Friday, June 10, 2011

Task 9 Elimination Ceremony

This has been such a close call. This entire week gave the club incredible sceneries and a battle for the ages. I am so proud of all four of you for making it this far and proving how much you deserve to be here. There have been some pretty devastating decisions, but every week it seems to get more difficult.

The callout order is as follows....

1. .naima - Congratulations! You are the winner of this task and your scenery will be featured on the homepage of the club. You really made it clear that you listened to our advice this week. You were able to make a 'WOW' scenery and piece of art without solely relying on your pose work. I am so proud that you really stepped it up. Your scenery was emotionally beautiful.

BOTTOM THREE (Despite all of you being so close to the top!):
1. .pease.- Your scenery had a wonderful concept, interesting idea for the layout, and the styling and filling of space was overall really well done. You always are able to capture realism and make you sceneries look like stills from movies or an ad in a magazine, but some of the judges are worried that you are unable to break your own mold. When looking at your work as a whole this cycle we find it almost one-note, there isn't really a single week where you went in an opposite direction and transformed completely. If you stay around we want to see some sort of new spark within you.

2. sweet.hearts- Week after week I have given you the same critique (Even last week I basically screamed to you in your comments at elimination): That I want you to add more details and put more into your sceneries! Yet this week you used another black background. I know that you are a non-superstar and are limited when it comes to creating the best backgrounds, but there are many others who are non-superstar who are able to add that depth into their work (Like Blair and Jerrix during MelsModels). We feel like you not listening to our advice and this is somewhat frustrating since we see something so interesting and refreshing in you that we don't see in some of the other girls. You also, as Kasia put it, kind of sabotaged yourself with your pose this week. When all you have is a black background and two props to support your scenery, your pose is the main focus, and yours was just very unrealistic and distracting.

3. tigre89- You really did an amazing job this week and I personally loved how your scenery fed all the senses and made the onlooker feel something. The one thing that we worry about you is that sometimes your sceneries and styling isn't as innovative or creative as we want it to be. While you have a perfect eye for filling space and making breath-taking sceneries, often there isn't an edge to your styling that we see appear in some of our other models' work. You tend to use the same items from week to week and that adds to this lack of power within your landscapes and situations. We know you have it in you and we just want you to be aware of this for the future if you are still here.

What a wonderful journey you have had here in MelsModels. We are all especially proud of you and everyone on the judging panel was SO reluctant to let you go. You have given us some of the best work and most intriguing concepts that this club has ever seen and you are definitely one of the fiercest non superstars I have ever met! I remember seeing your face in the auditions and making a huge star next to your name on my pad of paper that I was using to keep track of my favorites. It was because I saw such a huge gift in you and I am so happy that you proved me right and made it all the way to the final four! The thing that got you in the end was the fact that we felt you weren't listening to our advice, and therefore not growing as fast as you could have been. You are such a beautiful person and I hope you stay active in this club and active as a friend for a very long time! I love you!

tigre89 and .pease.
You both are so wonderful and such creative minds. We feel that the final three all has a lot of similarities and you two need to be SURE you stick out this upcoming week and show us just how innovative and deserving you are! We want to see you go crazy this next week by simply stepping outside of who you have been so far in this competition for a single photoshoot.

***Congratulations to my dear Top Three! I cannot believe we are already down to the wire. The next task will be posted this Monday or Tuesday! Stay tuned everyone!!!


  1. Where can we see the sceneries?? For example tigre89's last scenery is from 2009...?!!??

    I want to see them!

  2. aah :D found them :P in the club... i am new so please appologize my Ignorance.