Saturday, May 29, 2010

Task Three Elimination Ceremony ! ! !

Hey Everyone! What an extraordinary week in MelsModels, but what an insanely difficult week for decision making. Every entry literally blew me away, and I am so impressed with the level of talent in this year's contestants! This is the best cycle of MelsModels all around but especially talent wise, and everyone keeps making some of the nicest sceneries I have ever seen.

Usually everyone completes their task, but when someone does not they face elimination. Stefaroni did not complete the task and did not mail me explaining why, and has not even replied to my messeges or gb comments. While something serious may be the excuse behind this behavior, I have no choice but to eliminate her from the competition. She had such a high-quality talent and I had high hopes for her, and if you are reading this please audition again next cycle if you have the time to fully commit. You will surely be missed!

***Also, many girls had problems with their sceneries this week and many had claimed theirs were deleted randomly and so they made another. You are ALWAYS to contact me before you re-make a scenery, and you always need my permission to do so. Sometimes stardoll has glitches and weird things happen, but you always need to speak to me in these situations otherwise there sadly will be consequences!

Even with Stefaroni's elimination, two more girls will be leaving tonight. Now for the results. Here is the callback order:

1. BabetteCouture - Congratulations!!! You are the winner of this task, and you are the first to win two challenges this cycle, and you are one of the only girls in MelsModels history to have two wins back-to-back! Your scenery will be displayed on the homepage of the club, and you will also have it published at HotbuysBazaar! Great job girl, keep this up!
2. Lgap - Congratulations, your scenery was the best out of the "bag group", you did an amazing job and we all loved your scenery!
3. shake-something - Congratulations, your scenery was the best out of the "bracelet group" and everyone loved the great job you did!
4. Aharper1243
5. clubklo
6. Cianboland
7. SakuraDream
8. Avril14140
9. MelodyMCC

1. 123abbie456- your scenery was very chaotic and confusing, and it was difficult to recognize the big cuff as a bracelet, because many felt it really just resembled a big spot of paint. We feel like your concept was really great, but the portrayal of your ideas just didn't meet the expectations we had for you. We know your capable of amazing sceneries, but this week you let us down.

2. Choco_tiger- your scenery had a great concept, and we loved the overall feel of the black background with the paint spatters on your medoll. Out of all the sceneries, yours was one of the best at making the viewer notice the assigned item, and I surely would have considered buying your handbag. Your pose was a bit unrealistic, so just work on that and keep practicing with small details to help make your sceneries stick out more. We know you have potential to do better, so we are just frustrated when you don't do as good as you can.

3. Ashina123- your scenery was not as memorable as the others. You had a lot of ideas and I think you tried to incoperate as many of them as possible, but it kind of left me a bit overwhelmed. There was alot going on and too many things to look at that I barely noticed your bag. The skirt you made was beautiful, and the pose you did was different but so simple and realistic. We are just not sure if this is the right competition for you, because your a great stylist but we are just not confident in you being a model.

123abbie456 and Ashina123 !
You guys are both SO talented, and the fact that you even competed in my competition gives me such pride and makes me feel extremely honored. Your both capable of making really bold and striking sceneries, and you each have such beautiful styling skills. I think both of you have a great sense of fashion and are great at making outfits and styling your medolls, but compared to some of the other girls we just felt like your sceneries were not on the same level. Keep practicing, keep active, and maybe audition again! I know you guys are going to go far, and I love you both!

***Congratulations to the Top Ten!! Yayy!! The next task will be posted on Monday or Tuesday! Love you all!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hey Everyone! For this task you will be in a group, but you will not actually work with your fellow group members. All the people in the group will be assigned the same task, and this is key because as a model the competition for jobs and bookings is always stiff so you always have to make yourself stick out even if you are put into a similar situation as your competition. A great example of this is when models are trying to get runway jobs. Designers only have a limited amount of looks, so when you are put into the same dress as someone else you have to be able to work it much harder than they can in order to get the booking.

For this particular task each group will be assigned a different accessory that they have to sell and model in the scenery. This item should be the main focus and you want the viewer to want that item for themselves in real life and for their stardoll life.

There is a lot of freedom in this task so run with it and try to show off your creativity and ability to stand out.

