Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Hey Everyone! What a wonderful first week for Cycle 5: Old vs. New!! I am so proud of each and every model and literally, and I am not even kidding, any of you could have gone on to win this competition. It was so tough to narrow it down and make such a huge cut right off the bat!

First of all I just want to say that I will not be posting Weekly MelsModels on SMW. I know this is disappointing, but I can't because of my busy schedule. Randomly, though, I will use a post on SMW as a prize for the winner of a task! Maybe every third task or so! So stay tuned for that!

I also wanted to say that clubklo did not complete the task this week, but she is not being eliminated due to a reasonable excuse. Instead she will have to create a scenery for task 1 and task 2 when she returns to stardoll, and then she may be allowed to move on or possibly be eliminated at that time.

.....Now, the callout order:

1. liajm- Congratulations!! You are the winner this week and your scenery will be featured on the homepage of the club! Your scenery wowed all the judges and you really showed all the contestants, old and new, that you are a huge threat. You showed a commercial yet very fashionable version of the word "new" and you put a smile on all of our faces! Keep it up!

2. .pease.
3. MissCeaaria
4. xoxo_zoey
5. Sweet.hearts
6. Brumilicious
7. .naima
8. Iluvmumble333
9. Gabby1822
10. Avril14140
11. Tigre89
12. Pauo-Watson

1. xxlovexx- You had a great concept and strong voice this week, but your scenery ultimately didn't show the ideas you had as nicely as you could have. We also thought your scenery contradicted your theme and was going in a different direction than you intended it to.

2. musta47- You had so many interesting and intriguing ideas, but that was your downfall! You couldn't edit and tried adding in everything you thought of, which ultimately made your scenery confusing and your medoll drown in her surroundings.

3. blueberry-dream- Your concept was very interesting and we thought that your styling was nice, but it was very forgettable and your scenery didn't convey the word "new" without reading the concept. We know your personal taste is much stronger, so we also weren't sure if you were putting everything you had into the task.

4. Starsyd3333- Your scenery came across a bit 'cartoonish' and wasn't very realistic. Your medoll didn't come off as a model, but she looked like a character. We were just expecting a more refined scenery, but we admire the risk.

5. misz_paparazzi- Your concept was very cute and your scenery was memorable, but it didn't really work compared to the other sceneries. The overall feel and work to the scenery wasn't the neatest, but it still had a strong voice which we enjoyed.

6. I-Love-Pigs- Your scenery was one of the sceneries that was the most forgettable. The concept wasn't very clear in your scenery, and the styling made your medoll look like a character and not so much a model. She almost got lost in the props. We do know your capable of more and think it was just a bad week.

7. worldstopmodel- Your scenery was missing an explanation and that might have saved you from the bottom. We know you were having problems with commenting, but we really enjoyed the ambitious pose you chose to do, we just didn't understand the point to the scenery since you didn't really explain.

xxlovexx, musta47, blueberry-dream, misz_paparazzi, I-Love-Pigs

This was one of the hardest eliminations EVER! You guys are all so beautiful in so many ways and please do not think that this is the SLIGHTEST indication that you aren't as good as the rest. It is just a matter of experience. If you all practice and keep with this, you can come back and win! I am not kidding. Each and every one of you could have won this, it was just a matter of experience and timing. Please do not give up on yourselfs as individuals, me, the judges, or the club! Stay active and keep in touch! You all will be missed!

starsyd3333- Your passion saved you. Everyone could see that you have what it takes to the top and that you desperately want this, but we need to see a model. It is okay to have a personality like a cute cartoon, but you have to be able to transform in your sceneries.

worldstopmodel- This was very very VERY close, the judges and myself know that you can do more but you really have to step it up. We need more dedication because in your callback you were one of the best at sticking out from the pack, but now it seems like your lost your drive! You need to concentrate on showing us you care with confidence and a powerful concept and explanation next week.

***Congratulations to the Final Fifteen!! The next task will be posted on Friday, January 28th!!


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