Saturday, September 26, 2009

TASK 6! Going Nude!

Hey Everyone! I first of all want to apologize for the two week hiatus I had to take from MelsModels! I am so busy with school and my personal life that I have not had time to continue this commitment, until now!

Task 6 is here and it is all about being beautiful with nothing but yourself! This photoshoot is going to be a nude photoshoot and you can go with any concept or use any artistic point of view you desire! You can only use your medoll in this shot, and you have to remember to keep it modelisque and tasteful! There is very few limitations on what you cannot do, however the private parts of your medoll have to be covered but you do have to make it look like she is nude. No bathing suits or underwear basically. Good luck and if you have any questions contact me through mail!

The deadline for this challenge is next weekend!


  1. What an exctiting task! =)
    I think it's very unique and...special.=D
    Good luck everyone!

  2. heey im from nz to wow i didnt know you were lol and umm ill join the comp but do we do it in a scerey??? write in my gb the anwser and yeah thanks :) BTW im Jasmine.W

  3. I think this is unique too!!Good luck to everyone!!=)