Monday, May 17, 2010


Hey Everyone! This week was a week to remember, because every scenery that was made was just spectacular, and I could've seen each and every one being the winner of the week, literally!! This cycle has so much talent, that I am consistently being told so by fellow users and judges. Everyone is so great, that it is actually making me very worried about the decisions to come. On this week's callout order, it was very tough to chose which order to put all of you in since all of the sceneries were so close in ranking. If you are in the top part of the callout order (about 1-7) you were very amazing this week. If you were on the middle (8-10) you did great, but you just have to pick it up a bit if you want to win a future challenge. Finally if you are in the bottom (11-bottom three) you have much more potential than you are using, and fell short when compared to everyone else. Without further babbling, here is the callout order for the week:

1. BabetteCouture- Congratulations! You are the winner of this week's task. Your scenery showed an immense passion and fire (haha pun) that all of the judges and myself saw inside of you. It showed us how much this competition means to you and how much you want it, and your drive is what made your scenery so memorable and stick out amongst the others. Your concept and pose were both very ambitious but you gave us an amazing scenery in the end and pulled it off successfully. Your scenery will be published on the homepage of the club, where there will be a mention next to your username on the presentation, and it will also be featured on HotbuysBazaar.

2. Aharper1243

3. clubklo

4. lgap

5. Cianboland

6. choco_tiger

7. Stefaroni

8. Ashina123

9. MelodyMCC

10. Shake-something

11. SakuraDream

12. Avril14140


1. 123abbie456- Your scenery was okay but it lacked a spark and it did not show the judges your drive for this competition. We feel that being able to create an amazing scenery is one thing, but you have to want to win and stay around as well. Someone who is a little worse off with making sceneries will always stay over someone who is great but isn't as passionate. We know you have it in you and we know how much potential you have, so now you just have to live up to our expectations for you.

2. Chicago3- Your pose was very risky, and unfortuneately it did not pay off. We loved how you tried to be different, but your portrayal of a sand storm just wasn't clear enough and it was quite sloppy and even borderline confusing. We also feel that you have not experimented in changing your medoll enough, and therefore we do not see as much of a model as we see in others who have shown versatility. We know that you are growing each week though, and every scenery of yours makes us want to see more.

3. X-princess_x-N- Your natural disaster was one of the assignments that I was most excited to see done in a scenery. Your scenery did not show enough of the disaster, and your medoll failed to look like a model. The styling to your medoll and your wardrobe choices did not fit the theme, and we felt that your scenery lacked the creativity and innovation that we look for in the contestants week-to-week. Last week your concept was really nice, and when this week you did not think outside of the box I think the judges and myself were let down since we wanted to see you grow and make progress as a model.

X-princess_x-N and Chicago3 -
This was such a tough decision. You each have such a huge amount of potential inside that is just waiting to be used. We know that with time you both would have grown into amazing models, but the time span of the competition is limited and to be honest your sceneries were great, but they simply were not as good as the others. This does not mean that you are a worse person, worse scenery maker, or worse model than they are however they are just a bit ahead of where your at right now. The judges and myself hope you both stay active in this club and possibly audition again in a future cycle or audition in SNTM.xx (MelsModels's sister club). I hope you both understand the decision and have had a fun experience during your time in the competition.

123abbie456- You were saved just slightly, and I really hope you come back next week and show us that we made the right decision. You have the talent, you have the passion, and you have the potential to get even better every week, so just show us that! Hopefully you will have no more sceneries lacking spark, and no more bottom three moments.

Congratulations to the Top Thirteen! The next task will be posted on Thursday, so get ready.


  1. Congrats to winners, nd I will try to audition for the next cycle, I know I can do better!!

  2. #2 BABY!
    Thanks so Much.
    and a HUGE congrats to Babettecoture!
    and all the other girls who made it!
    And sorry to those eliminated, we will miss you!

  3. I think Babette Couture really deserved to win!! Congratz! Sorry to Chicago3 and X-princess_x-N! :[