
9. MelodyMCC

1. 123abbie456- your scenery was very chaotic and confusing, and it was difficult to recognize the big cuff as a bracelet, because many felt it really just resembled a big spot of paint. We feel like your concept was really great, but the portrayal of your ideas just didn't meet the expectations we had for you. We know your capable of amazing sceneries, but this week you let us down.

2. Choco_tiger- your scenery had a great concept, and we loved the overall feel of the black background with the paint spatters on your medoll. Out of all the sceneries, yours was one of the best at making the viewer notice the assigned item, and I surely would have considered buying your handbag. Your pose was a bit unrealistic, so just work on that and keep practicing with small details to help make your sceneries stick out more. We know you have potential to do better, so we are just frustrated when you don't do as good as you can.

3. Ashina123- your scenery was not as memorable as the others. You had a lot of ideas and I think you tried to incoperate as many of them as possible, but it kind of left me a bit overwhelmed. There was alot going on and too many things to look at that I barely noticed your bag. The skirt you made was beautiful, and the pose you did was different but so simple and realistic. We are just not sure if this is the right competition for you, because your a great stylist but we are just not confident in you being a model.

123abbie456 and Ashina123 !
You guys are both SO talented, and the fact that you even competed in my competition gives me such pride and makes me feel extremely honored. Your both capable of making really bold and striking sceneries, and you each have such beautiful styling skills. I think both of you have a great sense of fashion and are great at making outfits and styling your medolls, but compared to some of the other girls we just felt like your sceneries were not on the same level. Keep practicing, keep active, and maybe audition again! I know you guys are going to go far, and I love you both!

***Congratulations to the Top Ten!! Yayy!! The next task will be posted on Monday or Tuesday! Love you all!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hey Everyone! For this task you will be in a group, but you will not actually work with your fellow group members. All the people in the group will be assigned the same task, and this is key because as a model the competition for jobs and bookings is always stiff so you always have to make yourself stick out even if you are put into a similar situation as your competition. A great example of this is when models are trying to get runway jobs. Designers only have a limited amount of looks, so when you are put into the same dress as someone else you have to be able to work it much harder than they can in order to get the booking.

For this particular task each group will be assigned a different accessory that they have to sell and model in the scenery. This item should be the main focus and you want the viewer to want that item for themselves in real life and for their stardoll life.

There is a lot of freedom in this task so run with it and try to show off your creativity and ability to stand out.

Your name is BELOW the group you belong to. The item WITH the group name is your assigned item. The Groups and Assignments are below:

Group One- Necklace (Of your choice)

Group Two- Handbag (Of your choice)

Group Three- Bracelet (Of your choice)

THE DEADLINE FOR THIS TASK IS... Thursday May 27th ! If you have any questions please comment this post, comment in the MelsModels Topic for this task, or contact me via message!

Good Luck Everyone!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Hey Everyone! This week was a week to remember, because every scenery that was made was just spectacular, and I could've seen each and every one being the winner of the week, literally!! This cycle has so much talent, that I am consistently being told so by fellow users and judges. Everyone is so great, that it is actually making me very worried about the decisions to come. On this week's callout order, it was very tough to chose which order to put all of you in since all of the sceneries were so close in ranking. If you are in the top part of the callout order (about 1-7) you were very amazing this week. If you were on the middle (8-10) you did great, but you just have to pick it up a bit if you want to win a future challenge. Finally if you are in the bottom (11-bottom three) you have much more potential than you are using, and fell short when compared to everyone else. Without further babbling, here is the callout order for the week:

1. BabetteCouture- Congratulations! You are the winner of this week's task. Your scenery showed an immense passion and fire (haha pun) that all of the judges and myself saw inside of you. It showed us how much this competition means to you and how much you want it, and your drive is what made your scenery so memorable and stick out amongst the others. Your concept and pose were both very ambitious but you gave us an amazing scenery in the end and pulled it off successfully. Your scenery will be published on the homepage of the club, where there will be a mention next to your username on the presentation, and it will also be featured on HotbuysBazaar.

