Saturday, August 7, 2010

Task Six Elimination Ceremony

Hey Everyone! Yes, its finally time for the sixth task elimination ceremony! This week was very chaotic and many girls needed extensions due to the busy time of year, which is very understandable. I just want to thank every contestant, every spectator, and every judge who was patient throughout this crazy time. It really means the world to me.

Now, this week's results are going to be done a bit different. While there will be a callout order and a winner, there will not be a bottom three due to circumstances which I am about to explain. Aharper1243 has left the competition. Her personal life has recently been struck by family emergencies which need her attention and support. She is such a strong, compassionate, beautiful, and talented young lady and I am (as well as the other judges) truly inspired and honored by her work for MelsModels.

Now I initally planned to only eliminate one girl this week, however there has been many conflicts leading to this next elimination. I am sorry to say that Clubklo will also be leaving the competition this week. Not only did she need alot of time to create this scenery, but she hasn't been on stardoll for about a week and I am very worried about her ability to finish the cycle out thoroughly, and when she finally did create her scenery she didn't do the correct assignment which shows how little attention she has to give to MelsModels at this busy time in her life. Once again we are dealing with such an amazing person who has so much talent and potential. I have truly enjoyed watching her grow from week to week.

Both Aharper1243 and Clubklo will be apart of the Fifth Cycle of MelsModels if their schedules allow it, because not only have they spent the entire duration of MelsModels at the top of the callout order but they are leaving because of their personal lives, and I believe they deserve another chance to compete with everything they have to give, and not half! So look out for them in the fall!

Now...with two extremely talented girls out of the competition this week, we are down to the final four! Woo! I am so proud and excited about the girls left in the competition. I also want each and every one of you two know that I am not simply settling for you four. You are probably the most talented final four from any of the previous cycles, and it is going to be a very tight race for the title.

Without further babbling is the callout order:

1. BabetteCouture- Congratulations! You are the winner of this task and your scenery will be featured on and on the homepage of MelsModels. You had one of the toughest assignments and you still knocked it out of the ball-park with a fashionable and beautiful portrayal of a hunter. Your poses are so different yet insanely incredible each week and every detail to this scenery was added with such a high quality of taste. Great work!

2.lgap- Your pose was outside of the box, and so innovative! One of the best poses and yet hard-to-do poses I have ever seen. The reason you did not snag the win was because you didn't quite convey a leopard as well as some of the others conveyed their assignments. Keep this level of work up though! You did an amazing job!

3. Cianboland- An elephant is pretty difficult to portray but you did a great job for the circumstances with stardoll limiting the items. The pose and styling to your medoll were very appropriate and visually pleasing. Just be careful next week with your level of taste and make sure that every item you add is necessary and plays a role (hence the fruit).

4. shake-something- Your portrayal of a lion almost got you eliminated. If you had not won the challenge last week, and two girls didn't drop out I am pretty confident you would be leaving us tonight. The fact that you took a long time to create your scenery wasn't a problem, but I was expecting an incredible scenery after all that waiting. I was let down. Although stardoll limited your items I think you could have budgeted a bit better, so next week you really have to prove to us judges your passion and talent! I know you can do alot better and these weeks have been crazy for you, so just take a deep breath and begin next week with a clean slate!

Congratulations to the final four! The next task will be posted on Monday or Tuesday, and from there on out there will be strict yet fair deadlines until we crown our Cycle Four Winner!

Love you all!

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