Monday, August 23, 2010

Task 8!!

Hey Everyone! This next task will be the last before the finale, so I am super excited. Finalists, you really have to give this your all so that you make it to the finals. It is such a tight race between all three of you, so this week really means alot! No pressure, haha!

Anyways, this task is going to be the exact same task that I gave last cycle for my final three. Each of you will be assigned water, earth, or fire. You will then have to create a scenery conveying your element. Water, Fire, Earth, (and Air, but air is difficult for making a scenery) are often described in many religions for being apart of everything but it is especially found in Animism. That is why this task also fits great with this cycle, because Animism is one of the most popular religions in Africa, and of course Cape Town.

For this scenery you can become your element (which I often prefer) or be in a situation that shows your element. Think about the characterisitics of your element when your making your pose, adding details, creating your concept, and styling your medoll (makeup and wardrobe).

This week I will be assigning the elements based on what I want to see the three of you create. I will also be thinking about what I think would be easiest for you to create, and then not assigning that element. I want you to show your versatility and ability to transform each week. The assignments are..

shake-something- Earth
BabetteCouture- Water
lgap- Fire

Good Luck Ladies! If you have any questions about anything at all feel free to come and ask. The deadline for this challenge is WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER FIRST!!

love you all!


  1. Mel, I really want to make you a banner for this blog x

  2. omg! This is so great!
    Good luck everyone!

  3. when will the next set of contestants come in i want to enter