Friday, September 10, 2010


Hey Everyone! Congratulations to both shake-something and BabetteCouture for becoming this cycle's final two! This is a huge deal and I hope you are just as proud as I am, because you both seriously beat out hundreds of people to get to this point and you each have grown tremendously over the course of the competition.

For the Final Task there will be four parts, but you will have alot of time and they aren't that difficult don't worry! You can do the parts in any order you want (you don't have to do part one, then part two and so on..) just be sure you label your sceneries beginning with your username and then the part (Ex: Bluegreen86-Part One)! Be sure you explain EVERYTHING in the comments, we really would rather a tremendous explanation than a tiny one! Also just a reminder.. FINALISTS READ EVERY WORD OF THIS POST!!!

Part One- You are to create a Covergirl commercial selling a lip product of your choice! This commercial is important because you want to show the judges your versatility as a model and prove to us that you can actually be easy, breezy, and beautiful! For this commercial you don't have to write a commercial in the comments, but you do have to create a name for the product. The product can be a lip gloss, lipstick, lip liner, anything you desire but you should try to make it relevant! As in the previous 'commercial challenges' make sure you pay attention to your styling, pose (Most likely apart of a beauty shot), and background. You want the viewer to buy the product!

Part Two- You are to create a High Fashion photograph, in which you are showing the judges that you can work as an editorial model who gets booked for spreads in high end magazines. While it is important to be commercial and sign huge contracts, it is also important that you can wear actual couture and not have it wear you. For this part you have alot of freedom, you can basically do whatever you want, but be sure you explain how its an editorial. Just a helpful hint, the concept is very important. While many editorials are simple, most of them are detailed and profound! So definitely be artistic! Once again think about styling, your not gonna look the same in this scenery than all your past ones, you are able to be dramatic for this part, just maintain your incredible taste!

Part Three- For this part you are to make a scenery that depicts who you are as a person. For this you can run in any direction you desire. You can express your personality, your hobbies, anything at all that is interesting and teaches the viewer about who you are instantly! We love to get to know our MelsModels girls, and although we feel that we already know you guys, we want to know more. Once again there are few rules, so really have fun with this freedom and give us something unique!

Part Four- For this part you simply have to post a topic in MelsModels telling myself, the judges, and every member of the club, why you should win this cycle. You can tell us why your a Top Model, why your a Rolemodel, and why you are deserving of the crown! You can make this part as long as you want, so don't be afraid to continue your post in the comment section and just type away girls! (Personally I would do this last, because after your final sceneries are completed it will be nice to really reflect on the entire experience and use that to your advantage!)

The Deadline for this task is.. Saturday September 25th! You guys have over two weeks to think about, work on, and create these four parts! Really give this everything you got, because this is it!

After the 25th, the judges and myself will probably take a week to deliberate and really think about the decision. Then hopefully on the following weekend there will be a huge MelsModels Gala where we will reflect on the cycle, party it up, and of course announce the winner of Cycle Four! More details about that will be posted later on.

Seriously, I love you both so much! If you have anything at all you need to ask me, any questions, comments, or concerns, just mail me! Good Luck Ladies!!!


  1. ;O
    Amazing!! :D

    And Congratulations to both of you!

  2. Huge congratulations to both! :D

    Ahh,wish I was still in. xD

  3. Congrats for getting here!
    Sounds good luck!! xD