Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Hello Everyone, and Congratulations to my Fabulous Finalists! You two have beat out hundreds of girls and boys to get to where you are, and you should be so proud! I know I certainly am! For this final task there is going to be 3 sceneries you must create, and another small part. MAKE SURE YOU READ EVERY WORD OF THIS POST!!!

Part 1: Create a scenery for a Covergirl lip product. You can make it a lipstick or lip gloss, but make SURE it is commercial. This scenery is to prove to myself and my fellow judges that you have what it akes to be a stardoll commercial model. Make the focus on your medoll and the lip color, so do not make a distracting background or do intense eye makeup to steal the spotlight of the lips. You must make up a name for the product, but you do not have to write a commercial.

Part 2: Create a scenery describing who you are as a person. You can take this part and run in any direction you desire! When someone looks at the scenery though, they should be able to get a sense of the kind of person you are, and learn about you. Be careful with this, because although you are telling a story you still need to remain a model and look beautiful!

Part 3: Create a scenery that highlights the haute couture side of yourself! This scenery should show us judges that you can model stardoll couture, without drowning in it. Express your versatility, and do not be afraid to change your makeup and hair a lot to convince us. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box, there is very few rules for Part 2 and Part 3, so do what you want!

Part 4: Simply make a topic in MelsModels, explaining why you should win this cycle. If you do not know what to say, you can include things like: what sets you apart from the other users on stardoll, why you auditioned in the first place, what it would mean to you if it won, why your the best rolemodel for girls/boys on stardoll, and why you are the most deserving of the crown of cycle 3! You can make it as long as you want, by continuing what you have to say in the comments of the topic!

RULES- If you have any questions, concerns, or want advice, just contact me by stardoll mail! You must complete every part of this final task by December 23rd, and then there will be a HUGE Melsmodels Gala around the first week of January, when we will announce the winner of this precious cycle. There cannot be any extensions with this deadline. Two weeks is a big chunk of time to complete it, so please try to be on time.

I will be posting a topic in the club soon with what the winner will recieve. Many of the prizes are a bit of a secret, so it should be exciting to see everything you guys can get!

The parts do not have to be done in order, but be sure you explain EVERYTHING in the comments, and title your scenery according to the Part number. For instance, PART THREE-LUVINCHERRYS or PART 1-RIHANNYX.

You guys have so much talent, and I know your going to do one hell of a job, but good luck! Let the best boy/girl win!!<333

Love, Mel

Monday, December 7, 2009

Task 9 Elimination Ceremony!

Hello Everyone! What a week in the MelsModels world, you all literally blew my socks off! So much talent in three people scares me. From Water, to Earth, to Fire, you all really portrayed your assignments brilliantly. This week's elimination is such a hard decision, but one that needed to be made! Without further babbling, here is the call-out order:

1. LuvinCherrys- Congratulations! You are the winner of this week's task, and your scenery will be placed on the club's homepage. Your incredible pose, concept, and styling to your medoll with the ice was just purely amazing, and something that proved to myself and the other judges how much you deserve to win this! Great job, and keep this up in the final task!!

Bottom Two (Even though you both do not deserve to be considered "in the bottom"):
1. RihannyX- The way you portrayed Fire, was creative, and just great! The styling to your medoll was very modelisque and beautiful, while still staying true to your assignment. However the background was a bit distracting, yet it definitely worked at the same time. Even though you still did great, we know you are capable of doing far better in the final task.

2. Tigre89- Your take on mother nature, or mother earth, was very fun and creative. The way your medoll's hair fell into the waterfall was so clever and interesting. While your scenery was very creative, and the styling of the background was great, the styling to your medoll was a bit messy, and unlike your previous work, it lacked a WOW factor. We know how much potential you have though!

This decision was extremely difficult, one of the hardest in MelsModels history, but the person leaving the competition this week is Tigre89. You are one of my all-time favorite contestants in MelsModes. Your personal style, insanely amazing taste, beautiful personality, AMAZING talent in your detail-packed sceneries, and overall spectacular work throughout the tasks is going to missed so much. Every week I would look forward to seeing your point of view on the task. I would be honored to have you come back next cycle as a guest judge, and keep in touch with you as a friend. I believe in your capabilities so much, and know how much passion you have for SD modeling, that I will personally try to manage you as I do for the winner and runner-up each cycle. I will try to get you a bunch of sd-modeling jobs in magazines and graphic designs! I love you so much, and hope you understand!!

