Thursday, June 23, 2011

Task 10 Elimination Ceremony! Final Two Revealed!

Hello to all our MelsModels Members. This week has honestly been the toughest yet and this decision could not be more difficult to get through. All three of my finalists are in a very special place in my heart and I absolutely have grown to love each and every one of you. It is so hard to make a decision when it closely affects people you are emotionally invested in.

Let us just get right to it. The callout order is as follows...

1. .naima- Congratulations! You are the winner of this task!! Your scenery will be featured on the homepage of the club, but most importantly you are a finalist!!! Your spot in the final two is earned and deserved and we are so very happy with all that you have accomplished. Keep it up in the finale!

OTHER TWO (Definitely not considered the bottom..):

tigre89- You should be a finalist because of your impeccable sense of knowing how to tell a story. You have created some of the strongest sceneries in this competition and have grown so much. I remember when you competed in Cycle 3 of MelsModels you came in a girl and left a woman. I mean you really stepped up your game and grew beyond belief! This cycle is the same exact thing. You came in a little rusty and once you found your place in this competition you busted out some of the most memorable and interesting concepts and overall sceneries this cycle. You are the last 'oldie' and I would not have had it any other way! You have worked your butt off to get this far.

.pease.- You should be a finalist because you always seem to exceed our expectations with pure innovation in every one of your sceneries. Your poses, themes, and just overall ideas for placing and details come across as brilliance in your sceneries. You have by far been the most consistent of all the girls this year by being in the top nearly every week. You have had a few mishaps in which you fell to the very back fo the pack, and that is what scares us the most. If you aren't in the top three of the task you are a hair away from being eliminated. Your rarely in the middle, and although that is what attracts us to you, it also turns us off. You have really proved yourself time and time again and you deserve to have reached this point in the competition.

I honestly cannot even believe that I am typing this right now. Out of the thousands of members I have come into contact here in my club, and all the girls and boys who have competed, YOU are one of my all-time favorite that this club has ever seen. You have lit up both cycles that you were a part of and when you showed interest in coming back, I could not have been more thrilled. Literally, you could say I made this entire idea of a cycle because of my passion for you returning. You have created some of the most revolutionary poses, concepts, stories, characters, and of course sceneries that STARDOLL (and of course this club) has ever seen. Your a delight to talk to in messages and have one of the most beautiful and inspiring personalities I have ever seen and do not even get me started on your raw talent. You will truly be missed and although you came in third both cycles, you will always been seen as one of MelsModels' best competitors. You are the epitome of a winner and I hope you know that.

***I have always put the Winner and Runner-up's usernames on the presentation of MelsModels, but this cycle I will also be putting your name as the 2nd runner-up. You simply deserve that honorable mention and I hope you appreciate it as much as I appreciated your role in this cycle.

Seriously you have NO, absolutely no, idea how close this was. You are so talented and we love everything you do, but sometimes you just miss the mark. We love your risks and we never want you to play it safe, but just make sure the risks are appropriate! Just be yourself and continue to grow. In the finale, just prove why you deserve to be here and why you should win. We know you have a lot more to give, so give it!!

It is new vs. new! Who will win?
You are both extremely talented. Take the weekend to breathe and I will post the four part (three sceneries and one small writing task) early next week! Probably around Tuesday or Wednesday! Congratulations again and good luck to you both! I love you guys!

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