Wednesday, June 29, 2011

FINALE TASK ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I cannot believe that we are already up to our last and final task! How exciting is it!? I also cannot believe that in this Old vs. New Cycle, it is two new models competing against each other! What a serious surprise.


For this finale task there will be Four Parts. Each part must be completed by the final due date in order for us to plan a finale gala (Don't worry I will give you A LOT of time), but you do not need to complete the tasks in order. You can do part 1 first and then part 3 if you want. You must title your scenery with your username and part of the task (Ex: .naima PART 1 or .pease. PART 3).

Each of you have done an amazing job this cycle, but your portfolios are NOT complete. For this part you will each be given a paragraph of descriptions that you are to convey in a scenery. The words and phrases are derived from emotions and looks we feel you have NOT yet shown us. Pay attention to what I say and how I describe it, but if you still need some help with this just contact myself via mail.

.naima: You have to be mean, dirty, out-of-control, filthy, foul, raunchy, beaten up, ran over, messy, sloppy! We want to see you completely out of your element. We feel like you are great at creating such structured and concise sceneries, which is obviously a great thing, but sometimes we feel like they can be somewhat controlled and not stiff, but stoic. We want to see you get bruised and dirty and just get on the floor! Haha! Just have fun with it and don't be afraid to get wild and shake your hair and such.

.pease.: You have to be fun, girly, happy, smiley, light, breezy, traditionally beautiful, classic, commercial! We have seen you be dark and edgy throughout the entire competition but we want to see you let your hair down (literally you might want to try to use longer hair?) and put a smile on your face (literally once again) and just be girly and fun and COMMERCIAL! You didn't really understand the task last week, but here is your moment for redemption. Show us the light side to you and just have fun with this, don't get crazy high fashion on us!

Since we are still in Rome, if you win you will be featured on Vogue Italia. For the second part, we want you create what you would want your cover of Italian Vogue to look like. DO YOUR RESEARCH! Google and look through some of the beautiful covers and don't be afraid to create a very strong and beautiful image with a stunning concept and story to back it up. Overall it has to make people go to the stands and buy the magazine.

Simply show us who you are as a person! There is very little instructions with this task and a lot of freedom. Show us a side of your personality you want us to see, show us what kind of person you truly are, show us anything that you think describes you as a person, but of course depicted into a scenery! You should not be a character here, you must be yourself. The concept here is important obviously, but still have fun with this!

For the fourth part we want both you guys to create a topic in the club titled ".naima PART 4 or .pease. PART 4" explaining to us why you think you should win this competition. You can make this as short or as long as you want, but this is the last impression you will have on us before our decision, so think carefully about everything you want to say and address in your final speech. Of course we don't want you to bash your competitor, and we don't expect you to either, but don't be afraid to go into details when you state why you should win.

SERIOUSLY, if you have any questions AT ALL contact me and I will answer them! I love you both so so so much and I wish you all the best of luck.

***The Due Date for this task will be WEDNESDAY JULY 13th!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Task 10 Elimination Ceremony! Final Two Revealed!

Hello to all our MelsModels Members. This week has honestly been the toughest yet and this decision could not be more difficult to get through. All three of my finalists are in a very special place in my heart and I absolutely have grown to love each and every one of you. It is so hard to make a decision when it closely affects people you are emotionally invested in.

Let us just get right to it. The callout order is as follows...

1. .naima- Congratulations! You are the winner of this task!! Your scenery will be featured on the homepage of the club, but most importantly you are a finalist!!! Your spot in the final two is earned and deserved and we are so very happy with all that you have accomplished. Keep it up in the finale!

OTHER TWO (Definitely not considered the bottom..):

tigre89- You should be a finalist because of your impeccable sense of knowing how to tell a story. You have created some of the strongest sceneries in this competition and have grown so much. I remember when you competed in Cycle 3 of MelsModels you came in a girl and left a woman. I mean you really stepped up your game and grew beyond belief! This cycle is the same exact thing. You came in a little rusty and once you found your place in this competition you busted out some of the most memorable and interesting concepts and overall sceneries this cycle. You are the last 'oldie' and I would not have had it any other way! You have worked your butt off to get this far.

.pease.- You should be a finalist because you always seem to exceed our expectations with pure innovation in every one of your sceneries. Your poses, themes, and just overall ideas for placing and details come across as brilliance in your sceneries. You have by far been the most consistent of all the girls this year by being in the top nearly every week. You have had a few mishaps in which you fell to the very back fo the pack, and that is what scares us the most. If you aren't in the top three of the task you are a hair away from being eliminated. Your rarely in the middle, and although that is what attracts us to you, it also turns us off. You have really proved yourself time and time again and you deserve to have reached this point in the competition.

I honestly cannot even believe that I am typing this right now. Out of the thousands of members I have come into contact here in my club, and all the girls and boys who have competed, YOU are one of my all-time favorite that this club has ever seen. You have lit up both cycles that you were a part of and when you showed interest in coming back, I could not have been more thrilled. Literally, you could say I made this entire idea of a cycle because of my passion for you returning. You have created some of the most revolutionary poses, concepts, stories, characters, and of course sceneries that STARDOLL (and of course this club) has ever seen. Your a delight to talk to in messages and have one of the most beautiful and inspiring personalities I have ever seen and do not even get me started on your raw talent. You will truly be missed and although you came in third both cycles, you will always been seen as one of MelsModels' best competitors. You are the epitome of a winner and I hope you know that.