Now, a HUGE congratulations to RihannyX and LuvinCherrys! You both have so much talent, and I cannot wait to see what you bring the table in the final, three part task! I will post the three part finale task later this week, so keep checking MelsModels! I love you both, and I am so proud of how far you have both come!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Task 9!!!!

Congratulations ladies on making it to the final three, I am truly proud of each and every one of you and cannot wait to see what you do this week! This is SUCH a close race, so really do everything you can to make us chose you to be a finalist! You need to show us why you deserve to be in the final two. Also each of you have won two challenges throughout this competition, so winning this round would be a big advantage if you get to the final two!

For this task you each are going to be making a scenery describing Earth, Wind, or Fire! The three elements that some scientists make up the entire world. They each have unique characteristics and things that make them beautiful and fashionable at the same time! Here are your assignments:

RihannyX- Fire

Be sure to style your medoll and background according to your assignment! Try to think outside of the box with your concept! And finally try to make a great, realistic, and neat pose! A winner of MelsModels needs to be able to complete a great pose, without it being sloppy and unrealistic! Good Luck ladies!

The deadline for this task is next wednesday, December 2nd!

If you have any questions, contact me in mail!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Hey Everyone!! This task was such an amazing one, thanks to all of your hardwork! Every single one of you did a great job for your Covergirl ad, and I can see each one of them being an actual ad for Covergirl, and the commercials were all SO fun and so creative! Great job you guys! This decision is such a tough one! So Without further ado, here is the callout order!
1. RihannyX- Congratulations! You are the winner of this task, and your scenery will be placed on the homepage of the club! The simplicty yet highly involved detailing of your scenery made it purely spectacular! The pose, the makeup, the styling to the background and your medoll were all very cohesive, and very Covergirl! Your commercial was also very cute and realistic! Great work!
2. LuvinCherrys- Your scenery was so innovative and creative, and very fresh at the same time! The makeup and details in your "headpiece" were so amazing and just overall stunning! Although it was a bit too couture for a Covergirl Ad, the hardwork and ideas you put into the scenery was just so amazing! I just don't even know what made you think to do that! It was great, so wonderful job!
BOTTOM TWO:1. Tigre89- While your scenery had a great concept and amazing styling of your medoll, the overall scenery and pose was a bit sloppy and distracting! We know you can do much better, but every detail counts as the competition is winding down!
2. xJuicyxCandyx23- Although you were at the top of the pack nearly throughout the entire competition, I almost feel like you were stronger when you started and are gradually becoming weaker. Your sceneries have been lacking the passion that you used to always put in! Although your scenery was good this weak, it wasn't memorable. The styling of your medoll was distracting from the eyeshadow, and the overall look and vibe was a bit messy and amateur as well.
ELIMINATED: xJuicyxCandyx23- This was one of the hardest decisions in MelsModels history! You have so much potential and so much talent, however I feel like you are lacking the passion that the other girls have, and I want someone to win MelsModels who really really wants it! I hope you understand, and you better stay active in this club, and you will certainly be missed! It was just something that had to be done. I am so sorr but you should really be proudof yourself! You beat out hundreds of girls and made it all the way to the final four! You did such an amazing job as well, winning tasks along the way!
Tigre89- Congratulations! You are apart of the final three! I know how much you want this, and i know how much talent you really have, so in this next task, show it! Show us your talent and passion and really try to "Wow" us judges!
Congratulations to all of you on making it this far, and to the top 3 on making it to another task! The next task will be posted on Tuesday or Wednesday, so stay tuned for it!
Love yall!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hey Everyone, and Congratulations to the final four! Yay! I am SO proud of you guys!

Not only is this task going to be great, but I am so excited to see all of your great work on it! It is Covergirl week and now is the time to bring out your commercial side! Your task is to create an ad for a Covergirl Eye Shadow! You must name the product your self, but it must start with Covergirl _______ and then the name of the product you have designed (For Example Covergirl Pink Eyeshadow, lol but try to be more creative then that!) In the comments you also must create a tiny commercial script! Just write 4-6 sentences on the product and why someone should want to buy it! This is what you would be saying in the real commercial for the product! Have fun and be super creative! Make sure you change your medoll to fit this task, and think about how makeup ads usually are! Usually they are a beauty shot, and not a full body pose however you can do wahtever you wish! Just try to make it exciting and not simple, or if you do make it simple, make it a beautiful simple! Haha!

