Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hey Everyone, and Congratulations to the final four! Yay! I am SO proud of you guys!

Not only is this task going to be great, but I am so excited to see all of your great work on it! It is Covergirl week and now is the time to bring out your commercial side! Your task is to create an ad for a Covergirl Eye Shadow! You must name the product your self, but it must start with Covergirl _______ and then the name of the product you have designed (For Example Covergirl Pink Eyeshadow, lol but try to be more creative then that!) In the comments you also must create a tiny commercial script! Just write 4-6 sentences on the product and why someone should want to buy it! This is what you would be saying in the real commercial for the product! Have fun and be super creative! Make sure you change your medoll to fit this task, and think about how makeup ads usually are! Usually they are a beauty shot, and not a full body pose however you can do wahtever you wish! Just try to make it exciting and not simple, or if you do make it simple, make it a beautiful simple! Haha!

Anyways! The Deadline is Next Wednesday, so take your time and if you have ANY questions at all please contact me as soon as possible via mail or gb!

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