Your name is BELOW the group you belong to. The item WITH the group name is your assigned item. The Groups and Assignments are below:

Group One- Necklace (Of your choice)

Group Two- Handbag (Of your choice)

Group Three- Bracelet (Of your choice)

THE DEADLINE FOR THIS TASK IS... Thursday May 27th ! If you have any questions please comment this post, comment in the MelsModels Topic for this task, or contact me via message!

Good Luck Everyone!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Hey Everyone! This week was a week to remember, because every scenery that was made was just spectacular, and I could've seen each and every one being the winner of the week, literally!! This cycle has so much talent, that I am consistently being told so by fellow users and judges. Everyone is so great, that it is actually making me very worried about the decisions to come. On this week's callout order, it was very tough to chose which order to put all of you in since all of the sceneries were so close in ranking. If you are in the top part of the callout order (about 1-7) you were very amazing this week. If you were on the middle (8-10) you did great, but you just have to pick it up a bit if you want to win a future challenge. Finally if you are in the bottom (11-bottom three) you have much more potential than you are using, and fell short when compared to everyone else. Without further babbling, here is the callout order for the week:

1. BabetteCouture- Congratulations! You are the winner of this week's task. Your scenery showed an immense passion and fire (haha pun) that all of the judges and myself saw inside of you. It showed us how much this competition means to you and how much you want it, and your drive is what made your scenery so memorable and stick out amongst the others. Your concept and pose were both very ambitious but you gave us an amazing scenery in the end and pulled it off successfully. Your scenery will be published on the homepage of the club, where there will be a mention next to your username on the presentation, and it will also be featured on HotbuysBazaar.

2. Aharper1243

3. clubklo

4. lgap

5. Cianboland

6. choco_tiger

7. Stefaroni

8. Ashina123

9. MelodyMCC

10. Shake-something

11. SakuraDream

12. Avril14140


1. 123abbie456- Your scenery was okay but it lacked a spark and it did not show the judges your drive for this competition. We feel that being able to create an amazing scenery is one thing, but you have to want to win and stay around as well. Someone who is a little worse off with making sceneries will always stay over someone who is great but isn't as passionate. We know you have it in you and we know how much potential you have, so now you just have to live up to our expectations for you.

2. Chicago3- Your pose was very risky, and unfortuneately it did not pay off. We loved how you tried to be different, but your portrayal of a sand storm just wasn't clear enough and it was quite sloppy and even borderline confusing. We also feel that you have not experimented in changing your medoll enough, and therefore we do not see as much of a model as we see in others who have shown versatility. We know that you are growing each week though, and every scenery of yours makes us want to see more.

3. X-princess_x-N- Your natural disaster was one of the assignments that I was most excited to see done in a scenery. Your scenery did not show enough of the disaster, and your medoll failed to look like a model. The styling to your medoll and your wardrobe choices did not fit the theme, and we felt that your scenery lacked the creativity and innovation that we look for in the contestants week-to-week. Last week your concept was really nice, and when this week you did not think outside of the box I think the judges and myself were let down since we wanted to see you grow and make progress as a model.

X-princess_x-N and Chicago3 -
This was such a tough decision. You each have such a huge amount of potential inside that is just waiting to be used. We know that with time you both would have grown into amazing models, but the time span of the competition is limited and to be honest your sceneries were great, but they simply were not as good as the others. This does not mean that you are a worse person, worse scenery maker, or worse model than they are however they are just a bit ahead of where your at right now. The judges and myself hope you both stay active in this club and possibly audition again in a future cycle or audition in SNTM.xx (MelsModels's sister club). I hope you both understand the decision and have had a fun experience during your time in the competition.

123abbie456- You were saved just slightly, and I really hope you come back next week and show us that we made the right decision. You have the talent, you have the passion, and you have the potential to get even better every week, so just show us that! Hopefully you will have no more sceneries lacking spark, and no more bottom three moments.

Congratulations to the Top Thirteen! The next task will be posted on Thursday, so get ready.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Cycle Four - - Task Two ! ! !