Anyways! The Deadline is Next Wednesday, so take your time and if you have ANY questions at all please contact me as soon as possible via mail or gb!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Hello Everyone! What an amazing first task in Moscow, Russia! I really think you all had such amazing concepts, and all your sceneries were beautiful! So here is the callout order this week:

1.Tigre89- Congratulations you are this weeks winner, and your scenery will appear on the front page of the club! Your scenery had an amazing concept, pose, styling, background! Everyd etail was just so beautiful, keep this up, and keep your passion for the future tasks!

LuvinCherrys- Your scenery was so well done, and so close to getting yourself another win! I think your concept was great, and the way you made your medoll bald was such an amazing detail and really braught life to your scenery, continue doing this well!

Bottom Two:
RihannyX- Although personally your scenery was my possibly my favorite, it was slightly not as good as the other two! Just a tiny tiny bit! Your concept was strong, and showed passion and theway you made yourself a cat was brilliant, and I loved the styling to your medoll!

xJuicyxCandyx23-Your scenery lacked passion, and did not scream what you were going for with anti-fur. Your medoll had a facial expression that did not fit the serious matter you were trying to explain! While the background and medoll was beautiful, it fell short.

This week was so close to call that I am postponing the elimination until next week! You all were inches from eachother, however xJuicyxCandyx23 you have to pick up your game back to where it used to be, and better. You also have to complete the tasks by the deadline otherwise you are out of the competition! The next task will be posted on Tuesday! So Relax for a couple days!
Also do ont feel like you have wasted time, the next task will be judged along with this task!

Love you all, and I am SOOO proud! Good Work Everyone!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

TASK 7!! Welcome to Moscow!!!

Hey Everyone, and welcome to Moscow! Russia is known for many things, but for me when I think about the fashion of Russia, I instantly think of luxurious furs! Whether you agree with it or not, Fur is a huge part of the fashion industry and there is constant controversy on whether or not it is okay for people to wear (basically) dead animals. For this task you are to create an editorial campaign that takes either the side of "Pro-Fur" or "Anti-Fur"! Once you have chosen a side, you are to create a scenery that goes along with your concept and campaign that you have in mind! Remember, that although you are trying to get your point across you still must remain a model! Do not be afraid to change some of your medoll features to fit the theme, and be creative with the pose, styling, concept, and layout of your scenery!! Good Luck Girls! The deadline for this task is going to be next thursday!

Also! The campaign you create does not have to be what you personally believe! If you personally have no opinion of this matter, just chose whichever you think would be more fun to do! And if you are Anti-Fur in real life but you think you want to try to do a Pro-Fur ad, then go right ahead!

If you have any questions mail me to ask them!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Task 6 Elimination Ceremony!

Hey Everyone! Sorry for the huge delay I have been so busy! This week was a very interesting and exciting task, and you girls did NOT disappoint us judges! We had some amazing entries, all from beautiful and talented girls! Which brings me to my next point! I am so honored and lucky to be the owner and head judge of this club! You girls make me SO proud, and whenever I see your sceneries I smile from ear to ear! You all really are such amazing girls, and I just want to thank you all for being apart of this competition! And I am so glad I have had the honor to have you compete! If you have not heard, Lgap has dropped out of this competition due to her chaotic, busy, and stressful personal life! She does not have enough time to commit to this competition so she wanted to makesure someone deserving wins it and that is why she chose to drop out! She will be missed, and we are sorry to see her go however we completely understand!Unfortuneately this week two more of you do have to be eliminated, and there can only be one winner this round! I love you all! Here is the callout order:

1. LuvinCherrys- Just incredible! The pose you created was unbelievable, and just so realistic it looked real! I loved the background as well! The simple black backdrop with the crystals and ivy came across brilliantly! I loved the idea to cover your medoll up with hair, and I think it worked great! You are the winner of this challenge, so your scenery will be on the homepage of MelsModels congratulations, and keep this up!

