Monday, August 23, 2010

Task 8!!

Hey Everyone! This next task will be the last before the finale, so I am super excited. Finalists, you really have to give this your all so that you make it to the finals. It is such a tight race between all three of you, so this week really means alot! No pressure, haha!

Anyways, this task is going to be the exact same task that I gave last cycle for my final three. Each of you will be assigned water, earth, or fire. You will then have to create a scenery conveying your element. Water, Fire, Earth, (and Air, but air is difficult for making a scenery) are often described in many religions for being apart of everything but it is especially found in Animism. That is why this task also fits great with this cycle, because Animism is one of the most popular religions in Africa, and of course Cape Town.

For this scenery you can become your element (which I often prefer) or be in a situation that shows your element. Think about the characterisitics of your element when your making your pose, adding details, creating your concept, and styling your medoll (makeup and wardrobe).

This week I will be assigning the elements based on what I want to see the three of you create. I will also be thinking about what I think would be easiest for you to create, and then not assigning that element. I want you to show your versatility and ability to transform each week. The assignments are..

shake-something- Earth
BabetteCouture- Water
lgap- Fire

Good Luck Ladies! If you have any questions about anything at all feel free to come and ask. The deadline for this challenge is WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER FIRST!!

love you all!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Task Seven Elimination Ceremony!

Hey Everyone! This week for MelsModels was incredible, and while everyone impressed us, the pressure raised as the judges and myself had to eliminate 1/4 of the competition! This decision was crazy because literally every single finalist could have won this challenge, so in order to make a fair decision we really had to analyze and look at the sceneries many times. It was fun to see everyone go commercial, but I am a bit disappointed because I feel like everyone had negatives associated with their scenery; noone really hit it out of the ballpark. But with that being said, everyone created something stunning. Since there are only four girls, there will be a winner and a bottom three (noone in the middle).

The winner for this challenge is..

shake-something !! Congratulations, your scenery will be featured on the homepage of the club and Stardoll's Most Wanted blog owned by Emorox4eva. Your commercial was innovative, gorgeously detailed, and it would really stop a girl dead in her tracks and make her want your eyeshadow. While your commercial was lackluster, the name of your product wasn't the best, and the mask you created was borderline tacky, you prevailed with the simple styling, breathtaking makeup, and a severe passion! Keep this up to get to the finale!

1. BabetteCouture- Your ad and overall concept was very edgy. You showed us once again just how to use horsehair, and you really conquered the 'bed-head and sexy' look that made everyone want your eyeshadow. Your commercial and catch phrases were some of the best of the bunch, but the reason you didn't win was because your scenery wasn't very covergirl. You were kind of modeling your own makeup line, because I feel as if it was too sensual for covergirl. I would have preffered a fresher and cleaner ad, but you still left us very impressed and wanting more. Also a sidenote, I know how passionate you are to win this competition, but I feel as though you aren't showing it as much as you used to. While your sceneries continue to be incredibly amazing, I want to feel how much you want this again because the sceneries in MelsModels are only half of it.

2. Cianboland- Your commercial wasn't the best, it was nice but I felt as though it was one of the worst of the bunch. Your ad however was very unique and you also make a very clean and appropriate pose. Us judges just had a problem with your styling. The bracelets, hair, andmakeup didn't work. You had alot going on and were wearing too much makeup that caused it not to look like a mascara ad. I think you know this because you then added those mascara bottles, which were super cute, but I actually didn't even notice them with everything going on. You are so talented but you have a problem with consistency. One week your so close to winning and the next your close to going home. While I know you have what it takes,sometimes you just don't pull it all together.

3. lgap- By far you had the best commercial, the way you worded everything was informational, perfect for a commercial, and very covergirl. You were the only one to say 'easy, breezy, beautiful, Covergirl!' and I feel as though that made everything come together. Your concept was smart and I could easily see it being a real ad, but it wasn't very commercial it was very editorial. I say this because the pose and the dramatic vibe to the scenery didn't make it look like you were selling eyeshadow, it made it look like you were selling a fragrance, your ring, or even yourself as a model. Your scenery was very amazing at bringing the attention into your makeup though, right away I noticed the piercing purple eyes with the pink eye shadow and I loved the styling with the hair, ring, and freckles. And although I would have liked to see you create an outfit, you really have great taste and I think it worked without one. Just be careful when your trying to convey a certain vibe to your scenery, because sometimes unintentionally you could be portraying something else, which happened this wee. Once again you have so much potential and your always so close to hitting a homerun, and that is what frustrates us judges the most because we see just how close you are each week.

Eliminated: Cianboland
This was SUCH a tough decision. You are one of the most passoniate, eager, and bubbly contestants we have ever had in MelsModels, and each week I would be excited to see your work because you always had extravagant and interesting ideas and concepts. Your poses, styling, and taste are usually on mark but because of your problems with consistency the judges and myself are worried you wouldn't work it out in the final rounds. I feel as though as each week went on the pressure increased and maybe the pressure of wanting it so bad got to your head, because in the beginning your talent came across as effortless and natural. With that being said you really have grown alot and I am so honored and happy that you were apart of this cycle, especially since you auditioned the day before I announced callbacks.

To the Final Three! Congratulations, this is a HUGE deal and I am so proud of each and every one of you. Take a few days to rest those talented and fierce brains of yours, because around Tuesday I will be posting the second-to-last task and you will have to give it everything you have to make it to the finale!

