Friday, March 25, 2011

Task 5 ! ! ! ! !

Hey Everyone!

Congratulations again to the Top Eight!! There are only two oldies out of you eight, which is crazy since this cycle is filled with some of the best competitors ever! It will be interesting to see how this cycle turns out!

For now, here is your Fifth Task...

A common theme in high fashion editorials is connecting the scene or image to a widely known story. Mostly these stories are fairy tales. For this task you will each be assigned a fairy tale, and you will have to convey the story. To do this, you can become one of the main characters, you can show a scene, or just try to express the overall theme of the tale in your scenery. You cannot change your skin tone, but have fun changing your styling to possibly relate to your assignment. Think about appropriate setting, time period, wardrobe, and poses as well for what you are trying to achieve.

The assignments are as follows (names are in last task's callout order):

tigre89- Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

.pease.- Cinderella

.naima- The Emperor's New Clothes

gabby1822- Sleeping Beauty

liajm- Little Red Riding Hood

sweet.hearts- The Ugly Duckling

xoxo_zoey- Peter Pan

MissCeaaria- Beauty and the Beast

This task will be due on Saturday April 2nd ! Good Luck Everyone!

*** If you aren't familiar with your assigned fairy tale, you should try googling them or you can come to me with any concerns or questions!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Task 4 Elimination Ceremony ! ! ! !

Hello! This has been a really outstanding week for MelsModels. I am so proud of you all for really exceeding my expectations. Everyone did a flawless job and it was extremely difficult to decide on an elimination.

First I would like to say that Brumilicious, who had to make up task 3 and then do task 4, would have in fact proceeded to task 4 because her task 3 scenery was impressive. With that being said, let us begin the Elimination Ceremony!

Now the callout order...

1. Tigre89- Congratulations!!! You are once again the winner!! Your task was amazing and your scenery will be featured on the club's presentation. Keep these wins coming!

2. .pease. - (Just have to say one thing: You have been so close every week! Don't be hard on yourself, we know how hard your working and your win will come VERY soon, I know it will.)

3. .naima

4. gabby1822

5. liajm

6. sweet.hearts


1. xoxo_zoey - Your scenery lacked the creativity and excitement that you have shown us in the past. Your concept was nice, but done before, and your pose was nice, but not as 'wowing' as your previous work. We know you have that top model quality in you, but you just didn't show it to us this week.

2. MissCeaaria- Your scenery and concept were really interesting and all of the judges, including myself, enjoyed your product name and the way you styled the bottle and your arms with the lace. You just need to work on your medoll's actual styling (like hair and accessories) and your poses' neatness.

3. Avril14140- You are great at styling and creating a realistic pose, but something about your scenery this week just really didn't work. We admire risk-taking, but the way you made your medoll upside down was just really distracting. There wasn't any connection between your concept and scenery, medoll and the perfume, or the viewer to your medoll and the product.

4. Brumilicious- You really impressed us in the past and your task 3 scenery was really great this week, but for your fourth task you really let us down. The scenery wasn't memorable and didn't have the 'Wow' factor you have shown us before. Although you have proved to be a master at styling, sometimes your poses aren't so neat and can actually distract from the beautiful details of your work.


Avril14140 and Brumilicious

This is such a tough decision and I am so sad to see you guys go, I just think it is your time. You have done really well in this competition and have shown us some beautiful work, but I think that both of you struggled with this past assignment. The connection and overall feeling just was off, and even though it is one bad week that is all it takes at this part of the competition.
Avril: You are a strong and passionate person and I am honored to have you compete in my club twice! I hope you remain active in the club.
Brum: I know you can do better and I would love it if you reauditioned, because I just felt like you were holding back and rushed on the tasks. When timing is in your favor, you can rock this competition!
I love you both!


xoxo_zoey and MissCeaaria

This was very close, but I know you both have lived in the top the past few weeks. Show us this wasn't a mistake and really step up your game next week. You have the talent, just really work on your expression of it!

Congratulations to my Top Eight!!!!


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cycle 5 Task 4 ! ! ! !

Hello Everyone!