2. xJuicyxCandyx23- Your scenery was outstanding! Not much critique can be given! The background was beautiful, and I loved the concept and small details! The pose is extremely neat and very realistic, which I love! It is also very modelisque, and so is the stunning and sparkly ensemble you created! Great work!

3. RihannyX- Just amazing! Absolutely perfect! All the details, in the pose, the background, the outfit, and the makeup just made for a great scenery! I loved how you portrayed movement through your scenery and the overall Ivy and Ice concept was just stunning! Your medoll looks like a beautiful goddess and you deffinitely did this task with class! Good job!

4. Tigre89- Loved your concept for your scenery! Your medoll looked amazing, I loved the hair makeup and earrings you created! I also love the pose with the pets surrounding her! Deffinately looks like something that would be hung over a supermodel's fire place! haha! Great work, and your pose looked very realistic which was more than a plus!!

1. Twlight-lover95- Your scenery hit the maximum number of items that you could use, and it showed SO much hard work and small details in the pose and concept with the pearls and diamonds! Although it showed alot of creativity you need to work on making your poses neater, and working with the amount of items we are supposed to use and make it fierce instead of unfinished!

2. Sarah_Sugerplum- While your scenery had an amazing concept with the background and the feathers, the pose was very unrealistic and your medoll still has the same blank expression on her face. Even though your medoll is drop dead gorgeous, you should change your features occassionally to fit certain tasks! (Especially since we have told you this before). We still are aware of your great potential to do better!

3. Wylie1995- Your medoll had amazing makeup, and a very cute Louis Vuitton inspired pair of Bunny Ears, but that is really it. Your scenery was very forgetable and very simple! Even though your concept was doing a headshot, there really is not any point of me assigning a nude task when you can only see the neck and up. Your pose is cute, but very basic! We know you can do better but it almost seems that you have not been giving it your all in the last couple of tasks!

Eliminated: Sarah_Sugerplum and Wylie1995

This Decision was SOOO hard for me to make! Both of you did such an outstanding job this task and throughout the competition, but in the end it came down to who was the best of the best, and unfortuneately it was a tight race! Although you girls may feel a bit bummed you did not win, you both have done such an amazing job through this cycle of MelsModels and you should be EXTREMELY proud of yourselfs, just as I am of you both! I love you both so much and hope we can keep in touch! Also you are welcome to audition again in a future cycle, who knows maybe you will be like Jaslene and come back to win!

Congratulations to the Final Five!!! You girls are amazing! The Next Task will be posted on Sunday!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

TASK 6! Going Nude!

Hey Everyone! I first of all want to apologize for the two week hiatus I had to take from MelsModels! I am so busy with school and my personal life that I have not had time to continue this commitment, until now!

Task 6 is here and it is all about being beautiful with nothing but yourself! This photoshoot is going to be a nude photoshoot and you can go with any concept or use any artistic point of view you desire! You can only use your medoll in this shot, and you have to remember to keep it modelisque and tasteful! There is very few limitations on what you cannot do, however the private parts of your medoll have to be covered but you do have to make it look like she is nude. No bathing suits or underwear basically. Good luck and if you have any questions contact me through mail!

The deadline for this challenge is next weekend!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Task 5 Elimination Ceremony!

Hello Everyone! What a wonderful week in MelsModels! We currently have 2 thousand and 30 members, and all of the finalists did SUCH an amazing job with their sceneries! From Ballet to Falling, the action shots were just great! I also would like to give a big thank you to Britney for being an amazing guest judge! I am so glad you took the time to be apart of this task, and you are welcome back anytime!
Now for the callout order and comments/critiques (ALSO I will add the pictures of all of your sceneries to go with the comments for next task, since there will be less girls!):
1.LuvinCherrys-Your scenery was 100 percent flawless! You showed movement, a great editorial-like concept, the way you styled your medoll and the background was great, and the pose was just amazing! By far your scenery was the one I remembered the most, and the one the judges and myself liked the most! Keep this up girl, you did amazing this week and have really impressed us all! So you are the winner of this task and will be featured on the homepage of the club!

2. xJuicyxCandyx23- Your scenery was very well done and neat, and I really liked the whole color scheme and concept! It was very editorial and looked like a real photoshoot! Although you do have room to improve and had a few minor problems with your scenery, you did an amazing job and blew us away! Continue with this level of skill!

