Monday, June 13, 2011

Task 10 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Hey Everyone!

This is the last task before the huge finale of Cycle 5: Old vs. New! Will the finale have one old and one new member? or possibly both new models? It is all going to be decided with this task!

This task is very simple and to the point, but we want to see what you girls will do with it. It is going to be a Covergirl Commercial for ELECTRIC EYE SHADOW. These shadows range from all electric colors and have the perfect shade for every skin tone! You are to make a beauty shot in which you are modeling this product and showing us your true beauty. This shot should NOT show your full body but instead should only show (at most) your bust and up. We want to see a different side of you, so do not be afraid to go 'commercial' on us!

We want to see interesting and exciting colors being used as makeup and in the overall ad, so just experiment and explore with this task!

*** IN ADDITION to your scenery you must create the name of the shadow's shade and write a brief commercial for it in your comments. The commercial should only take up one to two boxes in the comments and should be the FIRST thing you post in comments. Then follow it with your link and description!!!


If you have any questions be sure to contact me! I love you all!

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