First of all, Brumilicious is back in the competition. She had serious computer issues that prevented her from making her Task 3 Scenery, but because I understand where she is coming from she is going to have a second chance. She will have to make her Task 3 Scenery (portraying October) and her Task 4 Scenery by this week's deadline. If she doesn't she will be eliminated. If she does, then myself and the judges will be looking at her Task 3 scenery and judging it based on all the other Task 3 sceneries, if it would have been good enough for her to stay we will then look at her Task 4 scenery. We will compare this one with all the other Task 4 sceneries and obviously eliminate her if her scenery isn't as good as everyone else's. So good luck to Brumilicous this week!

Now for the Top Ten, including Brumilcious. You guys will be creating a scenery that really has a lot of room for creative freedom. You will have to make a scenery that depicts an ad for a fragrance. This ad has to be a very strong image. You may conisder a beauty shot or a full body, but either way it was to be strong and it must demand attention. It has to scream supermodel and it has to be powerful enough to stop girls and women in their tracks and make them take a second look and eventually want to buy the scent your modeling. In these types of situations, you really want the viewer to want to be your medoll. This is key!

In addition to creating the scenery you must make up the title of your perfume and be sure to include that in your comments. If you do not understand this part, here is an example: my product's name may be "Blue Goddess" or something. The name doesn't have to be "Vanilla and Lavender" haha it can be ambiguous!

Just have fun with this and try to show off a different side of yourself!

Good luck you guys! The deadline for this task is Monday March 14th!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cycle 5 Task 3 Elimination ! ! !

Hey Everyone and Welcome to Cycle 5: Old vs. New's Third Elimination Ceremony!!!
Once again this week the contestants blew the judges and myself completely away. It is going to be a different type of Elimination Ceremony once again though. Two models did not complete their task in time and did not contact me to ask for more time or contact me back when I asked them if they needed an extension. I realize that real life comes first, but MelsModels must move on. So sadly, Brumilicious and Iluvmumble333 will be sent home.Each of you had so much drive and potential, but they were put on hold for real life. This is understandable, but it just isn't fair to keep you guys stringing along if you cannot give the competition everything you have when some people can give that much!
Moving along to the callout order and additional elimination... It is getting down to the wire so there is really no room to hide anymore. Either your in the top or bottom, so you really have to step up your game to be within the top few.
Here is the callout order for this week..
1. Tigre89 - Congratulations!! You are the winner of this task and your scenery will be placed on the club's presentation! You did such an amazing job and you really stepped it up this week. Keep this up!
2. liajm
3. MissCeaaria
4. .pease.
5. .naima
6. Gabby1822
7. Avril14140
1. xoxo_zoey- Your scenery really lacked the refined element you always show. You have never been near the bottom and your always so perfect at creating a realistic body pose, but this week it just fell flat. The dress of roses wasn't flattering or real at all. Your background choices and concept also didn't really work. We know you can do better.
2. sweet.hearts- You are another one who has never been near the bottom. Your theme and styling were great, and I liked the look of the entire scenery, but the transformation of your medoll from last week was very distracting and unreal. I also didn't like the pose because it didn't actually look like a possible pose someone could perform. We know this is out of character for you.
3. Pauo-Watson- Your scenery was very cute and well made but we just felt like it was very safe and didn't have a huge 'Wow Factor'. This is something you have struggled with in the past since you have ended up in the bottom. We know you have potential, but you are having trouble growing as quickly as some of the other girls.
This is very tough, I love your conceptual ideas and I think you are one of the most positive and enthusiastic contestants we have ever had. I just don't think this is an environment in which you can strive under. All the other girls are growing tremendously each week and while I see huge progress in you every task, I just feel as though you haven't been able to breakout of your shell yet, and we are running out of time. I know that with some serious practice you could have won, but as I said this isn't the right time for you. I am sorry, I hope you stay active and audition again if you have the time.
xoxo_zoey and sweet.hearts
We know that everyone has a bad week, but it is getting to the point where you can go home for one slip-up. If Brumilicious and Iluvmumble333 had completed their sceneries it is very likely one of you would have went home. Really show us we were right to keep you guys around! Make us proud!
***Congratulations to the Final Nine! Wooo!!
The Next task will be posted within the next few days! Love you all!