Hey Everyone! I am so excited to continue this competition with the second task. First I just want to say congrats to the final fifteen competitors! You guys all deserve to be here, but you have to show the judges and myself that you deserve to make it on to the next round as well.
****Before I announce the task I have to say one thing. A lot of members, especially competitors are commenting sceneries with negative comments or critiques. It is not your job to give advice on anyone's scenery. In MelsModels you are only allowed to comment on eachothers work in a positive way, and if you have nothing nice to say then do not say anything at all. If we see someone saying something that is rude and not complementary we will delete the post and give them a warning. If it happens again they will be witheld from the club with a week suspension. Thank you, and I hope everyone can follow this rule!
For this task you will be assigned a type of weather/natural disaster. You then will make a club scenery depicting your assignment to the best of your ability. Your concept, pose, styling, background, and makeup should all represent your assignment! Your theme of the scenery can be abstract but you have to remember that you are a model in a modeling competition, so while it can be abstract it should be easily understood at the same time.
Also if you are competing in MelsModels then you have to leave an explanation for your scenery! You simply have to say why you did what you did in the comments of the scenery, and also you have to leave a tinypic from now on as well. Many sceneries take forever to load or do not load at all, and that is why the link is necessary. Take the screenprint before you publish your scenery to be safe because if you have any glitches, we can see the scenery without them!
The Assignments Are:
Aharper1243- Avalanche
lgap- Flood
clubklo- Earthquake
shake-something- Volcanic Eruption
Avril14140- Tornado/Twister
Cianboland- Hurricane
SakuraDream- Tsunami
X_princess_N-x- Hailing
MelodyMCC- Acid Rain
BabetteCouture- Wild Fire
Stefaroni- Thunder and Lightning
Ashina123- Monsoon
Chicago3- Sand Storm
123abbie456- Mudslide
Choco_tiger- Blizzard
You have until the evening of next saturday, the 15th of May, to complete this task! Good Luck, and if you have any questions please comment this post or the topic in the club and I will contact you!
Love you all!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Hey Everyone! What a wonderful first task we had. Everyone seriously did such an amazing job, and I can proudly say that every judge agreed with me! This elimination is extremely difficult for the judges and I. Everyone has so much potential and has been limited in how much they can show us. The callout order is from best reviewed to the bottom six who were the worst reviewed. If you are at the top, keep it up, if you are in the middle, step it up, and if you are in the bottom you have to kick it up. Anyway here is the callout order, but please make sure to read the ENTIRE post.

1. Aharper1243- Congratulations you are the winner for the first task. As a winner you will get your scenery displayed on the front page of the club and a star next to your name in the club's presentation!

2. lgap

3. clubklo

4. shake-something

5. Avril14140

6. Cianboland

7. SakuraDream

8. X-princess_N-x

9. MelodyMCC

10. BabetteCouture

11. Stefaroni

12. Ashina123

13. Chicago3

14. 123abbie456


xC.L.Sx- The judges and myself felt that your scenery was a lack-luster portrayal of your item, and that you were capable of achieving much more than you did.

guavatastic- Your scenery did not show us your item well enough, and it was messy and left us perplexed as to where the girl who made callbacks went.

xoxo_zoey- Your scenery lacked a lot of passion that we saw in the other girls, and it made us question whether or not you were ready to compete in this competition. You may need some more practice.

Choco_tiger- Your scenery showed a lot of potential, but it was still a bit random and did not convey a rubber ducky the way we had hoped you would. You could have done more.

toxxic.angel- We did not see a model nor did we see Mercury in your scenery. We liked the artistic messege but it could have been done in a much neater and more sophisticated manner where you remained a model in a modeling competition.

Rozi_xox- Your scenery was nice, but we did not have that WOW moment and we simply saw more fire in other sceneries. Your item could have been shown in a better way, and you could have put more thought into your scenery as a whole.







SAVED: Choco_tiger - You were literally given a second chance. The judges and myself saw a lot of potential in you and want to see more. Please prove to us that we made the right decision, and do not make us regret sending someone else home instead of you! Show us what you got, because we all are waiting to see it!

***SERIOUSLY, you guys are all so amazing and each one of you could have won this competition with practice and time. I know you guys may be disappointed your journey is cut short, but please stay active in this club and audition again because I am so impressed with all of you! The five of you are all amazing people and great stardoll models, and I love you all, it just didn't work out this one time, but you have to keep at it and maybe it will end in your favor next time! I hope you all understand<3

To the final 15, congratulations! Step it up in the next task, because 2 girls will be eliminated per task from now on! There may also be double eliminations or other twists to come, so be prepared and always be on your game!

The next task will be posted on Friday! Get Ready Everyone!