Saturday, April 30, 2011

WELCOME TO ROME!!! Task 7 ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Hey Everyone!

Congratulations to the final six, what an incredible journey so far! But now, we are on our way to...


Rome is such a magical place both historically and fashionably. I am so happy that this is where this cycle is headed and it is perfect for such a classic group of contestants!

For your first task overseas we will be visiting some history and mythology of the ancient romans. As someone who has had the time to study and read ancient roman gods and goddesses, I have often been inspired in fashion by such personas. For this task you will each be assigned one of the most popular and significant roman goddesses (Very different than greek goddesses) and you will have to convey their story and what they represent and symbolize in roman history.

You do have the option of modernizing your goddess, but it may be fun to create something that really does stick to and honor their past.

**** Next to the goddess' name I have said what they are BEST known for, each goddess has about 10 things they are known for (EXAMPLE: If it says goddess of pencils, they may also be the goddess of pens, desks, chairs, glasses, etc..). Everyone should really do some research and read up on their assignment before they create a scenery! Detailed concepts and information will help you make the best scenery possible.

The assignments are as follows:

.naima- Venus (Goddess of Love)

tigre89- Minerva (Goddess of Wisdom)

.pease.- Ceres (Goddess of Agriculture)

sweet.hearts- Vesta (Goddess of Hearth and Fire)

gabby1822-Diana (Goddess of The Hunt)

liajm- Juno (Goddess of Marriage and Fertility)

*** If you guys don't know what something means, contact me! Or google it and look it up.

THE DEADLINE for this task will be Sunday May 7th!!! Good Luck Ladies!