Sunday, November 8, 2009


Hello Everyone! What an amazing first task in Moscow, Russia! I really think you all had such amazing concepts, and all your sceneries were beautiful! So here is the callout order this week:

1.Tigre89- Congratulations you are this weeks winner, and your scenery will appear on the front page of the club! Your scenery had an amazing concept, pose, styling, background! Everyd etail was just so beautiful, keep this up, and keep your passion for the future tasks!

LuvinCherrys- Your scenery was so well done, and so close to getting yourself another win! I think your concept was great, and the way you made your medoll bald was such an amazing detail and really braught life to your scenery, continue doing this well!

Bottom Two:
RihannyX- Although personally your scenery was my possibly my favorite, it was slightly not as good as the other two! Just a tiny tiny bit! Your concept was strong, and showed passion and theway you made yourself a cat was brilliant, and I loved the styling to your medoll!

xJuicyxCandyx23-Your scenery lacked passion, and did not scream what you were going for with anti-fur. Your medoll had a facial expression that did not fit the serious matter you were trying to explain! While the background and medoll was beautiful, it fell short.

This week was so close to call that I am postponing the elimination until next week! You all were inches from eachother, however xJuicyxCandyx23 you have to pick up your game back to where it used to be, and better. You also have to complete the tasks by the deadline otherwise you are out of the competition! The next task will be posted on Tuesday! So Relax for a couple days!
Also do ont feel like you have wasted time, the next task will be judged along with this task!

Love you all, and I am SOOO proud! Good Work Everyone!


  1. OH GOSH! Than you very very much! So happy about this result!
    I'm also happy for the other girls cuz if no one is eliminated that means that we all are good in the same way.
    Thank you again very very much!

  2. Waw, thank you soo much Mel, for keeping me in!
    And congrats to tigre89, you did an amazing job, and whel...everyone did.=)

  3. What Happened to twilight-lover ??!
    Did she drop out?