Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cycle 5 Task 4 ! ! ! !

Hello Everyone!

First of all, Brumilicious is back in the competition. She had serious computer issues that prevented her from making her Task 3 Scenery, but because I understand where she is coming from she is going to have a second chance. She will have to make her Task 3 Scenery (portraying October) and her Task 4 Scenery by this week's deadline. If she doesn't she will be eliminated. If she does, then myself and the judges will be looking at her Task 3 scenery and judging it based on all the other Task 3 sceneries, if it would have been good enough for her to stay we will then look at her Task 4 scenery. We will compare this one with all the other Task 4 sceneries and obviously eliminate her if her scenery isn't as good as everyone else's. So good luck to Brumilicous this week!

Now for the Top Ten, including Brumilcious. You guys will be creating a scenery that really has a lot of room for creative freedom. You will have to make a scenery that depicts an ad for a fragrance. This ad has to be a very strong image. You may conisder a beauty shot or a full body, but either way it was to be strong and it must demand attention. It has to scream supermodel and it has to be powerful enough to stop girls and women in their tracks and make them take a second look and eventually want to buy the scent your modeling. In these types of situations, you really want the viewer to want to be your medoll. This is key!

In addition to creating the scenery you must make up the title of your perfume and be sure to include that in your comments. If you do not understand this part, here is an example: my product's name may be "Blue Goddess" or something. The name doesn't have to be "Vanilla and Lavender" haha it can be ambiguous!

Just have fun with this and try to show off a different side of yourself!

Good luck you guys! The deadline for this task is Monday March 14th!!

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