3. Sarah_Sugerplum- You really had an amazing concept, and just a great overall vibe! I loved the background, the pose on the swing, and the styling to your medoll! It was very commercial in a great way! The one problem I had was that your face did not fit in with the rest of the scenery, and this is the second time this has happened. The rest of the scenery was very happy and yourmedoll looked quite sad! You did such an amazing job but do not be afraid to change up your medoll (not drastically of course, but small things like a smile) to fit certain tasks.

4. Twlight-lover95- You did such a great job with the pose and you really got what an action shot is supposed to be like! It was very editorial and I love the lights and the simple background! There is not much else to say, but just keep it up! Also start taking tinypics more often since your sceneries often have glitches! It saves alot of time!

5. Tigre89- Your scenery was very high fashion and editorial! I loved the concept and it did show alot of movement, the background, styling of your medoll, pose and dress were all on point so great job! Keep this up! One way to improve would be by making sure everything is EVEN more neat! You can never be too neat haha!

6. lgap- Your scenery was very risky! The pose was bold and it screamed action shot, which is why I loved it! I think the pose was just a bit too unrealistic and that is why you are not higher on the callout order, however I loved the creativity with the dress and the hair, and the concept was very nice and it showed how much skill and potential you have! Great job, keep this up!

7. RihannyX- Your concept was very original and it was very fun and cute! You did have a couple small problems though. Although I get what you were saying about your medoll looking as if she was saying "Oh no!" it seemed like she was bored, and the pose was just a bit unrealistic with the legs. It also was not really one I remembered, and in the past I always remember your sceneries! I know you could do better, but you still did a great job!
1.Wylie1995- Although your concept was one of my favorites, and the background was very well done, your pose was extremely sloppy and messy. I do not require girls to do poses, it just makes sceneries look more professional, and often times better. However in this scenery it hindered your performance and made it look like you did not spend as much time as the other girls spent on theirs. I know you can do better then this.

2.Teagy_moo- I always look forward to viewing your sceneries because your always so unique with your concepts and backgrounds and overall point of view!You always have a certain quirkiness, which I love, however this week it just did not work. I loved the concept with you trying to incoperate awkwardness which must have been so hard, and you kind of achieved that, but the pose was a bit unrealistic and the dress was a bit sloppy. I know you can do better.

3.Likwhoaitsmaria- You always have a point of view and quality to your sceneries that I know they are yours when I look at them! Your scenery had a very cute concept, but it just was not portrayed well. The two seperate bodies made things a bit more complicated and compared to the other sceneries it just was not as good. You have an amazing sense of style and you have done amzing in this competition and I know you can do better!
ELIMINATED: Teagy_moo and Likwhoaitsmaria.
This decision was SO tough, and so hard to make! Even typing this up is hard! You both are so talented and skilled and have come so far, but just this week compared to the other girls you simply were not as good =/. You each have amazing amounts of potential, and with some practice you girls could easily win a future cycle of MelsModels! Stay active and audition again when you feel ready! You girls will be missed!

Wylie1995-you must improve in the next task! Be neat and do not do a pose if you can not work it out well enough!

Congratulations to the top 8! The next task and guest judge will be posted soon!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Hello Ladies! First of all I would like to say Congrats on making it to the top 10! Now I have the honor to announce your next Guest Judge, Britneys07! I am thrilled to have her be apart of the MelsModels team this week, and she cannot wait to see what you all come up with this week! This is deffinately not a week to slack off. Try your hardest to impress her!

***Also on a bit of a sad note, CamilaAa88 will not be judging for the remainder, or most of the remainder, of this cycle! Due to a very busy and chaotic personal life she is taking a break from stardoll, and is unsure about how long it will be! She will be back for the finale though, and when she has more free time she will stop by as well!

Now for the task! This week is going to be Action Packed! Your assignment is to create an Action Photo Shoot! For those of you who are not familiar with Action Shots, I have some images below that should help you understand what I am asking of everyone. They are simply inspiration, you do not have to resemble them in any shape or form! Two are from Saleisha's Portfolio from America's Next Top Model, and the other three are from the pages of Vogue. This task is all about YOUR personal point of view!

You can make it any type of action you want, any setting, any theme you desire, as long as it is fashionable! An action shot is just a photo shoot in which the model is doing something, and what she is doing is being captured in the shot! It needs to look like she is in the middle of a movement, not just a photo, so this task is going to be very challenging for you all!

