Saturday, May 14, 2011

Task 7 Elimination Ceremony ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Hey Everyone! This week everyone really did an amazing job, and I am so excited that Cycle 5: Old vs. New came to Rome! Isn't it lovely here?

This decision was once again extremely hard, but I will go on with the verdict. I have decided to give everyone a little paragraph this week, since there are so few left, the extra push and advice may be helpful!

The call out order is as follows...

1. liajm - Congratulations!!! You are this task's winner and your scenery will be featured on the homepage of the club. After a few weeks at the very bottom, you stepped up your game once again and really blew us away. Although this decision was very tough and close amongst the judges, I personally adored your scenery. The emotions conveyed with your medoll and portrayal of one of the hardest, if not the hardest, assignments, was devine! We are happy that that 'old' liajm is back!

2. .pease. - (This ranking does not really mean that much because the top three girls were all in the running to win! Do not beat yourself up for coming in second, you are by far the most consistent of the models remaining and I hope you see a win is for sure in your future! Keep up the work and continue to grow each week!)

3. .naima - (This ranking does not really mean that much because the top three girls were all in the running to win! You did an incredible job, I loved seeing a commercial and fun side to you in contrast to some of your darker sceneries in the past. Keep up this amazing work ethic!)

1. tigre89 - Your work is always so incredible, so this week when it was a little worse than we all expected it kind of set us back. We are in love with your themes and execution, but since its so deep in the competition, you really have to be in the top every week to get by. An off week is okay, but not so far into the competition! We know you are capable of doing better.

2. gabby1822- You are either winning, or close to winning, a challenge or in the bottom, you have rarely been in the middle of the pack. And although we have had this discussion before, consistency is very important at this stage of the game. We all know your extremely talented but in order to win you have to be showing us growth each week and not set-backs.

3. sweet.hearts- Your concepts and ideas are always some of the most interesting and exciting in the group, but sometimes your concepts are so detailed that your expression of them fails. You almost set yourself up for failure by taking on too much. It is obvious how much potential you have to be in the top of the call out order, but its at the point where potential doesn't matter, it has to be about actual talent now.

So tough! You are a dear contestant and friend of mine, and this was hard for all the judges. You have so much raw talent and brilliant ideas within you, and I am so happy you got to show everything you have. This is definitely ending on a positive note since you did so well this week, its just your time. I hope you understand and continue to be active as a friend and member of MelsModels. We will all miss you!

tigre89 and sweet.hearts
Such a tough decision! You both have the ability to win this competition, just don't let yourselves be in this position again! Keep going strong and learn from this so you can do better next week! I love you both!

Congratulations to the Final Five!! Wow! I cannot believe it, Cycle Five's Final Five! Woohoo!

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