Thursday, October 22, 2009

TASK 7!! Welcome to Moscow!!!

Hey Everyone, and welcome to Moscow! Russia is known for many things, but for me when I think about the fashion of Russia, I instantly think of luxurious furs! Whether you agree with it or not, Fur is a huge part of the fashion industry and there is constant controversy on whether or not it is okay for people to wear (basically) dead animals. For this task you are to create an editorial campaign that takes either the side of "Pro-Fur" or "Anti-Fur"! Once you have chosen a side, you are to create a scenery that goes along with your concept and campaign that you have in mind! Remember, that although you are trying to get your point across you still must remain a model! Do not be afraid to change some of your medoll features to fit the theme, and be creative with the pose, styling, concept, and layout of your scenery!! Good Luck Girls! The deadline for this task is going to be next thursday!

Also! The campaign you create does not have to be what you personally believe! If you personally have no opinion of this matter, just chose whichever you think would be more fun to do! And if you are Anti-Fur in real life but you think you want to try to do a Pro-Fur ad, then go right ahead!

If you have any questions mail me to ask them!


  1. Good luck girls!
    This task is awesome!
    I like Russia fashion..lool

  2. Furr.
    I'm anti-fur in real life, who could wear animals?
    But on stardoll nothings cuter than a furred and shaped top with a print skirt.
    I'm really interested in MelsModels and I hope you can be in my cycle 2 of Melina's Next Top Model or I can be in yours.
    Contact me please in MNTM on stardoll.