Make sure your poses are neat if your doing a complicated one, and you all should pay special attention to the comments I made at the Elimination Ceremony! This way you will be able to improve, and you all need to if you want to stay in this competition.

Good Luck to you all! If you have any questions make sure you ask me them!<33

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Hello Everyone! This week was a wonderful week and all of your sceneries were great! I also want to thank Dodence_bt (Mario) for being an amazing guest judge, and really helping me out! I know he had alot to say, but when you are a model you have to be able to take it in and learn from it! So I hope you all do! Now, DKNYloverDKNY quit this competition this week, and LApanda88 has been on vacation for a very long time, and will continue to be on one. So both of these girls have been removed from the competition, sadly! Although two girls have already left this week I will be eliminating ONE of you tonight!
Now here is the callout order:
1. xJuicyxCandyx23- Congratulations! You are this week's winner and will be featured on the homepage of the club! All the judges LOVED your amazing concept, dress, pose, and all the small details! While you still do have room to improve, your scenery was breathtaking and the best of the bunch! Keep this up!
2. RihannyX- I loved your concept with the three different parts, and yet it was still cohesive and I think it was a great way to show May for a calendar! Great job!
3. Tigre89- Although your scenery caused some confusion, I think it portrayed July in a great way! I love the styling of the background and of your medoll! So beautiful! You do need to learn how to take criticism better though, but im confident you can work on that! Keep it up! Great job!
4. LuvinCherrys- You had a great background, and although you focused mainly on Easter which is often in march, it portrayed the month well and it showed your hardwork!
5. Wylie1995- Your scenery deffinately was controversial! I think it was very Calendar-like, and I love the creativity with the dress! Although your concept was a bit edgy for a Calendar, I think it worked and you thought outside of the box, which I like!
6. lgap- I knew your month was september right away, even though it was very simple. Although most of the judges were not fans at all of your scenery, I personally really liked it and I make the decisions at the end of the day. I see alot of potential in you! Please make me proud and prove to everyone that you have what it takes to win! I know you do!
1. Twlight-lover95- Your scenery showed January in a fun and exciting way, just like New Years! Although you were not the main focus, when you finally noticed your medoll you saw pure beauty! You looked stunning and I loved your styling of your outfit and medoll! Just make sure your always the main focus of the sceneries!
2. Sarah_Sugerplum-your scenery had the color scheme of October, but by looking at it you are not able to tell what month it is! Although your concept is very interesting and unique, your scenery was one I had trouble remembering! I know you could do better, and please try to make your sceneryes a bit more rememberable (if thats a word!), if possible!
3. Teagy_moo- Your scenery was personal by making it August where you live, which I love! I liked your dress and pose, although you need to work on making your creations more neat! Sometimes (like in this case) they are a bit sloppy! Keep all the innovation and creativity that you put into your sceneries, just try to make them neater!
4. Likwhoaitsmaria- I was a bit disappointed in your scenery, it lacked something that I am confident you have, which is taste! I know this sounds a bit harsh but it was very tacky. The hearts were a bit too much even though they made sure everyone knew it was february. Your pose also did not really make sense and was sloppy. Although your lips were very cool, it was one of the worst.
ELIMINATED: NO ONE! I could not get rid of any of you all. I was desperately trying to figure out which of you I could lose, but I decided I couldn't get rid of anyone! Next week I am going to be judging you all on this week as well, so if you did poorly this week you
have to try 100x harder! Love you all, and congrats on being in the top ten! Yayyy! The next task will be up in a day or so! Stay tuned!
Also do you like this decision? Do you like it being on the blog more then the club? Leave replies in the comments, and do not forget to follow!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Welcome to MelsModels's Official Blog!

Hello Everyone! I just want to say Welcome to my blog for my Stardoll Club, MelsModels! I will now be holding all elimination ceremonies here, and I will be announcing all the tasks here! I am doing this because it is much easier, and this way I can give you all personal critiques in the callout order, just like Tyra does! I am going to be running the club the same, except if you want to be updated on MelsModels news, check here instead of the club! If something major, like an elimination or task is revealed I will of course post it in the club still!

Anyways, Follow this blog to keep updated! Love you all!