2. Aharper1243

3. clubklo

4. lgap

5. Cianboland

6. choco_tiger

7. Stefaroni

8. Ashina123

9. MelodyMCC

10. Shake-something

11. SakuraDream

12. Avril14140


1. 123abbie456- Your scenery was okay but it lacked a spark and it did not show the judges your drive for this competition. We feel that being able to create an amazing scenery is one thing, but you have to want to win and stay around as well. Someone who is a little worse off with making sceneries will always stay over someone who is great but isn't as passionate. We know you have it in you and we know how much potential you have, so now you just have to live up to our expectations for you.

2. Chicago3- Your pose was very risky, and unfortuneately it did not pay off. We loved how you tried to be different, but your portrayal of a sand storm just wasn't clear enough and it was quite sloppy and even borderline confusing. We also feel that you have not experimented in changing your medoll enough, and therefore we do not see as much of a model as we see in others who have shown versatility. We know that you are growing each week though, and every scenery of yours makes us want to see more.

3. X-princess_x-N- Your natural disaster was one of the assignments that I was most excited to see done in a scenery. Your scenery did not show enough of the disaster, and your medoll failed to look like a model. The styling to your medoll and your wardrobe choices did not fit the theme, and we felt that your scenery lacked the creativity and innovation that we look for in the contestants week-to-week. Last week your concept was really nice, and when this week you did not think outside of the box I think the judges and myself were let down since we wanted to see you grow and make progress as a model.

X-princess_x-N and Chicago3 -
This was such a tough decision. You each have such a huge amount of potential inside that is just waiting to be used. We know that with time you both would have grown into amazing models, but the time span of the competition is limited and to be honest your sceneries were great, but they simply were not as good as the others. This does not mean that you are a worse person, worse scenery maker, or worse model than they are however they are just a bit ahead of where your at right now. The judges and myself hope you both stay active in this club and possibly audition again in a future cycle or audition in SNTM.xx (MelsModels's sister club). I hope you both understand the decision and have had a fun experience during your time in the competition.

123abbie456- You were saved just slightly, and I really hope you come back next week and show us that we made the right decision. You have the talent, you have the passion, and you have the potential to get even better every week, so just show us that! Hopefully you will have no more sceneries lacking spark, and no more bottom three moments.

Congratulations to the Top Thirteen! The next task will be posted on Thursday, so get ready.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Cycle Four - - Task Two ! ! !

Hey Everyone! I am so excited to continue this competition with the second task. First I just want to say congrats to the final fifteen competitors! You guys all deserve to be here, but you have to show the judges and myself that you deserve to make it on to the next round as well.
****Before I announce the task I have to say one thing. A lot of members, especially competitors are commenting sceneries with negative comments or critiques. It is not your job to give advice on anyone's scenery. In MelsModels you are only allowed to comment on eachothers work in a positive way, and if you have nothing nice to say then do not say anything at all. If we see someone saying something that is rude and not complementary we will delete the post and give them a warning. If it happens again they will be witheld from the club with a week suspension. Thank you, and I hope everyone can follow this rule!
For this task you will be assigned a type of weather/natural disaster. You then will make a club scenery depicting your assignment to the best of your ability. Your concept, pose, styling, background, and makeup should all represent your assignment! Your theme of the scenery can be abstract but you have to remember that you are a model in a modeling competition, so while it can be abstract it should be easily understood at the same time.
Also if you are competing in MelsModels then you have to leave an explanation for your scenery! You simply have to say why you did what you did in the comments of the scenery, and also you have to leave a tinypic from now on as well. Many sceneries take forever to load or do not load at all, and that is why the link is necessary. Take the screenprint before you publish your scenery to be safe because if you have any glitches, we can see the scenery without them!
The Assignments Are:
Aharper1243- Avalanche
lgap- Flood
clubklo- Earthquake
shake-something- Volcanic Eruption
Avril14140- Tornado/Twister
Cianboland- Hurricane
SakuraDream- Tsunami
X_princess_N-x- Hailing
MelodyMCC- Acid Rain
BabetteCouture- Wild Fire
Stefaroni- Thunder and Lightning
Ashina123- Monsoon
Chicago3- Sand Storm
123abbie456- Mudslide
Choco_tiger- Blizzard
You have until the evening of next saturday, the 15th of May, to complete this task! Good Luck, and if you have any questions please comment this post or the topic in the club and I will contact you!
Love you all!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Hey Everyone! What a wonderful first task we had. Everyone seriously did such an amazing job, and I can proudly say that every judge agreed with me! This elimination is extremely difficult for the judges and I. Everyone has so much potential and has been limited in how much they can show us. The callout order is from best reviewed to the bottom six who were the worst reviewed. If you are at the top, keep it up, if you are in the middle, step it up, and if you are in the bottom you have to kick it up. Anyway here is the callout order, but please make sure to read the ENTIRE post.

