Friday, May 27, 2011

Task 8 Elimination Ceremony ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Hey Everyone! What a wonderful week in the world of MelsModels. Not only was our guest judge, Style_Magazine, just a delight to work with, but all the sceneries were very impressive. It is getting down to the wire and it is simply turning into splitting hairs at this point. It is so hard to decide on who to send home, and I hope you all (whether your going to be eliminated now, in the future, or go on to win) understand.

To get everything underway... here is the callout order...

1. .pease. - Congratulations! You are the winner of this task and your scenery will be featured on the MelsModels's presentation! You did such an incredible job, everything from the concept to styling to pose worked cohesively and brilliantly. Your polaroid was also one of my favorite entries of work this cycle. You hit the nail on the head by being fresh, interesting, yet memorable. I would hire you for anything with that photo of you! Amazing job, your win has finally arrived!

(Now a ''Bottom" Four, simply because it was hard to seperate one other person to come in second and be safe when we all thought the rest of you were somewhat on the same exact level this week)


tigre89- You really captured the essence of what this task was all about, you became a character and really expressed an italian actress of the 60s still while showing us who you are. Your pose was empowering and strong, the styling was great, and the background was complex but didn't steal the show. You just need to work on your 'WOW' factor and avoid being predictable. That was your biggest criticism this week, we want to see you bring new and interesting ideas rather than somewhat conforming to overused ones. As for your polaroid you did a great job transforming into a potential muse for someone and we loved how you showed your own spin on a natural beauty.

liajm- You did a great job with a realistic pose and I loved how you incorperated a direct link of inspiration into your concept, but you kind of covered up the hard work and energy put into your pose by overwhelming your medoll in an oversized ruffle dress and very long pearls. The styling was the main focus and it also didn't really seem appropriate since it gave a Parisian vibe, and it just wasn't flattering. I admire how you did a complex pose but this task was truly all about becoming an italian actress and your biggest criticism was that we couldn't tell what you were. As for your polaroid there was a tad bit too much makeup and you kind of came across as a pretty girl rather than canvas, but we loved your personality shining through the smile.

.naima- You had a very fun and interesting idea that maybe was too big and too involved to convey in a single shot. Your pose was unrealistic because of the torso being too far back and overall your use of space wasn't the best in the background, the props looked like you threw them in last minute. You often make your poses the focus of a scenery, which is great, but sceneries need to be a balance. And when your pose is the main focus and it isn't the strongest of the bunch its hard not to end up at the very bottom of the pack. Also, even though you played on your makeup and became a character it was somewhat hard to tell if you were an italian actress since the styling wasn't that telling of the time period and the dancing factor was somewhat polarizing. As for your polaroid, I loved it! You were inviting, fresh, and fun and I would hire you for sure!

sweet.hearts- I loved the ambition you had in attempting to do such a strong and striking silhouette pose, but the proportions of it all were somewhat unrealistic at the bag of your medoll and the hand. I also personally wasn't the biggest fan of the fur rug because I felt like it was used solely because fur is associated with italy, I didn't really see a deeper concept there. The simplicity of the scenery and the way your styling and medoll stood out was noticed though. You always create work that is memorable and somewhat exciting, which is great because it makes us what to see more from you. Your biggest criticism was just a lack of detail (which we keep pointing out to you hoping you take note..) and the pose not being as realistic as the others. As for your polaroid I loved how you came across as a mix of commercial and high fashion. You could really do both with that face and it was great you showed off that natural edge to you.

This decision is so difficult, I cannot even explain it. The judges were split with what to do and I was in the middle once again. It was an exhausting and constant back-and-forth decision! You must know that some of your sceneries have been our all-time favorites in MelsModels history and you are one of the dearest and most talented girls this competition has ever seen. Just know that we are HONORED to have you compete in this club and I hope you continue on being the positive girl you have always been and stay active. I love you, seriously! I hope you understand.

tigre89- you are safe this week, but that is why you were close to being eliminated. Try to have a thrill factor (without being crazy..haha) next week!
.naima- very close to being you this week, poses are not everything in this club. You have to find a balance between your concepts, pose, and overall appeal of work.
sweet.hearts- very close to being you this week, you have to listen to our advice! We keep saying you need to focus on details so your sceneries expand and come to life! Right now they seem a bit too 2D compared to the rest of the girls!

This has been possibly the hardest decision we have made in any of the most recent cycles! It is the sign of amazing work. Keep this up everyone!

***Congratulations to the Final Four!!!! Love you all!

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