Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Task 5 Elimination Ceremony!

Hey Everyone! This was seriously one of my favorite weeks in MelsModels history. I could have chosen every scenery to have been the winner, and because of this it was SOO tough to chose a winner and even more difficult to chose which girl to eliminate.

This week was also struck by a competitor not being able to complete the task and not contacting me about it in advance. MelodyMCC has been eliminated, but I wish her all the best and I loved the time that she had spent in MelsModels! You will be missed girl!

Despite the sudden elimination this week, one more girl will still be leaving us tonight. Now for the callout order..

1. shake-something- Congratulations! You won this task and your scenery will be published on the club's homepage and at HotbuysBazaar. We loved how your concept was outside-of-the-box, your pose and scenery were each equally breathtaking, and overall you just did such an amazing job and we are all proud to see you grow so much each week. Your scenery is like an artistic masterpiece!

2. BabetteCouture

3. Aharper1243

4. clubklo

1. Lgap- Your scenery was great, the concept, the execution, the styling to your medoll, the pose, the makeup, and the background were all beautifully done. We just felt that compared to some of the other sceneries this week, yours wasn't as memorable and it didn't have the same amount of passion infused into it. We also want you to be careful when making your sceneries, you have to try to make them a tad bit more neat because sometimes that tiny detail can make you end up in the bottom. We are aware of the immense amount of creativity you possess, so I also think your in the bottom due to high expectations.

2. SakuraDream- Your concept and the way you made the fire were both very well done. We just felt that the styling to your medoll, your medoll's makeup and hair, and your pose were not as strong. When looking at your medoll it looks like a teen vogue photoshoot and then as your eyes see the beautiful fire you created it causes a bit of confusion because the two weren't very cohesive. While I admire the addition of the snakes, they just didn't exactly fit either. We know how much talent and potential you have though and every week I love to see what you make.

3. Cianboland- You had a nice concept and your scenery was very detailed and tough to create and you definitely pulled it off! The one thing that got you in the bottom was the fact that there wasn't any motion. It simply looked like your medoll was sitting on a horse and since this was an action shot challenge it took alot away from the scenery. The styling to your medoll also wasn't very fitting with the theme or scenery (despite your don't judge a book by its cover notion). We know your capable of doing better and thats why this week was a tad disappointing.

ELIMINATED: SakuraDream- This was seriously SO tough, you have no idea. It was definitely one of the most difficult decision I have had to make in MelsModels. Your scenery was amazing, and all your work and who you are as a person is amazing. It just came down to which sceneries were better this week and the reason you are eliminated is just because everyone else's sceneries were SLIGHTLY better than yours. I know this is tough, but I hope you understand and stay active in MelsModels. You made it all the way to the top 7! That is huge! I love you and I would love it if you auditioned again in the future or in SNTM.xx

SAVED: Lgap and Cianboland- You both got lucky this week that MelodyMCC didn't complete her scenery. I was going to eliminate two girls this week along with MelodyMCC but I decided not to (and my fellow judges thought it would be a good idea to keep you both). You each have to step it up a level next week so that you don't land in the bottom again. Both of you can win this competition you just have to give it all you have! Love you both! Congrats on making the top 6!

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FINAL SIX! Woo! This is a huge stepping stone in the competition. The next task and the final destination of the cycle will be posted soon! Stay tuned!