Thursday, October 22, 2009

TASK 7!! Welcome to Moscow!!!

Hey Everyone, and welcome to Moscow! Russia is known for many things, but for me when I think about the fashion of Russia, I instantly think of luxurious furs! Whether you agree with it or not, Fur is a huge part of the fashion industry and there is constant controversy on whether or not it is okay for people to wear (basically) dead animals. For this task you are to create an editorial campaign that takes either the side of "Pro-Fur" or "Anti-Fur"! Once you have chosen a side, you are to create a scenery that goes along with your concept and campaign that you have in mind! Remember, that although you are trying to get your point across you still must remain a model! Do not be afraid to change some of your medoll features to fit the theme, and be creative with the pose, styling, concept, and layout of your scenery!! Good Luck Girls! The deadline for this task is going to be next thursday!

Also! The campaign you create does not have to be what you personally believe! If you personally have no opinion of this matter, just chose whichever you think would be more fun to do! And if you are Anti-Fur in real life but you think you want to try to do a Pro-Fur ad, then go right ahead!

If you have any questions mail me to ask them!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Task 6 Elimination Ceremony!

Hey Everyone! Sorry for the huge delay I have been so busy! This week was a very interesting and exciting task, and you girls did NOT disappoint us judges! We had some amazing entries, all from beautiful and talented girls! Which brings me to my next point! I am so honored and lucky to be the owner and head judge of this club! You girls make me SO proud, and whenever I see your sceneries I smile from ear to ear! You all really are such amazing girls, and I just want to thank you all for being apart of this competition! And I am so glad I have had the honor to have you compete! If you have not heard, Lgap has dropped out of this competition due to her chaotic, busy, and stressful personal life! She does not have enough time to commit to this competition so she wanted to makesure someone deserving wins it and that is why she chose to drop out! She will be missed, and we are sorry to see her go however we completely understand!Unfortuneately this week two more of you do have to be eliminated, and there can only be one winner this round! I love you all! Here is the callout order:

1. LuvinCherrys- Just incredible! The pose you created was unbelievable, and just so realistic it looked real! I loved the background as well! The simple black backdrop with the crystals and ivy came across brilliantly! I loved the idea to cover your medoll up with hair, and I think it worked great! You are the winner of this challenge, so your scenery will be on the homepage of MelsModels congratulations, and keep this up!

2. xJuicyxCandyx23- Your scenery was outstanding! Not much critique can be given! The background was beautiful, and I loved the concept and small details! The pose is extremely neat and very realistic, which I love! It is also very modelisque, and so is the stunning and sparkly ensemble you created! Great work!

3. RihannyX- Just amazing! Absolutely perfect! All the details, in the pose, the background, the outfit, and the makeup just made for a great scenery! I loved how you portrayed movement through your scenery and the overall Ivy and Ice concept was just stunning! Your medoll looks like a beautiful goddess and you deffinitely did this task with class! Good job!

4. Tigre89- Loved your concept for your scenery! Your medoll looked amazing, I loved the hair makeup and earrings you created! I also love the pose with the pets surrounding her! Deffinately looks like something that would be hung over a supermodel's fire place! haha! Great work, and your pose looked very realistic which was more than a plus!!

1. Twlight-lover95- Your scenery hit the maximum number of items that you could use, and it showed SO much hard work and small details in the pose and concept with the pearls and diamonds! Although it showed alot of creativity you need to work on making your poses neater, and working with the amount of items we are supposed to use and make it fierce instead of unfinished!

2. Sarah_Sugerplum- While your scenery had an amazing concept with the background and the feathers, the pose was very unrealistic and your medoll still has the same blank expression on her face. Even though your medoll is drop dead gorgeous, you should change your features occassionally to fit certain tasks! (Especially since we have told you this before). We still are aware of your great potential to do better!

3. Wylie1995- Your medoll had amazing makeup, and a very cute Louis Vuitton inspired pair of Bunny Ears, but that is really it. Your scenery was very forgetable and very simple! Even though your concept was doing a headshot, there really is not any point of me assigning a nude task when you can only see the neck and up. Your pose is cute, but very basic! We know you can do better but it almost seems that you have not been giving it your all in the last couple of tasks!

Eliminated: Sarah_Sugerplum and Wylie1995

This Decision was SOOO hard for me to make! Both of you did such an outstanding job this task and throughout the competition, but in the end it came down to who was the best of the best, and unfortuneately it was a tight race! Although you girls may feel a bit bummed you did not win, you both have done such an amazing job through this cycle of MelsModels and you should be EXTREMELY proud of yourselfs, just as I am of you both! I love you both so much and hope we can keep in touch! Also you are welcome to audition again in a future cycle, who knows maybe you will be like Jaslene and come back to win!

Congratulations to the Final Five!!! You girls are amazing! The Next Task will be posted on Sunday!