Friday, April 23, 2010


Hey Everyone! I am so excited to officially begin the Fourth Cycle of MelsModels! For the first task, it is going to be very personal so hopefully this will be exciting for all of you! In the callback task I asked you to chose an inanimate object that most closely describes who you are as a person, and you all chose such unique and interesting items! For this task your job is to make a scenery that conveys your item. This scenery is very broad, so please think outside the box and try to portray your item in an innovative yet fashionable way! Remember to stand out and give everything you got, because five girls will be eliminated!

***You can only use your own medoll, and please make the scenery in the club sceneries with a title that says : Username- Task 1- Item (obviously fill in the word username with your username, and the word Item with your item!). Once you begin this competition with a certain medoll you have to stick with that medoll, for example although you can change hair, makeup, mouths, and eyes you cannot change your skin color or a lot of features at the same time so that your medoll is unrecognizable. If you have any questions at all please contact me through messeges, or ask the question in the comments for this post or in the topic at the club and I will contact you right away!

Here is a list of all the items you guys chose:

BabetteCouture- smartphone
lgap- book
choco_tiger- rubber ducky
Aharper1243- Willow Tree
clubklo- doll
SakuraDream- empty canvas
xC.L.Sx- lightbulb
123abbie4556- curtain
Avril14140- diamond
shake-something- frisbee
toxxic.angel- mercury
stefaroni- Opal
Chicago3- chair
cianboland- window
Ashina123- wave
guavatastic- paper doll chain
MelodyMCC- your music box
X_princess_N-x- white orchid
xoxo_zoey- sequins
Rozi_xox- pointe shoe (Not sure if you meant pointed shoes)

THE DEADLINE FOR THIS TASK IS NEXT SATURDAY, MAY 1st !! Please have fun with task! I am so excited to see what you all decide to do with your item!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hey Everyone!! This Cycle is off to an amazing start, but already it has been so tough! These callback entries were extremely difficult for me and the other judges, because there is so much potential in all of you. Everyone impressed the judges so much that we could not narrow it down to 15, and I decided to make it 20 finalists instead! BUT after the first task FIVE girls will be eliminated. If you are in the top 20, then you really have to show us you deserve your spot! After you see if you made it or not, PLEASE READ THE BOTTOM TOO to see my final words!

I know everyone wants to see if they made it or not, so here is MelsModels's Cycle Four Top 20:
(In No Particular Order)

1. BabetteCouture
2. lgap
3. Choco_tiger
4. Aharper1243
5. Clubklo
6. SakuraDream
7. xC.L.Sx
8. 123abbie456
9. Avril14140
10. Shake-something
11. toxxic.angel
12. Stefaroni
13. Chicago3
14. Cianboland
15. Ashina123
16. Guavatastic
17. MelodyMCC
18. Rozi_xox
19. xoxo_zoey
20. X_princess_N-x

****If you did not make it, seriously do not take it personally! This is so tough and their is just a certain amount of spots! All of you can win this competition so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stay active and audition again next cycle! You are all beautiful inside and out, and this is just a silly competition that is for fun, which you knew had eliminations when you signed up.

**Congratulations to the Top Twenty, and I will be posting the First Task on Friday or Saturday, so keep checking the club and blog this weekend to see what you have to do!

Love you all,