Saturday, May 29, 2010

Task Three Elimination Ceremony ! ! !

Hey Everyone! What an extraordinary week in MelsModels, but what an insanely difficult week for decision making. Every entry literally blew me away, and I am so impressed with the level of talent in this year's contestants! This is the best cycle of MelsModels all around but especially talent wise, and everyone keeps making some of the nicest sceneries I have ever seen.

Usually everyone completes their task, but when someone does not they face elimination. Stefaroni did not complete the task and did not mail me explaining why, and has not even replied to my messeges or gb comments. While something serious may be the excuse behind this behavior, I have no choice but to eliminate her from the competition. She had such a high-quality talent and I had high hopes for her, and if you are reading this please audition again next cycle if you have the time to fully commit. You will surely be missed!

***Also, many girls had problems with their sceneries this week and many had claimed theirs were deleted randomly and so they made another. You are ALWAYS to contact me before you re-make a scenery, and you always need my permission to do so. Sometimes stardoll has glitches and weird things happen, but you always need to speak to me in these situations otherwise there sadly will be consequences!

Even with Stefaroni's elimination, two more girls will be leaving tonight. Now for the results. Here is the callback order:

1. BabetteCouture - Congratulations!!! You are the winner of this task, and you are the first to win two challenges this cycle, and you are one of the only girls in MelsModels history to have two wins back-to-back! Your scenery will be displayed on the homepage of the club, and you will also have it published at HotbuysBazaar! Great job girl, keep this up!
2. Lgap - Congratulations, your scenery was the best out of the "bag group", you did an amazing job and we all loved your scenery!
3. shake-something - Congratulations, your scenery was the best out of the "bracelet group" and everyone loved the great job you did!
4. Aharper1243
5. clubklo
6. Cianboland
7. SakuraDream
8. Avril14140
9. MelodyMCC

1. 123abbie456- your scenery was very chaotic and confusing, and it was difficult to recognize the big cuff as a bracelet, because many felt it really just resembled a big spot of paint. We feel like your concept was really great, but the portrayal of your ideas just didn't meet the expectations we had for you. We know your capable of amazing sceneries, but this week you let us down.

2. Choco_tiger- your scenery had a great concept, and we loved the overall feel of the black background with the paint spatters on your medoll. Out of all the sceneries, yours was one of the best at making the viewer notice the assigned item, and I surely would have considered buying your handbag. Your pose was a bit unrealistic, so just work on that and keep practicing with small details to help make your sceneries stick out more. We know you have potential to do better, so we are just frustrated when you don't do as good as you can.

3. Ashina123- your scenery was not as memorable as the others. You had a lot of ideas and I think you tried to incoperate as many of them as possible, but it kind of left me a bit overwhelmed. There was alot going on and too many things to look at that I barely noticed your bag. The skirt you made was beautiful, and the pose you did was different but so simple and realistic. We are just not sure if this is the right competition for you, because your a great stylist but we are just not confident in you being a model.

123abbie456 and Ashina123 !
You guys are both SO talented, and the fact that you even competed in my competition gives me such pride and makes me feel extremely honored. Your both capable of making really bold and striking sceneries, and you each have such beautiful styling skills. I think both of you have a great sense of fashion and are great at making outfits and styling your medolls, but compared to some of the other girls we just felt like your sceneries were not on the same level. Keep practicing, keep active, and maybe audition again! I know you guys are going to go far, and I love you both!

***Congratulations to the Top Ten!! Yayy!! The next task will be posted on Monday or Tuesday! Love you all!


  1. Oh thank you, love you!

    And congrats to everyone who made this task!


  2. I couldn't mail you, because you never accepted my request, so I wrote to you in the last blog post. Wow, did you really have to embarrass me like that?