Saturday, August 22, 2009


Hello Ladies! First of all I would like to say Congrats on making it to the top 10! Now I have the honor to announce your next Guest Judge, Britneys07! I am thrilled to have her be apart of the MelsModels team this week, and she cannot wait to see what you all come up with this week! This is deffinately not a week to slack off. Try your hardest to impress her!

***Also on a bit of a sad note, CamilaAa88 will not be judging for the remainder, or most of the remainder, of this cycle! Due to a very busy and chaotic personal life she is taking a break from stardoll, and is unsure about how long it will be! She will be back for the finale though, and when she has more free time she will stop by as well!

Now for the task! This week is going to be Action Packed! Your assignment is to create an Action Photo Shoot! For those of you who are not familiar with Action Shots, I have some images below that should help you understand what I am asking of everyone. They are simply inspiration, you do not have to resemble them in any shape or form! Two are from Saleisha's Portfolio from America's Next Top Model, and the other three are from the pages of Vogue. This task is all about YOUR personal point of view!

You can make it any type of action you want, any setting, any theme you desire, as long as it is fashionable! An action shot is just a photo shoot in which the model is doing something, and what she is doing is being captured in the shot! It needs to look like she is in the middle of a movement, not just a photo, so this task is going to be very challenging for you all!

Make sure your poses are neat if your doing a complicated one, and you all should pay special attention to the comments I made at the Elimination Ceremony! This way you will be able to improve, and you all need to if you want to stay in this competition.

Good Luck to you all! If you have any questions make sure you ask me them!<33

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Hello Everyone! This week was a wonderful week and all of your sceneries were great! I also want to thank Dodence_bt (Mario) for being an amazing guest judge, and really helping me out! I know he had alot to say, but when you are a model you have to be able to take it in and learn from it! So I hope you all do! Now, DKNYloverDKNY quit this competition this week, and LApanda88 has been on vacation for a very long time, and will continue to be on one. So both of these girls have been removed from the competition, sadly! Although two girls have already left this week I will be eliminating ONE of you tonight!
Now here is the callout order:
1. xJuicyxCandyx23- Congratulations! You are this week's winner and will be featured on the homepage of the club! All the judges LOVED your amazing concept, dress, pose, and all the small details! While you still do have room to improve, your scenery was breathtaking and the best of the bunch! Keep this up!
2. RihannyX- I loved your concept with the three different parts, and yet it was still cohesive and I think it was a great way to show May for a calendar! Great job!
3. Tigre89- Although your scenery caused some confusion, I think it portrayed July in a great way! I love the styling of the background and of your medoll! So beautiful! You do need to learn how to take criticism better though, but im confident you can work on that! Keep it up! Great job!
4. LuvinCherrys- You had a great background, and although you focused mainly on Easter which is often in march, it portrayed the month well and it showed your hardwork!
5. Wylie1995- Your scenery deffinately was controversial! I think it was very Calendar-like, and I love the creativity with the dress! Although your concept was a bit edgy for a Calendar, I think it worked and you thought outside of the box, which I like!
6. lgap- I knew your month was september right away, even though it was very simple. Although most of the judges were not fans at all of your scenery, I personally really liked it and I make the decisions at the end of the day. I see alot of potential in you! Please make me proud and prove to everyone that you have what it takes to win! I know you do!
1. Twlight-lover95- Your scenery showed January in a fun and exciting way, just like New Years! Although you were not the main focus, when you finally noticed your medoll you saw pure beauty! You looked stunning and I loved your styling of your outfit and medoll! Just make sure your always the main focus of the sceneries!
2. Sarah_Sugerplum-your scenery had the color scheme of October, but by looking at it you are not able to tell what month it is! Although your concept is very interesting and unique, your scenery was one I had trouble remembering! I know you could do better, and please try to make your sceneryes a bit more rememberable (if thats a word!), if possible!
3. Teagy_moo- Your scenery was personal by making it August where you live, which I love! I liked your dress and pose, although you need to work on making your creations more neat! Sometimes (like in this case) they are a bit sloppy! Keep all the innovation and creativity that you put into your sceneries, just try to make them neater!
4. Likwhoaitsmaria- I was a bit disappointed in your scenery, it lacked something that I am confident you have, which is taste! I know this sounds a bit harsh but it was very tacky. The hearts were a bit too much even though they made sure everyone knew it was february. Your pose also did not really make sense and was sloppy. Although your lips were very cool, it was one of the worst.
ELIMINATED: NO ONE! I could not get rid of any of you all. I was desperately trying to figure out which of you I could lose, but I decided I couldn't get rid of anyone! Next week I am going to be judging you all on this week as well, so if you did poorly this week you
have to try 100x harder! Love you all, and congrats on being in the top ten! Yayyy! The next task will be up in a day or so! Stay tuned!
Also do you like this decision? Do you like it being on the blog more then the club? Leave replies in the comments, and do not forget to follow!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Welcome to MelsModels's Official Blog!

Hello Everyone! I just want to say Welcome to my blog for my Stardoll Club, MelsModels! I will now be holding all elimination ceremonies here, and I will be announcing all the tasks here! I am doing this because it is much easier, and this way I can give you all personal critiques in the callout order, just like Tyra does! I am going to be running the club the same, except if you want to be updated on MelsModels news, check here instead of the club! If something major, like an elimination or task is revealed I will of course post it in the club still!

Anyways, Follow this blog to keep updated! Love you all!