Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Hey Everyone! Welcome back and sorry for the delay. I have just been so busy with school work!

Anyways, I was so impressed last week, so I wanted to do something bigger and better for this task. Each model will have to model an assigned item (BELOW). Here is the catch though, you will only be allowed to wear or sport THAT item. You cannot wear anything else than what you are modeling (this includes earrings and jewelry if you have a clothing item!). Although it may sound easy to show off your assignment, you have to make sure you make the viewer want to buy your item! Keep in mind that if your item is something, like a ring or hat, that goes on the top half of your body, you don't necessarily need to show your legs and bottom part of your body. It should just look like an ad, so it can be somewhat of a beauty shot. Just don't cop out and take the easy route, but don't put yourself under so much stress and do something extremely complicated if you can't handle it. There is a lot of freedom with this task, so once again you have to show us what you have. Think outside the box! You can go commercial or high fashion on us, but just do your best.

***ALSO make sure that you take a screenprint and tinypic it and put it in the comments of your scenery with your explanation. YOU MUST TAKE A SCREENPRINT BEFORE SAVING because there has been A LOT of glitches on stardoll pose sceneries lately, and we have to make sure we see how it SHOULD look.

liajm: necklace
.pease.: skirt
MissCeaaria: bra
xoxo_zoey: purse
sweet.hearts: shorts
Brumilicious: hat
.naima: ring
Iluvmumble333: boots
Gabby1822: sunglasses
Avril14140: vest
Tigre89: stilettos
Pauo-Watson: scarf
Starsyd3333: bracelet
worldstopmodel: pants
clubklo: socks

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via mail, gb, comments of this post, or in the MelsModels club

The deadline for this task is Thursday February 10th ! Good Luck Models!!

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