Friday, May 7, 2010

Cycle Four - - Task Two ! ! !

Hey Everyone! I am so excited to continue this competition with the second task. First I just want to say congrats to the final fifteen competitors! You guys all deserve to be here, but you have to show the judges and myself that you deserve to make it on to the next round as well.
****Before I announce the task I have to say one thing. A lot of members, especially competitors are commenting sceneries with negative comments or critiques. It is not your job to give advice on anyone's scenery. In MelsModels you are only allowed to comment on eachothers work in a positive way, and if you have nothing nice to say then do not say anything at all. If we see someone saying something that is rude and not complementary we will delete the post and give them a warning. If it happens again they will be witheld from the club with a week suspension. Thank you, and I hope everyone can follow this rule!
For this task you will be assigned a type of weather/natural disaster. You then will make a club scenery depicting your assignment to the best of your ability. Your concept, pose, styling, background, and makeup should all represent your assignment! Your theme of the scenery can be abstract but you have to remember that you are a model in a modeling competition, so while it can be abstract it should be easily understood at the same time.
Also if you are competing in MelsModels then you have to leave an explanation for your scenery! You simply have to say why you did what you did in the comments of the scenery, and also you have to leave a tinypic from now on as well. Many sceneries take forever to load or do not load at all, and that is why the link is necessary. Take the screenprint before you publish your scenery to be safe because if you have any glitches, we can see the scenery without them!
The Assignments Are:
Aharper1243- Avalanche
lgap- Flood
clubklo- Earthquake
shake-something- Volcanic Eruption
Avril14140- Tornado/Twister
Cianboland- Hurricane
SakuraDream- Tsunami
X_princess_N-x- Hailing
MelodyMCC- Acid Rain
BabetteCouture- Wild Fire
Stefaroni- Thunder and Lightning
Ashina123- Monsoon
Chicago3- Sand Storm
123abbie456- Mudslide
Choco_tiger- Blizzard
You have until the evening of next saturday, the 15th of May, to complete this task! Good Luck, and if you have any questions please comment this post or the topic in the club and I will contact you!
Love you all!


  1. Wow, this task is going to be fun:)
    I cant wait to see what everyone does!
    And I agree that negative comments from those Who are not judges should be deleted, some people can be really mean:(
    Good Luck Everyone!

  2. That's cool!
    I had that task for my models in Inspired. club a few weeks ago!
    I guess it's a "trending task"!

  3. This task is going to be very interesting :D

  4. What an amazing task!
    Can't wait to see how everyone does! :D

  5. Very fun :D Good luck to everyone! I wanna see what people cough up THIS round;P