***I have always put the Winner and Runner-up's usernames on the presentation of MelsModels, but this cycle I will also be putting your name as the 2nd runner-up. You simply deserve that honorable mention and I hope you appreciate it as much as I appreciated your role in this cycle.

Seriously you have NO, absolutely no, idea how close this was. You are so talented and we love everything you do, but sometimes you just miss the mark. We love your risks and we never want you to play it safe, but just make sure the risks are appropriate! Just be yourself and continue to grow. In the finale, just prove why you deserve to be here and why you should win. We know you have a lot more to give, so give it!!

It is new vs. new! Who will win?
You are both extremely talented. Take the weekend to breathe and I will post the four part (three sceneries and one small writing task) early next week! Probably around Tuesday or Wednesday! Congratulations again and good luck to you both! I love you guys!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Task 10 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Hey Everyone!

This is the last task before the huge finale of Cycle 5: Old vs. New! Will the finale have one old and one new member? or possibly both new models? It is all going to be decided with this task!

This task is very simple and to the point, but we want to see what you girls will do with it. It is going to be a Covergirl Commercial for ELECTRIC EYE SHADOW. These shadows range from all electric colors and have the perfect shade for every skin tone! You are to make a beauty shot in which you are modeling this product and showing us your true beauty. This shot should NOT show your full body but instead should only show (at most) your bust and up. We want to see a different side of you, so do not be afraid to go 'commercial' on us!

We want to see interesting and exciting colors being used as makeup and in the overall ad, so just experiment and explore with this task!

*** IN ADDITION to your scenery you must create the name of the shadow's shade and write a brief commercial for it in your comments. The commercial should only take up one to two boxes in the comments and should be the FIRST thing you post in comments. Then follow it with your link and description!!!


If you have any questions be sure to contact me! I love you all!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Task 9 Elimination Ceremony

This has been such a close call. This entire week gave the club incredible sceneries and a battle for the ages. I am so proud of all four of you for making it this far and proving how much you deserve to be here. There have been some pretty devastating decisions, but every week it seems to get more difficult.

The callout order is as follows....

1. .naima - Congratulations! You are the winner of this task and your scenery will be featured on the homepage of the club. You really made it clear that you listened to our advice this week. You were able to make a 'WOW' scenery and piece of art without solely relying on your pose work. I am so proud that you really stepped it up. Your scenery was emotionally beautiful.

BOTTOM THREE (Despite all of you being so close to the top!):
1. .pease.- Your scenery had a wonderful concept, interesting idea for the layout, and the styling and filling of space was overall really well done. You always are able to capture realism and make you sceneries look like stills from movies or an ad in a magazine, but some of the judges are worried that you are unable to break your own mold. When looking at your work as a whole this cycle we find it almost one-note, there isn't really a single week where you went in an opposite direction and transformed completely. If you stay around we want to see some sort of new spark within you.

2. sweet.hearts- Week after week I have given you the same critique (Even last week I basically screamed to you in your comments at elimination): That I want you to add more details and put more into your sceneries! Yet this week you used another black background. I know that you are a non-superstar and are limited when it comes to creating the best backgrounds, but there are many others who are non-superstar who are able to add that depth into their work (Like Blair and Jerrix during MelsModels). We feel like you not listening to our advice and this is somewhat frustrating since we see something so interesting and refreshing in you that we don't see in some of the other girls. You also, as Kasia put it, kind of sabotaged yourself with your pose this week. When all you have is a black background and two props to support your scenery, your pose is the main focus, and yours was just very unrealistic and distracting.

3. tigre89- You really did an amazing job this week and I personally loved how your scenery fed all the senses and made the onlooker feel something. The one thing that we worry about you is that sometimes your sceneries and styling isn't as innovative or creative as we want it to be. While you have a perfect eye for filling space and making breath-taking sceneries, often there isn't an edge to your styling that we see appear in some of our other models' work. You tend to use the same items from week to week and that adds to this lack of power within your landscapes and situations. We know you have it in you and we just want you to be aware of this for the future if you are still here.

What a wonderful journey you have had here in MelsModels. We are all especially proud of you and everyone on the judging panel was SO reluctant to let you go. You have given us some of the best work and most intriguing concepts that this club has ever seen and you are definitely one of the fiercest non superstars I have ever met! I remember seeing your face in the auditions and making a huge star next to your name on my pad of paper that I was using to keep track of my favorites. It was because I saw such a huge gift in you and I am so happy that you proved me right and made it all the way to the final four! The thing that got you in the end was the fact that we felt you weren't listening to our advice, and therefore not growing as fast as you could have been. You are such a beautiful person and I hope you stay active in this club and active as a friend for a very long time! I love you!

tigre89 and .pease.
You both are so wonderful and such creative minds. We feel that the final three all has a lot of similarities and you two need to be SURE you stick out this upcoming week and show us just how innovative and deserving you are! We want to see you go crazy this next week by simply stepping outside of who you have been so far in this competition for a single photoshoot.

***Congratulations to my dear Top Three! I cannot believe we are already down to the wire. The next task will be posted this Monday or Tuesday! Stay tuned everyone!!!