1. Aharper1243- Congratulations you are the winner for the first task. As a winner you will get your scenery displayed on the front page of the club and a star next to your name in the club's presentation!

2. lgap

3. clubklo

4. shake-something

5. Avril14140

6. Cianboland

7. SakuraDream

8. X-princess_N-x

9. MelodyMCC

10. BabetteCouture

11. Stefaroni

12. Ashina123

13. Chicago3

14. 123abbie456


xC.L.Sx- The judges and myself felt that your scenery was a lack-luster portrayal of your item, and that you were capable of achieving much more than you did.

guavatastic- Your scenery did not show us your item well enough, and it was messy and left us perplexed as to where the girl who made callbacks went.

xoxo_zoey- Your scenery lacked a lot of passion that we saw in the other girls, and it made us question whether or not you were ready to compete in this competition. You may need some more practice.

Choco_tiger- Your scenery showed a lot of potential, but it was still a bit random and did not convey a rubber ducky the way we had hoped you would. You could have done more.

toxxic.angel- We did not see a model nor did we see Mercury in your scenery. We liked the artistic messege but it could have been done in a much neater and more sophisticated manner where you remained a model in a modeling competition.

Rozi_xox- Your scenery was nice, but we did not have that WOW moment and we simply saw more fire in other sceneries. Your item could have been shown in a better way, and you could have put more thought into your scenery as a whole.







SAVED: Choco_tiger - You were literally given a second chance. The judges and myself saw a lot of potential in you and want to see more. Please prove to us that we made the right decision, and do not make us regret sending someone else home instead of you! Show us what you got, because we all are waiting to see it!

***SERIOUSLY, you guys are all so amazing and each one of you could have won this competition with practice and time. I know you guys may be disappointed your journey is cut short, but please stay active in this club and audition again because I am so impressed with all of you! The five of you are all amazing people and great stardoll models, and I love you all, it just didn't work out this one time, but you have to keep at it and maybe it will end in your favor next time! I hope you all understand<3

To the final 15, congratulations! Step it up in the next task, because 2 girls will be eliminated per task from now on! There may also be double eliminations or other twists to come, so be prepared and always be on your game!

The next task will be posted on Friday! Get Ready Everyone!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Hey Everyone! I am so excited to officially begin the Fourth Cycle of MelsModels! For the first task, it is going to be very personal so hopefully this will be exciting for all of you! In the callback task I asked you to chose an inanimate object that most closely describes who you are as a person, and you all chose such unique and interesting items! For this task your job is to make a scenery that conveys your item. This scenery is very broad, so please think outside the box and try to portray your item in an innovative yet fashionable way! Remember to stand out and give everything you got, because five girls will be eliminated!

***You can only use your own medoll, and please make the scenery in the club sceneries with a title that says : Username- Task 1- Item (obviously fill in the word username with your username, and the word Item with your item!). Once you begin this competition with a certain medoll you have to stick with that medoll, for example although you can change hair, makeup, mouths, and eyes you cannot change your skin color or a lot of features at the same time so that your medoll is unrecognizable. If you have any questions at all please contact me through messeges, or ask the question in the comments for this post or in the topic at the club and I will contact you right away!