Love you all!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Task Seven!!!

Hey Everyone! Last week was very crazy for MelsModels, so lets hope this week we get back to a steady and smooth routine.

Since each and every one of the remaining girls has consistently shown their high fashion edge in most of their sceneries, I figured it was finally time to go commercial! For this task we are going to be doing a Covergirl Commercial.

Each girl is to make up their own product name, an ad for their product, and a 30 second commercial for their product in the comments of their scenery. Every product has to be for some sort of eye product. It could be a mascara, an eye shadow, an eye pencil, anything you personally want to advertise. You must then create a name for the product (Ex: Angelic Apple Eye Shadow), and in the comments of your scenery you MUST be clear on the name. Then you must do a 30 second commercial, which basically means type out the lines you would say in the commercial but they HAVE to fit in one box in your scenery comments. That means it has to be less than 250 characters or something, so try to make it work to the best of your ability (If you are one or two words onto a new box, I understand, but do not make a whole sentence continued on a new box). This commercial should be before your explanation on your ad.

Finally for your ad, be sure you are staying commercial while being creative, fashionable, and modelisque. You have to model your product, so if your advertising an eyeshadow make sure your wearing one, and make sure it is one of the first things us judges notice (HINT you probably want to do somewhat of a beauty shot for this task!!!HINT). Your goal is to make the viewer buy the product, all while being fierce.

While this challenge is very simple, it is also very tough, and since one girl is leaving us this week make sure you leave a good impression!

If you have ANY questions at all please contact me via messege.

The deadline for this challenge is TUESDAY AUGUST 17th!

Good Luck!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Task Six Elimination Ceremony

Hey Everyone! Yes, its finally time for the sixth task elimination ceremony! This week was very chaotic and many girls needed extensions due to the busy time of year, which is very understandable. I just want to thank every contestant, every spectator, and every judge who was patient throughout this crazy time. It really means the world to me.

Now, this week's results are going to be done a bit different. While there will be a callout order and a winner, there will not be a bottom three due to circumstances which I am about to explain. Aharper1243 has left the competition. Her personal life has recently been struck by family emergencies which need her attention and support. She is such a strong, compassionate, beautiful, and talented young lady and I am (as well as the other judges) truly inspired and honored by her work for MelsModels.

Now I initally planned to only eliminate one girl this week, however there has been many conflicts leading to this next elimination. I am sorry to say that Clubklo will also be leaving the competition this week. Not only did she need alot of time to create this scenery, but she hasn't been on stardoll for about a week and I am very worried about her ability to finish the cycle out thoroughly, and when she finally did create her scenery she didn't do the correct assignment which shows how little attention she has to give to MelsModels at this busy time in her life. Once again we are dealing with such an amazing person who has so much talent and potential. I have truly enjoyed watching her grow from week to week.

Both Aharper1243 and Clubklo will be apart of the Fifth Cycle of MelsModels if their schedules allow it, because not only have they spent the entire duration of MelsModels at the top of the callout order but they are leaving because of their personal lives, and I believe they deserve another chance to compete with everything they have to give, and not half! So look out for them in the fall!

Now...with two extremely talented girls out of the competition this week, we are down to the final four! Woo! I am so proud and excited about the girls left in the competition. I also want each and every one of you two know that I am not simply settling for you four. You are probably the most talented final four from any of the previous cycles, and it is going to be a very tight race for the title.

Without further babbling is the callout order:

1. BabetteCouture- Congratulations! You are the winner of this task and your scenery will be featured on and on the homepage of MelsModels. You had one of the toughest assignments and you still knocked it out of the ball-park with a fashionable and beautiful portrayal of a hunter. Your poses are so different yet insanely incredible each week and every detail to this scenery was added with such a high quality of taste. Great work!

2.lgap- Your pose was outside of the box, and so innovative! One of the best poses and yet hard-to-do poses I have ever seen. The reason you did not snag the win was because you didn't quite convey a leopard as well as some of the others conveyed their assignments. Keep this level of work up though! You did an amazing job!

3. Cianboland- An elephant is pretty difficult to portray but you did a great job for the circumstances with stardoll limiting the items. The pose and styling to your medoll were very appropriate and visually pleasing. Just be careful next week with your level of taste and make sure that every item you add is necessary and plays a role (hence the fruit).

4. shake-something- Your portrayal of a lion almost got you eliminated. If you had not won the challenge last week, and two girls didn't drop out I am pretty confident you would be leaving us tonight. The fact that you took a long time to create your scenery wasn't a problem, but I was expecting an incredible scenery after all that waiting. I was let down. Although stardoll limited your items I think you could have budgeted a bit better, so next week you really have to prove to us judges your passion and talent! I know you can do alot better and these weeks have been crazy for you, so just take a deep breath and begin next week with a clean slate!

Congratulations to the final four! The next task will be posted on Monday or Tuesday, and from there on out there will be strict yet fair deadlines until we crown our Cycle Four Winner!

Love you all!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Banner and Logo!!!

Hey Everyone! Just a quick post about some changes to the MelsModels blog.

As you can see there is a new banner for the blog and a new logo for MelsModels. The fabulous new banner was made by Dog_boy96 and the incredible logo was made by lgap, who is currently a contestant of the fourth cycle!

So I just wanted to verify those changes and give a shout out to the very talented graphic artists who have made this blog a whole lot fiercer!