Monday, May 3, 2010


Hey Everyone! What a wonderful first task we had. Everyone seriously did such an amazing job, and I can proudly say that every judge agreed with me! This elimination is extremely difficult for the judges and I. Everyone has so much potential and has been limited in how much they can show us. The callout order is from best reviewed to the bottom six who were the worst reviewed. If you are at the top, keep it up, if you are in the middle, step it up, and if you are in the bottom you have to kick it up. Anyway here is the callout order, but please make sure to read the ENTIRE post.

1. Aharper1243- Congratulations you are the winner for the first task. As a winner you will get your scenery displayed on the front page of the club and a star next to your name in the club's presentation!

2. lgap

3. clubklo

4. shake-something

5. Avril14140

6. Cianboland

7. SakuraDream

8. X-princess_N-x

9. MelodyMCC

10. BabetteCouture

11. Stefaroni

12. Ashina123

13. Chicago3

14. 123abbie456


xC.L.Sx- The judges and myself felt that your scenery was a lack-luster portrayal of your item, and that you were capable of achieving much more than you did.

guavatastic- Your scenery did not show us your item well enough, and it was messy and left us perplexed as to where the girl who made callbacks went.

xoxo_zoey- Your scenery lacked a lot of passion that we saw in the other girls, and it made us question whether or not you were ready to compete in this competition. You may need some more practice.

Choco_tiger- Your scenery showed a lot of potential, but it was still a bit random and did not convey a rubber ducky the way we had hoped you would. You could have done more.

toxxic.angel- We did not see a model nor did we see Mercury in your scenery. We liked the artistic messege but it could have been done in a much neater and more sophisticated manner where you remained a model in a modeling competition.

Rozi_xox- Your scenery was nice, but we did not have that WOW moment and we simply saw more fire in other sceneries. Your item could have been shown in a better way, and you could have put more thought into your scenery as a whole.







SAVED: Choco_tiger - You were literally given a second chance. The judges and myself saw a lot of potential in you and want to see more. Please prove to us that we made the right decision, and do not make us regret sending someone else home instead of you! Show us what you got, because we all are waiting to see it!

***SERIOUSLY, you guys are all so amazing and each one of you could have won this competition with practice and time. I know you guys may be disappointed your journey is cut short, but please stay active in this club and audition again because I am so impressed with all of you! The five of you are all amazing people and great stardoll models, and I love you all, it just didn't work out this one time, but you have to keep at it and maybe it will end in your favor next time! I hope you all understand<3

To the final 15, congratulations! Step it up in the next task, because 2 girls will be eliminated per task from now on! There may also be double eliminations or other twists to come, so be prepared and always be on your game!

The next task will be posted on Friday! Get Ready Everyone!


    Thank You So Much!
    I Was Worried About Making The Top 15, I Had No Idea I would Win! And Being Featured In Stardoll'sMostWanted! I Dont Even Know What To Say Or How To Thank You!
    This Is Amazing, Hopefully I Can Continue To Do Well.
    Thanks Mel, Thanks Judges:)

  2. Omg!!
    Thank you so much :D

    Congrats to the Harper,she had an amazing scenery!!

  3. OMG thanks a million Mel & Judges for saving me! I now understand that the standard has to be very high. I won't let you down! I will work so hard at the next task!

    choco_tiger :)

  4. Congrats to everyone who got there! And the winning scenery is amazing!