Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Finale Speech/Last Words!!!

Cycle Four started off with 20 beautiful girls who had radiant personalities and an incredible skill, but after about six months (yes it has literally been over six months!) the only two models remaining are BabetteCouture and shake-something.

What a journey it has been! At every cycle's ending I like to think back on the entire process and especially reflect on the final two. I am going to do my best to speak to each of you, although it is tough to express how proud I am in words.

shake-something- Right away when I think of you I think of your shining persona! You are so genuine and through the competition myself and the judges have fell in love with who you are. You have also really grown as a model right before our eyes. In the beginning you had alot of ideas and felt the need to really show all of them and almost make your sceneries too complicated. With time you were able to master ambitious poses and perfect styling and you also recieved confidence in yourself as a person and model and were able to really improve week after week. You also became a master of complicated concepts that often made us judges consider your work to be art rather than a scenery. You were always staying true to your interesting self, which soon became very clear. The reason you got to the end was because of this unique person that you are. You were able to see your mistakes and fix them and this positive attitude of yours really came across to the judges, and we always wanted to see more from you. We still do want to see more of you and we are all so confident that we will, its just sad that it won't be in MelsModels.

BabetteCouture- When I first think of you I think of your burning passion! You have such an extreme fire for both life and MelsModels and that really came across through these past months. The very first week you were close to being in the bottom, but since then you have always been in the top three which is a MelsModels first. When you saw that you weren't at the top, you gave this competition everything you had for the remaining tasks which shows so much dedication and determination which I admire. I think it is safe to say that throughout the competition you were always one of the strongest models, but at the same time you really grew tremendously. Each week your sceneries went to a whole new level and each week you listened to the critiques the judges and myself gave you so that your next scenery would be bigger and better. You continued to wowed us which became pretty tough as everyone got to be top models, but you always made new characters and proved to us that you have the versatility and the talent to go all the way. I will miss seeing your progress each week, but I know that we will all see future accomplishments of yours out of the MelsModels bubble.

To be honest this is one of my favorite MelsModels cycles ever, and it is mostly because of you both and the other models this year. You have really made these past six months an amazing and fun experience that I will cherish forever. Although I am upset and surprised that this cycle is already ending, I am happy that we now can celebrate a cycle of hard work and refined talent. Just because this cycle of MelsModels is over doesn't mean our work together will be. I love you both so much and I look forward to our relationships in the future!!

Congratulations on making it to the very very end!<333


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