Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Task Four!

Hey Everyone and Congratulations to the Top Ten of Cycle Four!! For this task MelsModels is going commercial, and everyone is going to have fun in the sun.

For this task you each must make a scenery modeling a bathing suit. Summer is so close, and here in the United States it is getting extremely hot, so I find this a perfect time to welcome summer with open arms. You need to make it playful, summery, commercial, fun, and of course appropriate. This scenery is not to be sensual, it is supposed to be appealing to women so think of Elle magazine or a women's magazine that is commercial rather than Maxim or Sports Illustrated that men look at for pleasure.

Also in this task you are not allowed to use the color black, or even shades of grey. This is because I really want the scenery to be colorful and fun, and lately everyone has beeing using ALOT of black, and it has kind of been overwhelming. Try to adventure out and have fun with different bold shades!

You can use a bathingsuit from the starplaza, or you can be creative and make one from minishop items. I love innovation though so keep that in mind ;)

Anyways, the deadline is Thursday June 10th, good luck!!!


  1. Wow, really hard task!
    I have NOOO idea what I am going to do!

  2. This will be a hard task!
    Hehe, it's still raining where I live in England- well, thunderstorms even.
    It'll be hard to think of something- but I've got a few ideas to draft.

  3. Haha this task sounds amazing!
    Wish I could have taken part!
    I might create a summer scenery on my own page ;]