Thursday, April 14, 2011

Task 6 ! ! ! ! ! !

Hey Everyone! For my Top Seven Models, it is about to get very colorful. Literally! For the sixth task you will each be assigned a color and will have to somehow convey the essence and vibe of that color. You may do a beauty shot, a full body shot, or something in between, but we really want you to think outside the box. If your color is yellow and you dress your medoll in a yellow dress and call it a day, you will for sure be up for elimination. This is a simple task, so the main feature is your creativity! Let it shine and just have fun! The assignments are... gabby1822 - Pink sweet.hearts- Blue tigre89- Yellow xoxo_zoey- Red .naima- Purple liajm- Orange .pease.- Green The Deadline for this task is Friday April 22nd ! ! ! DO NOT RELY ON EXTENSIONS. I will not be giving them out freely anymore, only for valid excuses. Good Luck Models!

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