Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Hello Everyone, and Congratulations to my Fabulous Finalists! You two have beat out hundreds of girls and boys to get to where you are, and you should be so proud! I know I certainly am! For this final task there is going to be 3 sceneries you must create, and another small part. MAKE SURE YOU READ EVERY WORD OF THIS POST!!!

Part 1: Create a scenery for a Covergirl lip product. You can make it a lipstick or lip gloss, but make SURE it is commercial. This scenery is to prove to myself and my fellow judges that you have what it akes to be a stardoll commercial model. Make the focus on your medoll and the lip color, so do not make a distracting background or do intense eye makeup to steal the spotlight of the lips. You must make up a name for the product, but you do not have to write a commercial.

Part 2: Create a scenery describing who you are as a person. You can take this part and run in any direction you desire! When someone looks at the scenery though, they should be able to get a sense of the kind of person you are, and learn about you. Be careful with this, because although you are telling a story you still need to remain a model and look beautiful!

Part 3: Create a scenery that highlights the haute couture side of yourself! This scenery should show us judges that you can model stardoll couture, without drowning in it. Express your versatility, and do not be afraid to change your makeup and hair a lot to convince us. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box, there is very few rules for Part 2 and Part 3, so do what you want!

Part 4: Simply make a topic in MelsModels, explaining why you should win this cycle. If you do not know what to say, you can include things like: what sets you apart from the other users on stardoll, why you auditioned in the first place, what it would mean to you if it won, why your the best rolemodel for girls/boys on stardoll, and why you are the most deserving of the crown of cycle 3! You can make it as long as you want, by continuing what you have to say in the comments of the topic!

RULES- If you have any questions, concerns, or want advice, just contact me by stardoll mail! You must complete every part of this final task by December 23rd, and then there will be a HUGE Melsmodels Gala around the first week of January, when we will announce the winner of this precious cycle. There cannot be any extensions with this deadline. Two weeks is a big chunk of time to complete it, so please try to be on time.

I will be posting a topic in the club soon with what the winner will recieve. Many of the prizes are a bit of a secret, so it should be exciting to see everything you guys can get!

The parts do not have to be done in order, but be sure you explain EVERYTHING in the comments, and title your scenery according to the Part number. For instance, PART THREE-LUVINCHERRYS or PART 1-RIHANNYX.

You guys have so much talent, and I know your going to do one hell of a job, but good luck! Let the best boy/girl win!!<333

Love, Mel


  1. Woww..Congrats girls!!
    I love this interesting!
    And good luck you both!

  2. Wow,Its An-ah-mazing Task(Big Shocker Eh?As Always!)
    I HAVE TO Take Part In Cycle 3!

  3. AMAZING MEL! Congrats to the final 2..