Monday, May 16, 2011

Task 8 and Biggest Guest Judge Ever!

Hello Everyone! I am very excited to announce the guest judge for this task of MelsModels. She is one of the most famous, talented, and acclaimed users on all of Stardoll. This should make you all work extra hard to impress her.

Our guest judge for this week is the iconic Style_Magazine ! ! !

She created the very first stardoll magazine, known as Style Magazine, and ultimately began the stardoll model movement. It is because of her that there is room for this club in the Stardoll World. She has a perfect eye when it comes to taste, and you should be very honored that she will be seeing and commenting on your work this week.

Now for your task. There will be one quick 'challenge' and the normal scenery task which was created by Style! Make sure you read EVERY WORD of this post to understand everything clearly.

For the scenery task, Style_Magazine created makeup looks for each of you five girls. She is the client this week and you will making a scenery revolving around her makeup for you and her inspiration. Her inspiration was italian actresses in the fifties and sixties. She really wants a haute couture vibe and you must recreate her makeup and accessorizing in your scenery look. We will be taking how well you recreate her look into consideration when judging this week.

Style is the client and this task is meant to show how well you can listen to a client, yet add your own flair and stand out.

The makeup stylings are as follows:





sweet.hearts- (Yours is a bit different since you are a non superstar. She showed the hair and earrings she would like you to use, as well as the makeup options available to you on HER medoll. Try to follow this as closely as you can!)

***If you have any questions about this part of the task, feel free to mail me and I will pass questions on to Style!

NOW for the second part of the task, it will be quite simple.

Using the photo function at your page, you are to take a photo of your medoll that should convey a polaroid taken at a 'Go See'. In order to do this, there should be minimal makeup and very simple styling wardrobe wise. You want to stand out without being able to pose, and we want to see how you compare to the rest on a first impression basis.

When you are finished, save the photo and copy and paste the link and put it into the comments of your scenery AFTER your description. This will make it a lot easier to judge and give you feedback on the 'polaroid'!

The winner this week will be decided based on how well everyone does on each of the two tasks combined.

Good Luck Models! There is a lot said in this post, but if you need any help let me know! We are all very excited about this entire week!

The Deadline For This Task Will Be Monday May 23rd ! ! !

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