Here is a list of all the items you guys chose:

BabetteCouture- smartphone
lgap- book
choco_tiger- rubber ducky
Aharper1243- Willow Tree
clubklo- doll
SakuraDream- empty canvas
xC.L.Sx- lightbulb
123abbie4556- curtain
Avril14140- diamond
shake-something- frisbee
toxxic.angel- mercury
stefaroni- Opal
Chicago3- chair
cianboland- window
Ashina123- wave
guavatastic- paper doll chain
MelodyMCC- your music box
X_princess_N-x- white orchid
xoxo_zoey- sequins
Rozi_xox- pointe shoe (Not sure if you meant pointed shoes)

THE DEADLINE FOR THIS TASK IS NEXT SATURDAY, MAY 1st !! Please have fun with task! I am so excited to see what you all decide to do with your item!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hey Everyone!! This Cycle is off to an amazing start, but already it has been so tough! These callback entries were extremely difficult for me and the other judges, because there is so much potential in all of you. Everyone impressed the judges so much that we could not narrow it down to 15, and I decided to make it 20 finalists instead! BUT after the first task FIVE girls will be eliminated. If you are in the top 20, then you really have to show us you deserve your spot! After you see if you made it or not, PLEASE READ THE BOTTOM TOO to see my final words!

I know everyone wants to see if they made it or not, so here is MelsModels's Cycle Four Top 20:
(In No Particular Order)

1. BabetteCouture
2. lgap
3. Choco_tiger
4. Aharper1243
5. Clubklo
6. SakuraDream
7. xC.L.Sx
8. 123abbie456
9. Avril14140
10. Shake-something
11. toxxic.angel
12. Stefaroni
13. Chicago3
14. Cianboland
15. Ashina123
16. Guavatastic
17. MelodyMCC
18. Rozi_xox
19. xoxo_zoey
20. X_princess_N-x

****If you did not make it, seriously do not take it personally! This is so tough and their is just a certain amount of spots! All of you can win this competition so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stay active and audition again next cycle! You are all beautiful inside and out, and this is just a silly competition that is for fun, which you knew had eliminations when you signed up.

**Congratulations to the Top Twenty, and I will be posting the First Task on Friday or Saturday, so keep checking the club and blog this weekend to see what you have to do!

Love you all,

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


First of all, Welcome back everyone!! This has been quite a hiatus, and I am truly sorry for how long it has taken me to get to callbacks! This cycle is truly going to be so amazing and with over 400 auditions I have seen SO much potential and it has been such a struggle to bring those 400 fabulous people down to about 70 for the callbacks.

If you make the callbacks you have to go to the NON-TOP SPOT TOPIC titled CALLBACKS CYCLE FOUR, and complete the following task:

1. Chose any inanimate (not living) thing that you think best explains who you are as a person, and explain why! Be sure to think outside the box and be creative with this, because I love seeing the answers to questions like these!

2. Take a screenprint of your favorite scenery that you have made, or even create a new scenery for this, and make a tinypic link that you can put in your post. Then explain why you chose to submit that particular scenery. (NOTE making a screenprint and/or tinypic is very easy and if you have trouble with this than contact me through my guestbook and I will help you. To compete in MelsModels you have to be able to do this because sceneries tend to have loading problems.)

3. Finally in one sentence say what you would bring to MelsModels that the other contestants wouldn't.

Good Luck to everyone and I am so excited for this cycle to officially begin!

If you are on the list below than you have to do the callback task. If you are not, than I am sorry you are not going to be in THIS cycle of MelsModels, but please stay active in the club and audition again next time because I saw so many people who I could see winning this competition, but its just that there is only a certain amount of spots per cycle! I love you all!

Here is the callback list for cycle four (In no specific order):









































































Thats it! Congratulations to everyone who made it, you have until Wednesday April 7th to complete the callback task! If you have any questions about anything, contact me at Bluegreen86 on stardoll.