Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Task Four Elimination Ceremony!

Hey Everyone! These past couple of weeks have been so stressful for me, so I am so sorry for the delay of the results, but I am glad I got to do them today. Everyone really stepped up their game this week and chosing the winner was almost as difficult as chosing who should be in the bottom three and who should go! Everyone has such a sharp eye and such a great talent, I am truly honored to have you all compete in my club. This week I thought I would comment for everyone instead of just commenting the bottom three, it is the least I can do for delaying the results! Anyways, here is the callout order..

1. Aharper1243- Congratulations you are the winner of this task and your scenery will be displayed on the homepage of the club and at, your scenery conveyed a strong sense of what summer is all about. Your concept was perfect, your medoll shined through like a top model, and the bathingsuit and setting you created were well balanced and stunning.

2. BabetteCouture- So close! Your scenery was beautiful and every detail added such depth to the overall scenery. Your medoll's pose was so neat and just incredible (one of the best I have ever seen) and you were so close to winning three in a row. Keep up the amazing work girl!

3. clubklo- Your pose and concept were brilliant, and different compared to everyone else's, which I admire and appreciate! You are always in the top and always so so so close to winning, I hope you do not get frustrated and keep this fire going because I know a win is destined for you soon!!

4. Lgap- Your bathingsuit, pose, and magic with the horsehair were magnificent! It was so realistic and I could see it as an editorial in Italian Vogue! You just need to work on tuning your backgrounds because your medoll is always so insanely amazing that the settings fall short in comparison. Just like clubklo you have consistently been at the top, so please keep this up and be patient because I am sure you will win one soon!

5. shake-something- I loved your theme and I think the bathingsuit you made was stunning and so flattering. Your scenery was definitely one of the best at making the viewer want to buy the garment because I know that anyone who sees it would want it for themselves! Continue with this quality of work!

6. Cianboland- Your scenery was good at bringing the attention to the garment, but your pose and styling was a bit overdone. Try to accessorize and pose more appropriately next time and always make sure that it is as realistic as possible. You need to take this and make it fuel your fire to keep going because this was a close one for you hun!

7. SakuraDream- Your pose was very exotic yet appealing and intriguing. The fact that you have not changed your medoll's hair or facial expression deeply bothers me though, because I keep telling you too. With that being said your background and concept were great, but some parts of your bathingsuit were unflattering and the bottom part almost looked like body hair. We know your capable of much more though.

1. choco_tiger --- Your scenery was late and even though that isn't a problem, it is a problem that you did not contact me about it or reply to my mails that I sent you regarding the deadline. I have loved seeing your work and seeing you improve each week and your sceneries are some of the ones I looked forward to the most. I know you are capable of growing into a beautiful model butterfly, but I get a bit frustrated since I feel like you don't see that. And as a result of that your work suffers. Your scenery's concept was a bit confusing to me, and although the pose was nicely done the bathingsuit wasn't the main focus since the whole thing seemed chaotic. You have landed in the bottom for a while now, and im not sure if you will be able to get out of this rut in time.

2. Avril14140 --- Your background of the sand and the beach looked very realistic, but with that being said I was disappointed this week. In the past you have had some troubles with proportions and you had those same mishaps this week. The legs of the pose didn't look realistic and even if they did they would not have made a flattering pose for selling a bathingsuit. The beach towel, bag, and sun tan lotion amongst other accessories were also too big and awkwardly sized for them to actually be behind you. I know you have so much talent but I feel as if, like choco_tiger, you may be in a rut at the moment.

3. MelodyMCC --- Your scenery was good, but it didn't have the wow factor that the other sceneries had. Your bathingsuit looked as if you gave up during the process of making it, and your scenery wasn't as rememorable as I would have hoped. I do love the background and setting you created though, and I could easily see that in an ad for a swimsuit. I think you have alot of potential and I think you can do better. You have to pay attention more on the overall look of the scenery and you also have to work on tuning your poses and make them look real. While a certain pose may look good it may not be the most ideal pose for a scenery, especially if the arms or hands aren't doing anything and aren't looking graceful.

choco_tiger and Avril14140
You guys are both two of my favorite contestants I have ever had. You have so much passion and have such a skill for scenery-making. I am so upset that this decision has to be made, but I hope you understand. With practice and determination and an audition next cycle I am sure either of you could make it all the way to the end! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for participating in this competition, and I hope you guys stay in my stardoll life and active in MelsModels! Love you both!

The next task will be posted on Saturday! Get Ready Top 8!

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