Saturday, September 26, 2009

TASK 6! Going Nude!

Hey Everyone! I first of all want to apologize for the two week hiatus I had to take from MelsModels! I am so busy with school and my personal life that I have not had time to continue this commitment, until now!

Task 6 is here and it is all about being beautiful with nothing but yourself! This photoshoot is going to be a nude photoshoot and you can go with any concept or use any artistic point of view you desire! You can only use your medoll in this shot, and you have to remember to keep it modelisque and tasteful! There is very few limitations on what you cannot do, however the private parts of your medoll have to be covered but you do have to make it look like she is nude. No bathing suits or underwear basically. Good luck and if you have any questions contact me through mail!

The deadline for this challenge is next weekend!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Task 5 Elimination Ceremony!

Hello Everyone! What a wonderful week in MelsModels! We currently have 2 thousand and 30 members, and all of the finalists did SUCH an amazing job with their sceneries! From Ballet to Falling, the action shots were just great! I also would like to give a big thank you to Britney for being an amazing guest judge! I am so glad you took the time to be apart of this task, and you are welcome back anytime!
Now for the callout order and comments/critiques (ALSO I will add the pictures of all of your sceneries to go with the comments for next task, since there will be less girls!):
1.LuvinCherrys-Your scenery was 100 percent flawless! You showed movement, a great editorial-like concept, the way you styled your medoll and the background was great, and the pose was just amazing! By far your scenery was the one I remembered the most, and the one the judges and myself liked the most! Keep this up girl, you did amazing this week and have really impressed us all! So you are the winner of this task and will be featured on the homepage of the club!

2. xJuicyxCandyx23- Your scenery was very well done and neat, and I really liked the whole color scheme and concept! It was very editorial and looked like a real photoshoot! Although you do have room to improve and had a few minor problems with your scenery, you did an amazing job and blew us away! Continue with this level of skill!

3. Sarah_Sugerplum- You really had an amazing concept, and just a great overall vibe! I loved the background, the pose on the swing, and the styling to your medoll! It was very commercial in a great way! The one problem I had was that your face did not fit in with the rest of the scenery, and this is the second time this has happened. The rest of the scenery was very happy and yourmedoll looked quite sad! You did such an amazing job but do not be afraid to change up your medoll (not drastically of course, but small things like a smile) to fit certain tasks.

4. Twlight-lover95- You did such a great job with the pose and you really got what an action shot is supposed to be like! It was very editorial and I love the lights and the simple background! There is not much else to say, but just keep it up! Also start taking tinypics more often since your sceneries often have glitches! It saves alot of time!

5. Tigre89- Your scenery was very high fashion and editorial! I loved the concept and it did show alot of movement, the background, styling of your medoll, pose and dress were all on point so great job! Keep this up! One way to improve would be by making sure everything is EVEN more neat! You can never be too neat haha!

6. lgap- Your scenery was very risky! The pose was bold and it screamed action shot, which is why I loved it! I think the pose was just a bit too unrealistic and that is why you are not higher on the callout order, however I loved the creativity with the dress and the hair, and the concept was very nice and it showed how much skill and potential you have! Great job, keep this up!

7. RihannyX- Your concept was very original and it was very fun and cute! You did have a couple small problems though. Although I get what you were saying about your medoll looking as if she was saying "Oh no!" it seemed like she was bored, and the pose was just a bit unrealistic with the legs. It also was not really one I remembered, and in the past I always remember your sceneries! I know you could do better, but you still did a great job!
1.Wylie1995- Although your concept was one of my favorites, and the background was very well done, your pose was extremely sloppy and messy. I do not require girls to do poses, it just makes sceneries look more professional, and often times better. However in this scenery it hindered your performance and made it look like you did not spend as much time as the other girls spent on theirs. I know you can do better then this.

2.Teagy_moo- I always look forward to viewing your sceneries because your always so unique with your concepts and backgrounds and overall point of view!You always have a certain quirkiness, which I love, however this week it just did not work. I loved the concept with you trying to incoperate awkwardness which must have been so hard, and you kind of achieved that, but the pose was a bit unrealistic and the dress was a bit sloppy. I know you can do better.

3.Likwhoaitsmaria- You always have a point of view and quality to your sceneries that I know they are yours when I look at them! Your scenery had a very cute concept, but it just was not portrayed well. The two seperate bodies made things a bit more complicated and compared to the other sceneries it just was not as good. You have an amazing sense of style and you have done amzing in this competition and I know you can do better!
ELIMINATED: Teagy_moo and Likwhoaitsmaria.
This decision was SO tough, and so hard to make! Even typing this up is hard! You both are so talented and skilled and have come so far, but just this week compared to the other girls you simply were not as good =/. You each have amazing amounts of potential, and with some practice you girls could easily win a future cycle of MelsModels! Stay active and audition again when you feel ready! You girls will be missed!

Wylie1995-you must improve in the next task! Be neat and do not do a pose if you can not work it out well enough!

Congratulations to the top 8! The next task and guest judge will be posted soon!