Friday, April 8, 2011

Task 5 Elimination Ceremony!

Hey Everyone! Sorry for the delay in the results, but many of you needed an extension, and I was very busy this week as well. This week was extremely tough to judge. One of the toughest in MelsModels history. Choosing a winner was interesting since everyone had different favorites, and choosing someone to leave us was even harder because of the immense talent within this group. To be respectful, I won't drag it out any longer. The callout order is as follows... 1. Gabby1822- Congratulations!!! You are this week's task winner and your scenery will be featured on the club's home page! You did an amazing job this week, really, and the story behind it (how you were crammed for time and going through some difficult personal issues) really is inspiring! 2. sweet.hearts 3. tigre89 4. xoxo_zoey 5. .naima BOTTOM THREE: 1. liajm - We all know how great your sceneries can come out, but this week you basically fell flat. Your pose was way off with proportions and really took away from your overall scenery. The background was nice, but it couldn't make up for the rest because it just wasn't memorable and didn't have a 'Wow Factor' that we are looking for in this stage of the competition. Also, some of the judges felt like your styling to your medoll with her features was very 'quiet', she just looked pretty and she didn't come across as a model. 2. .pease.- You have consistently been in the top, and this week you really blew us away by putting forth work that was definitely not cohesive with your past work. I understand that sometimes the simplest or 'easiest' assignments (like Cinderella) are often the hardest, but your scenery was really 'one-note' and was just forgettable. The judges also strongly felt you didn't push yourself at all and there was a lack of creativity, especially when we look back at other sceneries this week and your older work. It only takes one bad scenery to get sent home, and we feel like you may have forgotten that! 3. MissCeaaria- While your scenery had some of the most intriguing and interesting forms of creativity, that was also your downfall. You had great ideas but I think they may have been overwhelming for you since the whole scenery lacked a sense of cohesiveness. The proportions were off which made your medoll's body look unrealistic, and even though everyone absolutely adored the pinkys, we feel like the styling actually distracted us from that genius invention. You have been inconsistent with your sceneries from week to week because one week you come in second and the next your almost eliminated. This worries us, since we don't have that much time until the finals! ELIMINATED: MissCeaaria This was honestly so extremely difficult. It is also so emotional because I really see a part of myself in you and it kills me that it is your time. You have grown so much and have had some of the best and most creative themes and ideas in MelsModels history, but your inconsistency hinders your abilities. You are growing tremendously, but with those triumphs comes a few setbacks and there is only a certain amount of weeks that we have until we must crown a winner. I hope you stay in contact with me and active in the club! You will surely be missed! SAVED: liajm and .pease. You both cannot understand how close this was. You each got votes to be eliminated and almost didn't get a second chance. I am unsure if you guys got cocky with your place in the competition and felt like you didn't have to put as much effort into it anymore, but you really have to step it up and try your hardest every week! You cannot rely on your past work to bring you through the rest of the competition! Show we made the right choice, please, because this was extremely difficult. ***CONGRATULATIONS to the final seven!!! The next task will be posted soon! Stay Tuned!

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